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Kate G.
December 1, 2023

Before I found Risely, I was just so lost. I had no clue what I was doing, and I didn't know who to ask. I'm a single adult woman in her 30s - my mom passed recently. It was almost 90 days from initial discovery (Feb 28) to finally meet with my endo (May 25) and get the T1D diagnosis and get access to a CGM and fast-acting insulin. I can not stress enough that I had no idea what I was doing. No one even taught me how to give myself an injection. 

Working 1-1 with Meg for the past three months has been the most impactful thing I have done since my diagnosis. She was a mentor, a coach, a confidant, a cheerleader, and a friend. It felt like she really understood where I was coming from with all the things. Meg knows it and lives it every day, just like I do. The ongoing access to Meg was HUGE, and that's not something I had with my endo or the diabetes educator they assigned to me. I was able to get real-time feedback from her regularly throughout the week. We would identify something to work on, and then I could report back my results, we'd brainstorm potential solutions, and then the next day I'd try it again and report back. THIS is how substantial change happened. THIS is how I grew in confidence with my diabetes management. The stark contrast to working with my endo was "here is the plan, let's check back in 90 days with how it went and make adjustments from there." WILD. I felt so completely lost and working with Meg on a high-touch, consistent basis is what helped me find my way. After completing coaching, I feel free. I feel empowered. I feel like I'm getting my life back. I feel confident to make my own decisions when it comes to daily T1D maintenance.

THIS IS YOUR SIGN, just do it! Do you want to feel more in control of your T1D vs it controlling you? Do you want to feel free? Do you want to improve [insert thing here: A1C, TIR, your relationship to food/exercise/yourself, etc]? Do you want more than just ~20 min of support from your endo every 90 days? Do you want real, tangible solutions to the challenges that T1D presents you with? Do you want to live a healthy, fulfilled life with balance and abundance vs chaos and restriction? Then yeah, you should do it.

Emma L.
November 11, 2023

Overall, what led me to coaching was my struggle with the approach I had to my diabetes as a whole. I felt very defeated and burnt out by my diabetes where every small inconvenience would be enough to set me on a spiral. The DCB is a personal approach with the most updated knowledge to date which doctors could only dream to have! The highlights of my experience were being held accountable, the sense of community that was created, and the endless resources I gained. In addition to this, my A1c dropped from a 7.6 to a 7.2 since starting!  

After completing the course, I truly feel like my overall approach has changed in both my diabetes and mental health. I have a lot more grace for myself and my body now, I'm less overwhelmed and much more proactive rather than reactive. I feel much more relaxed and prepared. I feel like my knowledge of my body and my patterns provides me with a sense of confidence with my diabetes where I know what to expect and how to get back to living full time.

This course provides you something that money can’t buy and that no one can take away from you - you will always be gifted with the knowledge you’ve learned in this course and will be able to take that with you on any part of your diabetes journey.  I highly recommend it and I’m so sad it’s over!!!

Miyako W.
November 10, 2023

Before joining the DCB, my biggest challenge was not really knowing where to even start in figuring out my diabetes and mastering it. I suffered from post-prandial highs and rebound lows. I used to rage bolus ALL THE TIME. I had no idea how to even do basal testing. I did not know about high fat meals and buffer bolusing. All of this made me feel quite frustrated, lost, alone, and disempowered.

There was so much about this program that I valued, the education, the people, the community… I also appreciated how organized and thoughtful it was. Slack was a great platform. Also, the enrollment calls also felt very thoughtful and didn't feel like someone was trying to hard sell me. It felt very welcoming, non-judgmental, extremely supportive, and I loved the ability to just listen in vs. get active coaching. In addition to this,  my A1c is at 6.1 (11/11/23), down from 6.4 at the start of DCB (but of note, I had implemented a lot of things from the A1C course prior to starting DCB). I think my A1c prior to the 6.4 was 7.7

Now that I’ve completed the DCB, so much has changed. The program is life-changing. I see bad blood glucose days as learning opportunities, and have really adopted a curiosity over judgment mindset. It has made the biggest difference. I have gained so much knowledge and am able to implement it with my basal testing, fine-tuning my insulin to carb ratio and correction factors, and buffer bolusing. I feel like I can maximize my insulin pump more with temp basals and extended bolusing. I have confidence that I can figure out my patterns and can change my approach/strategy accordingly. The community aspect has been invaluable. It feels so validating and comforting to know that I am not alone in the struggle. I have loved getting to know so many amazing women. Thank you, Lauren, Coach Jehan, Coach Meg, Coach Emily, Coach Megan, and Coach Stacy for creating such an amazing space for us! You guys seriously rock!!

Stephanie F.
November 10, 2023

Having had T1 nearly 24 years, I felt guilty when I was not feeling like I knew how to keep ahead of my highs and roller coaster numbers. I always felt behind and I didn't know how to make positive outcomes consistently. I haven't worked with anyone but endos and pump specialists, but the whole reason for your program; to increase positivity around your own relationship with T1, and your whole self as a person is not even registering with the medical professionals I've gone to! You want growth, and you don't pressure that to be in the numbers. You specifically focus on mindset, relationships to self, food, others, T1, exercise etc. that helps us build awareness around how we view ourselves in relation to these things and how we can grow in these areas. You CELEBRATE with us!! You are a community! 

Now that I’ve completed the program, dropping my a1c to 5.7 was only one of the many things I gained. The change through the DCB has been multi-fold! Not only am I confident of my body's patterns around meals and times of the day, I know I can troubleshoot by asking questions I never took time for before! I can anticipate highs a lot quicker, and be proactive about treating them, as well as lows. The DCB helped me realize I can be inquisitive and not judgmental over my numbers, and also my whole self esteem with my T1! I am continuing to grow and see positive outcomes through having a sense of curiosity, not shame or judgment. The DCB Community has been a huge confidence builder as well, knowing there are other women out there who GET IT and are supporting me in my journey! I feel empowered and extremely confident about my whole self, including my diabetes! 

THANK YOU to all the coaches who make this change and empowerment possible! It has changed my outlook and confidence with my diabetes and I thank God for your team of caring, investing and empowering T1 coaches who have helped me in so many ways. I know I will always be learning and growing, but I am extremely blessed by what you have given me through the DCB. Thank you! 

Kyle R.
November 10, 2023

My absolute challenge prior to joining the DCB was fear of insulin, weight gain and not being able to enjoy certain foods. Restriction, restriction, restriction! This challenge made me feel depressed about life in general. Now that I’ve completed the program, I feel lighter! I realized that I am not alone and I saw that my limiting beliefs were certainly holding me back. I found that I was able to enjoy some carbs and STILL have time in range. 

The DCB truly delves into a variety of areas that directly impact the life of a Diabetic. The resources, discussions and tools given to the T1D participants enable them to think critically and get curious about their body patterns. In addition to the power of the personal connections fostered with other T1Ds, there were many things of value to the DCB program. First, being coached by T1D women who had gone through the DCB and found success is paramount. I also valued the connections made with the girls in my accountability group and was so thankful to be able to open up without any judgment. Truly, it is like having an entire family who is rooting for your success and happiness. With certainty, this program helps you to see it is possible to live a happy and full life with Diabetes.

Now that I’ve graduated from the program, I feel lighter! I realized that I am not alone and I saw that my limiting beliefs were certainly holding me back. I found that I was able to enjoy some carbs and STILL have TIR. I have also noticed improved energy, which was so wonderful). I am more optimistic for the future. There is less of a weight carried by having T1D and it is not so much at the forefront of my mind. If you are considering applying for coaching, JUST DO IT!!! This is the BEST investment you can, and will make in your health journey. There is no "perfect" time and if you wait for all conditions to be aligned beautifully, then you may waste an opportunity. 

Ana K.
October 25, 2023

I went into this coaching program so frustrated. I had never felt so drained with my diabetes, even after 13 years of living with it and having 5 siblings who have T1D too. On top of this, the one thing I could always rely on for an outlet was working out, or at least I thought so. And once my diabetes starting affecting my exercise and made working out feel like more of a stressor than anything, I knew I had to do something to make a change. Having a someone to talk to who not only has diabetes and understands what I'm going through, but who knows how to help me too, was life changing. Meg actually did understand what I was talking about, and made me feel understood. For the first time in a long time, it didn't feel like a burden to talk about or even manage my diabetes.

Prior to coaching, my biggest challenge was exercising and diabetes; I was so frustrated and working out felt like more of a stressor than an outlet. With Meg's support, I have learned how to make the different modes on my omni pod work for me during my workouts; activity mode, suspending it if needed, all during my workouts. Working out finally feels like a stress reliever, not a burden. On top of working through my specific struggles with T1D, I think the biggest thing I gained from coaching was the way my mindset shifted towards my diabetes. I went into this coaching so frustrated, and now I look at each thing that goes wrong as a learning experience. I question why it happened instead of getting frustrated. Instead of getting frustrated, I get curious!! . I found this program so beneficial, and honestly, at first I was a little hesitant, but I am BEYOND grateful now. I can see the shift in my mindset towards diabetes, which is amazing to me. I LOVED this. Now that I've completed coaching, I have had a whole mindset and perspective shift on life with diabetes. Like we are so much more than diabetes, but it is who we are in a way. We have to find ways to make the way we manage our diabetes work for us. I have come a long way on accepting my diabetes and I am honestly not all the way there YET (and that's ok). I am excited to share everything I have learned with my siblings and the diabetes community, because everyone needs to hear what Risely taught me. I hope that every person who has type one diabetes finds Risely and gives coaching a chance, because I think you'll be surprised by how much it changes your life too.

Emily M.
October 24, 2023

I applied for coaching because I was struggling with feeling confident in managing my diabetes the way I was supposed to, or HOW I was even supposed to. I felt very lost and that things were out of my control. Now, I realize that everyone manages their diabetes differently in a way that works for them. There is more than one way to get to the same destination. I found the way that works for me that I am most happy with at this point in my life. The coaches and team actually have T1D!! That is the key difference in my experience. To be able to relate and understand each other on that level is half of what makes this coaching experience so incredibly helpful. The thing I valued most was having someone every other week who I knew would listen and understand when I needed to rant about diabetes, who I knew would be a trustworthy and reliable resource who could offer advice and give tips when I was lost or stuck, and who would also celebrate my victories with me. Emily was the best coach and I give her major props for always listening to my rants and dealing with my scatterbrained self with grace and patience!!

I now have a toolbox of knowledge, tips, and tricks that I will carry with me that has made me feel so much more confident in my ability to manage my diabetes. I feel in control now. If you are thinking about coaching, I encourage you to do it because It’s so much more than meeting with someone to get advice. It’s therapeutic in a way speaking to someone who truly understands your struggles, and having someone relate to you in itself is sometimes the best help that you didn’t realize you needed.

Bethany M.
October 6, 2023

Prior to coaching, my absolute biggest challenge was fear of fast act insulin and the high anxiety I felt around it. Now that I've completed the program, I feel much more confident with using my fast acting insulin for corrections. My coach Stacy broke it down into small incremental changes which was just what I needed to make me feel comfortable overcoming this fear. My experience with 1:1 coaching was great, and empowering from the beginning to the end. What I valued most about the program was truly having Stacy as my coach. Her demeanor and knowledge were exactly what I needed in a coach and her gentle guidance is why I feel like I had success in my coaching program. Stacy was able to hone in on specific patterns and situations and help me develop everyday strategies I was comfortable with implementing. If you are thinking about coaching, it is so worth it! Stacy is the best and so skilled in what she does. I am so thankful for her.

Mayra N.
September 19, 2023

Since the first moment when I met Abby in the enrollment call, I felt so supported that I just prayed to get in the program. Then when the opportunity came to start the program, and I met my coach Jehan, and everything was just amazing. My life changed since day 1. I felt the support, I felt for the first time in a long, long time that someone understood exactly what where my struggles (even though each life is different), I felt that I had hope in my life again. During the process I was afraid I wouldn't make it, because I was not capable of changing so many things that where bad, but as time passed I gain back confidence and by the end I couldn't believe how long I went in such a short time. Jehan made me feel understood, loved, and appreciated for who I am no matter what. When I started everything was so black (I was diagnosed with retinopathy, I had a neuropathic crisis that made me difficult walking, I had a very bad anemia, my diabetes management was a disaster, etc.), and Jehan was such a great support at each step, she was beside me, helping me to go through each struggle that was presented, teaching me how to go through with patience, not seeking perfection but progress, celebrating with me each achievement. And even though I know that I still need to go through many more things, learn more, do more...I can now say I am on the correct road and in control of my life.

During coaching with Risely, you look at diabetes in a comprehensive way, you don't just focus just on the numbers, but on all those other aspects of daily life that make diabetes management complicated. You take the time to explore what we don't know or are doing wrong and then give us all that knowledge we need. At Risely you empower us so that we can make the best decisions, you teach us how to think and analyze different circumstances, so that we can take the control of our lives. But above all, you teach us that we can live with diabetes without feeling limited by it, to celebrate every achievement and see the positive side even in the moments that are not the best. You teach diabetes management in an holistic way. Out of everything I valued from this program, one thing I will always remember is to keep reminding myself "progress not perfection",and I think from now on it will be my way of living. The program gave me the hope that I was missing, it taught me that you can find the way of living free with diabetes. That living wit T1D is not a death sentence. Another thing that is so valuable for me is getting to accept me, learning the power of celebrating each achievement, no matter how small or big it is, and learning that T1D is part of my life but it doesn't define who I am.

I would tell anyone that is even slightly considering to apply for coaching that you should, I know you won't have regrets. This program helps you not just with the diabetes management, but shows you how to live, and that is priceless. If we are able to have the control of our live and gain back your hope, happiness, peace of mind, health... if you have all that back you can dream again and conquer what you wish. It takes a personal commitment, but each minute is worth it.

Cille F.
September 16, 2023

The challenge that led me to apply for coaching was my struggle with insulin sensitivity/resistance. Now that I've completed the program, I actually feel confident in my diabetes management. One of the aspects of the coaching that I valued most was that I felt like it was easier to relate with my coach because they have T1D. They were able to help me based on things they have been through and understand the struggles sometimes. My coach supported me and worked through every problem I had together. 1:1 coaching is 100% worth your time, and if you are debating applying, I have no doubt you will benefit too.

Jamie F.
September 14, 2023

Prior to coaching, my biggest challenge was intense frustration over an inability to recognize patterns or make meaningful changes to my diabetes management, despite being a physician who cares for kids with T1D. It made me feel ashamed and embarrassed. 1:1 coaching allows you to explore, without judgement, the things that not only impact your diabetes and blood sugars, but the way those things make you feel, and how they show up in your life. In the past, I have been told to just not "be so hard on myself," which wasn't helpful in the face of data that shows improved control decreases complication risk. In coaching, I was able to dive into how my thoughts about having diabetes, and not my diabetes "knowledge," impacted my actions and how I cared for myself. Another aspect that was huge for me was establishing a relationship with a coach that I trusted. Much of that trust stemmed from Lauren's own lived experiences, but at the same time, I also felt like she was "on my team" and a partner in this experience.

Coaching gave me permission to look at T1D beyond what I knew, and to acknowledge the thoughts (driven by shame and embarrassment) that I had about myself and about diabetes that were not serving me. I feel more confident, relaxed, and encouraged that change is possible, and that I am capable of continuing to focus on those habits that are serving me even after coaching is finished. It gave me a space to acknowledge that there was room for improvement without the shame of not being able to do it on my own.

If you are on the fence about coaching, I would tell you that it's ok (and honestly, super important) to give yourself permission to invest in yourself. I approached this as a "let's see what will happen, I've tried everything else..." without wanting to hope too much that anything would change because I had not been able to make changes in the past. I have a renewed sense of energy, lightness, and excitement about the future that I haven't had in a quite a while.

Jerry M.
September 14, 2023

I was someone who felt I was 90% of the way to mastering diabetes. I was hesitant to enroll because I thought I didn't have much to learn and I was already doing most of the right things. I may have been on the right track, but Risely provided me with a more concrete framework that reframed how I viewed my management and refined my approach. This program provides personalized, intimate, consistent and continual guidance versus doctors which are periodic and typically cookie-cutter, impersonal visits. Risely also heavily focuses on perception and mindset versus endocrinologists who focus heavily on numbers. I valued the challenges to my mindset and perception, which forced me to reflect on my approach and strategies and truly understand why and how my body and blood sugar was reacting to certain stimuli and situations. My coach Meg did not always give me direct answers but asked to me try to think for myself on how I should approach a situation or why my sugars might have been high/low during certain times. While this was extremely challenging, it was necessary and helpful to build a foundation for reflection and strategizing that I can use beyond the 3-month program.

This was not something I could have done by myself, no matter how much research, exercise or dieting that I tried and I truly believe Risely was the only way for me to achieve this level of understanding and change of mindset. I cannot thank Risely enough for the work they are all doing. It was truly inspirational and I don't say that lightly. I think daily of how I can make an impact in this world and I can only hope to emulate what these people are doing. This disease has plagued me for 25 years and it has taken me that long to realize that our health is the most important thing in our lives - Risely is helping people live to their fullest potential and that is not something you should take lightly.

Joe C.
September 8, 2023

Prior to coaching, I was struggling with certain aspects of diabetes, and I really had nowhere to start as far as a solution went. I was provided more guidance in these coaching sessions, in the last 9 months, than I've had from endocrinologists over the past 9 years. Another aspect that I valued about the course was the ability to reach out in between sessions with questions, problem solving ability, and knowledge of the hurdles I was experiencing. I felt empowered to be able to make decisions that were going to help me, and I understood how and why. Now that I've completed the program, I feel like I have the knowledge to obtain the results I want, and enough practice implementing what I learned, to be successful. I honestly could not recommend it enough. It completely changed the way I approach diabetes.

Hannah E.
August 16, 2023

I was looking for a mindset shift, where most doctors just try to help with what to do, not the mindset of switching, which is why I applied for coaching.I did know medically what I needed to do but I didn’t feel like I had the time or the capacity to change for the better and I was feeling frustrated that I wasn’t changing even though I wanted to. During coaching, Brooke guided me through all these steps of patterns, mindsets, and so many other personalized things that provided me with the understanding of diabetes I’ve been looking for. 

I’m excited that now that I’m back at work I can practice what I’ve done over the summer and also continue coaching. I feel that I’ve learned a lot and I’ve done a lot and my numbers and my time and range are proving that. But I’m also feeling more self-aware and reflective about my diabetes on a given day and that I can change strategies throughout the day depending on what’s going on. After coaching, I’m definitely feeling more empowered, confident, and less structured but more structured at the same time. You have to get uncomfortable and vulnerable with this program because you’re reframing your mind to do what’s best for your body and if you’re not honest and vulnerable with yourself and with your coach, it’s not gonna work. But it is so easy to do that because all of your coaches are diabetic, and they understand the disease and what you’re going through. They are not those like perfect diabetics that always have great numbers, they are able to empathize with your struggles and truly understand. It’s worth investing because YOU are worth investing in! 

Erin H.
August 1, 2023

Before coaching, my biggest challenge was staying in range, and not knowing practically anything about T1D. I felt overwhelmed and anxious on how to deal with the new diagnosis. I felt completely in the dark about a lot of things regarding T1D, and Emily not only taught me so many things, but also made me feel validated for all of the feelings I was having. I learned so much, not only about diabetes knowledge, but about personal mindset and growth. Now that I’ve completed coaching, I am now using an insulin pump, my a1c is down to 6.9, and my TIR has increased to 93%! I feel like I can properly manage T1D, and I know I have all of the right tools to help me do so. If you are debating coaching, you should absolutely do it. We do not get enough information or help from our endos.

Amy F.
July 28, 2023

Prior to the DCB, I used to struggle immensely with lunches out with coworkers and clients. I wouldn't prioritize my t1d at all and I would often wait to give my insulin after eating, which resulted in really stubborn, high numbers all afternoon that left me feeling really tired and irritable. I felt defeated, and I never took the time prior to DCB to think about what I could do differently to avoid these negative outcomes. 

I really like how the program is set up, the emphasis on mindset, the challenges and goals each week, the support and encouragement in slack. The support is 100% positive and supportive and emphasizes progress over perfection. The main goal of DCB is to equip us with the tools we need to feel confident managing our diabetes on a daily basis. No one else will do it for you. The DCB emphasizes understanding daily habits and patterns in order to have our diabetes work for us and not the other way around. Mindset work is an integral part of the DCB and not something even touched by my medical staff. 

I now have an experimental mindset, strategize more, and see it (mostly) as a fun challenge. I feel my management has improved so much and that it is sustainable. I now feel less shame with my diabetes and am more open about it with others. In addition to this, my a1c is 6.3 as of 7/20/23 compared to a 6.7 at the start of January 2023. There's no time like the present to prioritize how you feel and live with diabetes. The DCB gave me the tools and confidence to take management of my diabetes into my own hands. It has helped me see that diabetes isn't a death sentence and it IS possible to manage it well, even if diabetes is sometimes just going to "diabetes" - that is okay!! The DCB has allowed me to come to peace with my diabetes, actually get excited to try new things, and has given me such wonderful support and community that I know will continue beyond the 3 months. This program is life-changing and I wish more people could get this kind of support.

Jennifer P.
July 27, 2023

The struggle that led me to applying for coaching was my blood sugar roller coasters- extreme highs and some scary lows as I just “guesstimated” my boluses and didn’t thoughtfully consider what I was eating. I felt frustrated with the highs, scared by the lows, and overall very defeated, like having control over my #s was not something I could do. This program is taught by true “professionals” - those living with T1D successfully and addressing all aspects from physical to emotional to mental to tech. The class and coaching was compassionate and empowering in tone and comprehensive in scope! Each coach’s spirit is beautiful - so confident, encouraging, giving. The class and course material is well organized. The coaches and course material shared so much knowledge and tools that I had never heard before, or at least not in a way that impacted me enough for me to implement in my own T1D journey. I feel empowered to take better care of myself, accepting of the fact that living with T1D does require more space and time than someone without it (it can’t be in the margins) and feel worthy of prioritizing my own needs and health now. The community aspect was another invaluable part about the DCB as well, connecting with other T1D women was so powerful. 

Now that I’ve completed the program, I’m making peace with doing well enough instead of aiming for perfection or trying to solve/fix this “problem”. I am embracing “showing” my T1D and have had several connections with younger T1D’s by doing so and want to use my experience to encourage them. I.e. 6yo girl at Y, noticing my dexcom as I walked through the door - “Look, Mommy! She has one, too!”. I’ve learned predictable strategies for bolusing (calculating macros, timing of bolus, effects of proteins and fats on BG) that have significantly reduced the scary highs and lows and given me a sense of power to stabilize my BG and have more agency in my T1D management. 

This course and community have been life-changing! I have learned so much in the short-term and know I will continue to grow and thrive with T1D in the long-term thanks to the coaching and community. I have not come across anything else like DCB either in my 18 yrs as a T1D or in 20 years as a physician. I feel empowered to take better care of myself, accepting of the fact that living with T1D does require more space and time, and worthy of prioritizing my own needs and health now.

Maggie M.
July 13, 2023

Throughout my 1:1 coaching, I’ve gotten to know Megan as a friend while other doctors are just there to do their job. One of our main focuses was learning about how we can incorporate new T1D methods into my life activities. We made realistic goals and helped work to make sure I was on top of my blood sugar more often. Through coaching, I learned solid routines and habits, gained confidence, improvements in my numbers, knowledge, and so much more that has helped me grow in my relationship with T1D. I want to see a lot of coaches as nice and comforting as Megan. Now I feel more confident in my methods and playing sports is easier. If you are thinking about coaching I would tell you that you should do it, it helps with everything in your life.

Lauren R.
July 7, 2023

I had a lot of challenges on a personal level and with my T1D prior to coaching. The day I met with Brooke, I did not recognize myself. I was low energy, had a terrible level of self-love and acceptance, and was struggling to keep my numbers in range. It was the darkest day and I am so thrilled Brooke was able to help get me out of it. That challenge made me feel lower than ever, but after meeting with Brooke and hearing her encouragement, I knew I could overcome anything. I have never worked with anyone (doctors, etc) who actually have T1D themselves. Having the chance to connect with someone who knows what I am going through on a daily basis is truly invaluable. Brooke was also extremely patient, kind, and passionate about her clients and what she does. She was an absolute wonder to work with. I value the changes that I was able to make. Without the help of Brooke and her constant encouragement, I do not think I would have been able to succeed in all of the ways that I was and still am. If you are debating coaching, I would tell you to do it! It is such an incredible experience that really help transform me and my outlook on not just my diabetes, but on life itself.

Charles H.
July 2, 2023

My challenge that led me to applying for coaching, was overall my diabetes management. I now realize that this was the challenge because I just did not have a good management plan. I had the answers but I did not implement them, so I was just struggling. This challenge made me feel unmovable and frozen, which left me stuck in a perpetual cycle of lethargy and depression.

I can go on and on about my experience during 1:1 coaching...as there is so much that I could say about the value that Risely provides, but I will try and sum it up as this. Jehan and the team see their clients, guide them, and go along side them through struggles and victories as we try to conquer the mountain of this disease and mark our own paths within it. These counselors just know and understand what it means and feels like to be T1D. If I had not found this program when I did then I would still be lost and unseen, these coaches are phenomenal and I will recommend this coaching to any/all of my T1D friends.

Now that I've completed coaching, I feel great. I have a better understanding and a greater freedom, as I am taking control of my diabetic management and making decisions to help me push forward in a healthy lifestyle that will only benefit me from an overall management perspective. This is a new way of approaching yourself. It is not a coaching that will take you hand and tell you how to do things, but help you navigate the life of T1D by providing an ear to hear and eyes to see you. The experiences all together will set you free and allow you to take the necessary steps to become more independent and free lifestyle.

Cory F.
May 25, 2023

My biggest challenge prior to coaching was my overnight blood sugars. They would get into the 300-400’s consistently. My last A1C before the program was 8.4% and I felt like I had no where to go for help. I cannot recall in my 10 years with T1D the last time I saw anything below a 7%. When the number read 6.7% 3 months into coaching, I was blown away.

I valued the attentiveness that my coach Meg gave me and the trust to make new decisions on my own and further support those decisions with constructive feedback. I now feel like I have all the tools and resources internally to combat any challenge I face. Prior to the program I would let 1 bad blood sugar day turn into 5-6 consecutive bad days. Post program, we stop bad blood sugar days at 1 -2 max. I couldn’t feel better about my patterns now and the decisions that I made.

Coaching allows you a safe space to drive changes in your #’s and mindset with diabetes. I have immensely felt the impact of the Risely program and know that I have the tools and confidence to overcome any curveball diabetes throws you.

Abby W.
May 2, 2023

Prior to coaching, the mental health portion was something I was always missing/neglecting. I felt both burnt-out and frustrated, and like I had all the knowledge but never implemented it or used it to my advantage. I was looking to work with someone I would consider my peer felt more real than an “old man doctor” who thinks he knows everything. The length of the program was manageable and I felt supported by my coach Meg through the whole process. Now that I've completed 1:1 coaching, I feel like diabetes is in my control and I can be more proactive. If you are thinking about coaching, I would tell you no one is perfect in the world of diabetes and this approach looks at whole picture of health focusing on mental social and physical. You might have one piece of the puzzle but there is a way bigger picture to look at. I am so grateful for this program and taking the time and energy to invest in my health!

Kathleen W
April 3, 2023

Before 1:1 coaching, I was not confident in any of my decisions to manage my day to day life safely and well alongside diabetes. It left me feeling really disempowered and also isolated. After going through a coaching with Emily, I feel a lot more trust in myself to make choices, even if they don’t turn out perfectly and not get locked into a cycle of indecision. Taking away that need for a perfect result and thinking of each thing as a chance to learn and learning to trust myself to have good ideas and plans based on prior experience has allowed me to be more open to any experience and to people in my life.

Coaching is the most validating and powerful experience to work with someone else with diabetes who also understands what a personal journey it is and how much transformation of mindset needs to happen, not just diet or exercise or insulin.

Elizabeth T
March 28, 2023

When I found coaching, I was in search of getting out of survival mode. I felt like I needed uninterrupted time with some who “gets it” and was there for me as a mom and as someone who knows what it is like to grow up with diabetes. My coach Trista helped take a holistic approach to managing diabetes. She really dove into the data to make sense of daily/weekly trends. Goals were set based on my own values on how I wanted to manage diabetes for my daughter….not what “typical diabetic kids” do. Trista also went it of her way to find answers she didn’t have. I think this is such a valuable service. I wish that coaching was a resource that you found out about at diagnosis whether it was from the hospital, endo., etc. I feel that coaching is far superior to any endo appt or education from the diabetes nurse educator that I have received.

Tara T
March 28, 2023

I was looking to improve both my numbers and overall health, and that's what happened with 1:1 coaching at Risely. My coach Trista truly evaluated me and my diabetes, not just T1D in general. She always gave me her full attention, advice, and encouraged me, even if I wasn’t meeting my full potential. I was able to make so many connections between my personal life and my diabetes management because of the way she explained trends and patterns to me and because of the amount of time we spent reviewing my data. If you are thinking about coaching, jump the fence! Having the support from someone who truly knows the ins and outs of living with type 1 will bring clarification to you that you wouldn’t know you needed. There’s an answer for most of the challenges we face living with type 1, and sometimes it just takes having a conversation with someone who is giving you their undivided attention to make you come to the realizations you need for yourself!

Willa B
March 28, 2023

Before coaching, I didn't even know what my challenges were but I knew I needed help. After the very first session I realized that it is nice talking to another diabetic because it feels less crazy and when I started to feel the progress it really was inspiring at times. During coaching, my coach Lauren, was able to relate with me on so many levels and help WORK THROUGH my issues as well as GIVING TASKS and ways to make the transitions I needed too for the better of my overall life and happiness. She has left me with so many take aways and I can truly say she helped me coach my life for the absolute better. I really enjoyed and gained a lot from my experience with Risely, I would say go for it it is worth your time and a nudge of effort.

Andy S
March 22, 2023

Before I did coaching, the doctors and trainers I have worked were not able to get to the root causes of my issues like Lauren and her team have been able to do. I was asking my professionals for a way to reset all my levels, Basal, I to Carb, etc. They didn't have a path for me. 1:1 coaching laid that out, got me reset for proper basal dosing and we fine tuned things from there. Every session I learned something new about how to manage various day to day scenarios.

Coaching helped me go from, "is this (roller coaster blood sugars) how it is going to be for the rest of my life? to 70+% in range." Quite the transformation. I now have many tools and go-to moves to keep my levels in range. I also appreciate the conversational nature of our meetings and what I'll call your "bed-side" manner. Each meeting also had a purpose coming out of it that was documented. Results were reviewed in the following sessions to make sure objectives were being accomplished

Eric V
March 21, 2023

Before coaching, taking care of myself felt like a switch I turned on and off. I was either doing the things I needed to take care of myself (eating well, exercising, sleeping enough) and putting everything else aside, or living my life and just hoping my numbers would be okay. I didn't know how to address my T1D without obsessing about my T1D. During coaching Emily never offered me a "right" answer. We always discussed my goals and came to a plan together. I really felt like I was being empowered rather than being assigned something that felt either way out of my grasp or not a challenge at all. I felt really supported having some accountability and goal-setting from another Type 1  who has experience working with other Type 1's. I never got to think that Emily might not get it. She understands T1D better than most, and that made me feel really well taken care of. Your diabetes isn't going anywhere, and this is a real opportunity to set some goals and do some things around T1D that you're probably not going to get from your endocrinologist. Emily will help you dig in to what is holding you back, but in a way that doesn't feel like hard work. I promise you won't regret the investment.

Lauris S
December 1, 2022

Being diagnosed very young fostered a lot of habits of secrecy and shame around my numbers, my eating, and my own management. I was so scared to be honest with Emily that I knew I was going to be tempted to lie about my progress during coaching. I decided to tell her everything I was scared of during our first session and that made all the difference. She immediately understood what challenges we might face in future sessions and that meant we were both more prepared to tackle those challenges when they came up.

I began the program with an A1C around 10 in August . At my last endo appointment my A1C had dropped to 8.3! Lowering my A1C has been a massive accomplishment. For the past 4-5 years I have been sitting at a 9-10 with no energy to make change. I am so much more empowered to continue making these positive changes because coaching gave me the confidence I never had before. I have been diabetic for 20 years and have never felt capable of taking care of myself. I finally feel that, no matter the current trend in my progress, I am always learning and improving for the next day.

Risely created a program based on sustainable progress, not quick fixes or overwhelming life changes. Risely and Emily encouraged me to be curious about my blood sugars, rather than reactive and avoidant. Before, I had never approached my diabetes management with anything other than resentment.

Jessica K
September 5, 2022

Managing my type 1 diabetes was stressful prior to coaching. I was lacking a lot of important information to support my nutrition and movement goals. Through coaching with Jehan, I am learning how to take into consideration fat protein and fiber, and have more success when blousing for a high carb meal! Now I’m feeling so much more confident in my management. Jehan spent more time than other T1D professionals and resources, really focusing on my specific needs. 1:1 coaching will help you learn so much about your diabetes now and forever. 

Timo S
September 1, 2022

Before 1:1 coaching with Trista, I felt overwhelmed, like a failure. I thought I knew the medical theory behind T1D, but didn't have any idea what to practically do to get better. Over the 3 months with Trista, we discussed 20% technical T1D things, and 80% mindset, beliefs and practical life design. We went deep enough to discover underlying patterns which made me act the way I did (and by that, we were able to change them), and made me more mindful about how I'm spending my time and how things affect my blood sugar. From this work, I dropped my A1C from 7.4 to 6.5%! 

Lauren C
September 1, 2022

Before 1:1 coaching with Jehan, I was in a negative space with my T1D, feeling exhaustion due to multiple lows at night and getting extremely frustrated to the point of "giving up" when highs or lows happened. I valued Jehan really tailoring our coaching calls to me and what I needed. She empowered me to believe in myself and to realize I often time new what I needed to do and that I had the power to do it. She also helped me see that mindset changes were impacting me and helped me take the steps to start changing the beliefs I have had for so long. I really value that the Risely coaches are diabetics and have gone through similar experience and can understand most of what we are going through. Now after coaching, I don't use T1D to limit what I can do. I also don't view highs or lows as failures but use it to learn for future decisions and am not afraid to experiment and see what works best for me. I feel great and happier, I get more sleep, my nutrition is much better, I feel more educated and more in control of my diabetes.

Amanda R
August 1, 2022

I came into coaching feeling like I couldn’t make progress, like I wasn’t capable of changing after 20+ years with T1D. 1:1 coaching with Jehan shifted my entire mindset. I notice such a change in my approach to each NEW day with better moods and less feelings of anxiety. In addition to the mindset shifts, my A1C dropped from 7.5% to 6.8% and my time in range is at or above 70% with a low standard deviation! Jehan’s communication throughout the 3 month program was amazing, and supported my commitment to coaching. If you’re thinking about 1:1 Coaching, sometimes all you need is a little boost: the time is worth it. YOU are worth it! 

Tina B
May 11, 2022

The support and guidance the Family Group Coaching Program provides for T1D parents is vital. The information I am walking away with from doing this program is nothing like we received at diagnosis. We love our medical team, but the resources and knowledge we gained with Risely in addition to being with other parents going through the same thing has been nothing short of invaluable. 

Before coaching,  I felt overwhelmed about not keeping Lucy in range. Now, we not only have increased her time in range, but have a much better understanding of diabetes on a deeper level and know that every day is not going to be the same has helped shift our mindset to a more positive one.

I so valued Trista's unending support and her willingness to go above and beyond at making sure our questions were answered, concerns were addressed, and providing key information to help us in the management of Lucy's T1D.

Allison S
May 11, 2022

Before joining the Family Group Coaching Program we were dealing with rollercoaster blood sugars, not understanding enough about managing patterns. As a parent of a T1D, this made me feel both guilty and anxious. 

Coach Trista has supported me through acknowledging and working through my own worries around insulin which has improved my confidence in managing Kennedy’s blood sugars. Not only have my daughter’s number of high blood sugars decreased, the group coaching program gave me space as a parent to put my feelings and concerns out there to a group that understands; Being able to hop on at any moment and able to ask a question or find support was huge. 

To anyone thinking of joining - allow yourself to be vulnerable. We are here to learn and grow which is best achieved through being open minded and allowing that growth in. Because of this program, we are ready to tackle whatever diabetes throws at us! 

Emery D
May 10, 2022

Getting diagnosed with T1D 6 months ago at 32 years old, I struggled with how to still live life the way that I’ve lived it pre-diagnosis. 

From day 1 of coaching it was such a relief to find out that someone understood the full picture. I felt like I had a real champion in Jess. And she was great at recognizing what it was I was feeling and needing, even when I couldn’t find ways to verbalize it. Her coaching always felt encouraging and non-judgmental. I also appreciated that she would always come with an agenda of topics to cover but that she’d throw them out the window if I had something that I wanted to focus on that week.

1:1 coaching was truly life changing for me. Jess helped me go from crying every day and living in constant anxiety over my numbers and my eating to learning how to regain trust in my body so that now I have the freedom to spend my mental and physical energy in healthier and more enjoyable ways.

Cristiana S
April 25, 2022

Before the DCB, I viewed my blood sugars with frustration, rather than as a source of information. I always thought there was no rhyme or reason and now thanks to the DCB, I see that there is more often than not an explanation. 

I am proud of the way I explore and look at the patterns in my blood sugars after going through the DCB. I am more confident in making decisions on how to approach my blood sugars rather than feeling lost and confused, and my time in range is consistently over 70% now! My confidence related to: pre-bolusing, taking enough insulin, and panicking less with hypos has transformed. 

To anyone thinking about the DCB: Lose all your expectations of what you think you'll achieve and what you want - the DCB may help you in ways you didn't know you needed. You can't control the journey - let the DCB guide you where it needs to go! 

Nathalie G.
April 25, 2022

Prior to the DCB I was so completely overwhelmed and stressed out by my diabetes. I had no idea what to eat or how to eat. I felt like I couldn’t even manage eating a salad. I was in such a negative place.

Thanks to the DCB, I know that eating for diabetes doesn’t have to be this limiting space. I am enjoying foods again and learning my patterns with them. I’ve started eating foods I thought were off-limits and I’ve become happier and more confident in my diabetes management. I’ve lost about 10 pounds since starting the DCB - without trying. I’ve been in range 85%+ of the time since getting my CGM about a month into the DCB!  

The DCB has given me hands-on actionable steps to take to support my diabetes and showed me how to individualize these action steps so I learn to be in control of my diabetes. 

We’re taught to look for patterns and experiment within parameters to find something that might work for us. The DCB has been the complete opposite of any interactions I’ve had with doctors who have not helped customize anything to “my” diabetes. Risely’s group coaching is what you’ve been missing for your diabetes management!

Jackie K
April 25, 2022

Despite having T1D for the majority of my life, when I had bad blood sugars I would get overwhelmed and start to ignore my diabetes. After going through the DCB, I feel determined. I want to continue learning about my relationship with diabetes and patterns. Now, I view my T1D as something I can explore and something I can be fascinated by - instead of getting down on myself for a bad blood sugar, I now think “okay what can I do to change this pattern or how can I prevent this blood sugar from happening again?”

Over the last 3 months of the DCB, my A1C has gone down to 6.9% (before it was mid 7%) and I know I can continue to lower it with the resources from the coaches! This program will challenge you to face your T1D fears in the most supportive way. 

Amanda S
April 25, 2022

The DCB coaches have created such a healthy and safe community for T1Ds. Before joining group coaching, I struggled to make time for myself. After 18 years of living with T1D and working as an RN I learned so much in the DCB that the health care system doesn't teach us.

The education offered is tangible and having access continued educational support is so great. I have learned so much in DCB - not only about diabetes but about myself too. I'm consistently 70% TIR or higher each day. I feel more confident in my ability to manage my diabetes and respond accordingly with knowing the impacts of stress, hormones, activity, food, etc.

I'm so excited to continue to apply these practices to my life and see where life takes me. Thank you for offering me light at the end of a dark tunnel that I was in. I am forever grateful.

Samantha K.
March 29, 2022

My biggest challenge before joining 1:1 coaching was putting my CGM back on. I had not worn it in maybe over a year due to a lack of confidence and avoidance. During my first session with Stacy, I conquered that fear, and it left me feeling powerful!

During our time together, I learned so much about food education, recognizing patterns, and was able to lower my blood sugar levels overall. I finished having more self-acceptance, better management, and confidence. I feel fulfilled and ready to conquer my battle with T1D!

Stacy was an absolute angel through this whole process. She made me view diabetes management as something that I can handle. She changed my whole perspective. I'm forever grateful for her and the Risely team!

Amber W.
February 15, 2022

Prior to coaching, I was frustrated starting on a pump after just moving cities. I felt angry, ashamed, and frustrated with my diabetes. 

Through 1:1 Coaching with Jess, I learned to be patient when it came to the settings of my pump and to give my body grace during the stressful transitions and what that meant in terms of my sugar levels. Now, I feel empowered, curious, and intuitive. My time in range increased to 80%+ and my confidence level has significantly increased as well as my self love; I feel like T1D will not stop me from achieving all the goals I wanted before diagnosis.

I am proud that I’ve become more genuine when it comes to expressing myself, especially to others: how I’ve been able to define what T1D means to me specifically rather than letting all there is on the internet (good and bad) to dictate how I view myself. Coaching has allowed me to not define myself through T1D. I am so many things: a writer, a researcher, a friend—it just so happens that, in the process of achieving my goals, I happen to have T1D.

Thanks to Jess, I feel as though I have become more of my own authentic self, that I can use my genuine voice to talk about my truth: type 1 diabetes as well as a multitude of things. 

Rachel Y
December 20, 2021

Before joining the DCB I struggled to figure out the underlying problem to whatever my blood sugar was doing. Was it high because of what I ate? My basal? Insulin pump issue? Was it low because I hadn't eaten in a while? Too much insulin? Too much movement? This challenge definitely made me feel overwhelmed. There are so many reasons your blood sugar might do something "out of range" and I really just didn't understand it all.

Once I joined DCB, I learned all about the different ways everything in life can affect your blood sugar, and ways I can use that knowledge to be successful with diabetes.  I feel so much more aware and capable of handling problems as they arise. I am more confident in taking insulin when I need to for whatever it is I'm about to eat or do.

Overall, group coaching goes more in-depth than anywhere else. Whether you're talking with a coach or other attendees, you have a great group of people to learn from and grow with.

Adia C
December 20, 2021

As a newly diagnosed type one diabetic, I struggled letting go of fears. This left me feeling sad and scared prior to group coaching. 

Now, my time in range has improved by 20%, and I am more accepting of my diagnosis. I feel more empowered to be curious with T1. I know that I released my fears and gained so much knowledge. I feel that I am stronger in bolusing for certain foods and more importantly I am stronger in believing in myself. I have let go of fears and now approach diabetes from a place of curiosity and the belief that I can live a long, happy and fulfilling life! 

Ryan A
December 20, 2021

My biggest challenge prior to 1:1 coaching was a combination of little challenges that actually had a huge effect on my life. A lack of self-belief, perfectionism with my time in-range and A1C, high stress and anxiety - all those factors created my biggest challenge of managing my diabetes confidently. This made me feel hopeless at times and sad that I was stuck with having diabetes for the long-haul. I would cry, wish it would go away, anything to make me more "normal.”

1:1 coaching with Jess allowed me to be vulnerable, root out the problems that led to me being so stressed and, most importantly, do away with the habits that chipped away at my self-confidence. I feel stronger, more relaxed and happier. My self-confidence has increased tenfold over the last three months, and it makes managing my diabetes so much easier.From our first session onward, I felt like Jess understood everything I was struggling with, and she listened. Jess challenged me to root out my problems with self-confidence and I'm not sure I'd be where I am today without that challenge, and without the amazing help Jess provided me. 

I have experienced a noticeable increase in my time in-range, less "rollercoaster" trend lines and more trend lines that are flat on my Dexcom CGM, and more confidence in my diabetes management, in myself and in my abilities as a human. I feel like I'm getting to the point of being the best version of myself.

I will never forget our coaching sessions because they helped become a stronger, more confident person. I'll always be grateful to Jess for helping me find that inner-peace I never knew I needed.

Erin M
December 20, 2021

I was still so newly diagnosed that I didn't really know what having diabetes meant. I had to manage my new normal with grad school and living alone. I felt so alone and lost about what I was doing when it came to diabetes. I was worried about how my new social life was going to be. 

I realized that I'm not the only person in the world with diabetes and that everything I was feeling, others felt it too. I am not alone in my diabetes management at all. I have such a great support system and people that I can ask questions to and share my wins with – like increasing my time in range to 92%! 

I am so much more confident that I got this and my life is going to be not just "fine" but "fantastic". I feel so much more comfortable knowing that I can still go out with my friends and have a social life without my diabetes getting in the way.

Amy K
December 20, 2021

​​Before group coaching, I felt stuck in my diabetes management, I felt the need to hide. I also struggled with my relationship to food, and mindset around diabetes and food. I felt like I could never move the needle on increasing my time in range or decreasing my A1C. 

I am more confident now and really enjoying things in life, outside diabetes, that I haven't done because I was so overwhelmed. Before, I would be very scared of hypos and have snacks and extra things just in case. After learning techniques and tools in group coaching, I now have confidence in numbers – so no more unnecessary snacks! As a result, I’ve improved my time in range by 10%! The coaches’ choice of language was amazing and definitely made a difference. I really felt like the program was designed by someone who has been where I am and not like a doctor who only looks at numbers.

My energy and mindset improvements have changed my life with diabetes.

Monica B
December 20, 2021

Before going through the Family Coaching Program, we experienced feelings of guilt around my teenage daughter's type 1 diabetes diagnosis 3 years ago. This led to the development of short and long term fears as well. 

After coaching, we all feel more at peace with her diagnosis and feel that there’s help for her and us. We have both increased our confidence around T1D thanks to the family program. We feel more in control of diabetes and that we can continue to educate ourselves and have gained a community of support with other parents and coaches. The Family Program was extremely informative and we got to learn alongside and join other families living the T1D life. 

This high level of support continued to help us gain more knowledge, confidence & an overall peacefulness that we can share with our daughter. 

Angelique  W
December 20, 2021

Coming into the Family Coaching Program, I felt scared managing my daughter's type 1 diabetes. Every time Hope went low, my fears took over and controlled the way we treated it, which usually ended with us over doing the correction. 

After coaching, I feel much less anxious about daily T1D management. I no longer jump and over react to her lows. Thanks to the education provided in the program, I am able to control my emotions and safely care for and manage Hope’s T1D. We learned how to optimize diabetes pump technology to work in our favor, and work to lower Hope’s A1C. Thanks to all of these tools, Hope’s blood sugar during school days is much better, and we sleep through the night with better overnight blood sugar control. 

Aside from the education, the Family Program gave space to listen to other parents. This community left me feeling like we are not the only ones going through this. 

Paige H
December 17, 2021

Getting diagnosed with T1D as a baby, diabetes has consumed my life growing up. I struggled with accepting and loving myself and my diabetes. This left me feeling lonely, misunderstood, and forced me to stay hidden. 

After working with Trista in 1:1 coaching, I view diabetes as a part of me, but certainly not all of me. I now feel empowered to share my diabetes with my friends and I don't feel as lonely anymore because I can express a part of me that I used to hide and brush off. I have started to accept all of the different variables that affect my diabetes and how my diabetes affects everything in my life from emotions to energy. In addition to the mindset shifts, I increased my time in range to 65%! 

I’ve gained clarity and understanding about how my emotions affect my blood sugar (stress & anger particularly), and worked on finding different outlets to allow myself space and time to reflect on my life and how diabetes intersects with everything. 

Trista's constant support, listening, and guidance has helped me towards such a positive place. I know that because of her I have the strength and ability to continue my progress even when it gets hard.

Rachel S
December 17, 2021

I didn’t know what to expect coming into 1:1 coaching. After having type 1 diabetes for 28 years, however, I was feeling overwhelmed and in need of help making a plan and focusing on my diabetes despite other things happening in life. 

Thanks to coaching with Stacy, I started making progress to figure out different scenarios. I have a process and method to continue experimenting with different areas, like exercise. Stacy listened to my concerns and challenges, and was a great problem solver. Every time I met with Stacy I knew she was listening to me and addressing my agenda. 

She also validated that my challenges are common in T1Ds, which made me feel less alone in this. I appreciate Stacy’s authenticity and encouragement that even the small wins are progress! 

Theresa D
December 17, 2021

My biggest challenge prior to 1:1 coaching was getting emotional when I was out of range. It made me feel like I had no control over my life or days. 

Working 1:1 with Stacy helped me understand that all diabetics go out of range! It’s the nature of type 1 and all we can do is our best. Over the course of my coaching program, my A1C dropped from 5.9 to 5.6, and I am more confident in letting insulin work and being less intense about staying tightly in range all the time. 

Stacy was so kind and patient during our sessions. She asked introspective questions, showed empathy and compassion for me in my T1D journey, and helped me with reframing so many of my negative mindsets. Coaching helped me, and continues to help me, in ways I never even imagined!

Esther M
October 25, 2021

Before coaching with Trista, I lacked consistency with my diabetes. After two injuries left me outside my usual routine, I could see the toll it was taking on my blood sugars and insulin resistance. I was lost trying to figure out how to implement my knowledge of diabetes and the information I knew from my doctor and experience.

I signed up for 1:1 coaching with Trista hoping this may be my ticket for a last chance at taking control. Right away, I connected with Trista. She always raised different thoughts and angels at how to tackle that weeks’ challenges. I’ve gained something I never really had: consistency. I learned how to be less hard on myself for the days where diabetes doesn’t work out in my favor.

Trista worked with me to get me out of my shell and onwards with life alongside diabetes. I will always be grateful for the lasting impact of coaching that has helped me reach my full potential!

Kelsey S
September 1, 2021

Living with T1D for all of my life, I felt frustrated, and that after 21 years with it I should have it figured out. Prior to coaching, I could not recognize my personal patterns and why my BG would shift so quickly sometimes.

As my coach, Trista ​made space for me to express my emotions and relay my experience. She provided education especially in relation to stress and how to gauge if my settings were right, all while being extremely validating and empowering towards me and my challenges. During coaching, I experienced a 10% increase in my time in range, and a 0.7 point drop in my A1C, plus the confidence to recognize my own patterns which was huge. Coaching with Trista helped me realize what I didn’t know I was missing from my life with diabetes. I thought I knew everything since I’ve been in the community for 20 years, but I had no idea how many variables I hadn’t considered before. Trista helped me identify those, and empower me to make decisions in my own best interest!

Collette R
August 24, 2021

Prior to this coaching program, I felt extremely anxious and worried about everything from food to exercise to hormones. There were so many challenges! Lack of knowledge. Lack of experience. Lack of support.

With Trista's support, I've learned as a mom how to manage Holley's T1D with more confidence, which has translated into Holley feeling like it does not have such a negative impact on her life. We are still learning and will continue to do so for the rest of Holley's life however now we feel so much more ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Trista was extremely professional, but also very friendly and kind. Trista went above and beyond - she truly, genuinely cares.

Cheryl B
August 24, 2021

Before this group coaching program I felt like if I couldn’t control the entire situation, then I couldn’t control Owen’s blood sugars. Example- if we didn’t stick to our schedule, or if I didn’t make the food myself and measure everything out then his numbers would be chaos. I felt limited, stuck, and trapped essentially by his T1D.

After coaching, we have seen drastic improvements in being able to manage his numbers and also the freedom that comes with it. I felt like this program really looked at the whole picture. Teaches parents how EVERYTHING affects blood sugars & not just how much insulin to give for carbs. Also, being able to see patterns & adjust how we handle that has been HUGE.

As a result we now have more spontaneous play dates, we all get more rest because of better overnight numbers, have more food freedom, and I am more overall confident in my ability to manage Owen’d T1D.

If you’re on the fence about this program, all I can say is DO IT!!!!!!!

Andrea H
August 24, 2021

I enrolled in this family group program because I was constantly feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, tired and guilty as a mom. I couldn't understand why I wasn't ‘getting it’.

Going through this program gave me so much more confidence to better understand her body, and that is huge. I have been able to get good night’s sleep for several more nights so I am more positive, patient and have more energy to do things with Ava. Her blood sugars have been more steady (T.I.R increased 46% to 57%) so she isn’t as irritable as she used to be.

I valued the connection with other parents in this program and the coaches are very professional and organized providing so much new information that was well planned and laid out. Professionalism is so important, but also being open and vulnerable. It's just a great combination of everything and I recommend it 10/10 to other parents!

The program is an investment, yet I knew I had to do it when my daughter said, "Of course you are going to do it. It's about my health!" This investment is not only for your child's health, but you and your family. You can't put a price on that.

Erin E
August 24, 2021

We all say we’d give anything to help our child with T1D. This is hands down the best time and money I’ve spent on supporting our son. And it’s had a positive impact on our whole family.

I joined because I was feeling tense, tightly wound, and irritable. I felt at odds with my husband because neither of us had a lot of confidence in how to manage type 1 diabetes.

Now with 76% time in range and an A1C that lowered from 7.0 to 6.4, we have expanded the choice of food George eats, have 5 hours of in range numbers during sailing, and we are more willing to try new things with less fear.I felt the entire time that Lauren and Trista had my back. I know that my husband and I have a shared trusted resource with whom we can voice all our concerns and receive direction. It’s no longer all on me.

I feel lighter and it was deeply reassuring to be led by two exceptional women who have lived with T1D for decades. As parents, you often wonder how things will “turn out” for your child with diabetes. These strong, brilliant, caring coaches fill me with the knowledge that our child can and will live an amazing life.

Kristin T
August 24, 2021

I saw what Lauren's team was doing for parents of T1D's and knew they could have a huge impact for families. I was thrilled when they launched the Family program - it met and exceeded my expectations. I connected with other parents and felt so much less alone. I took my diabetes health knowledge to the next level and feel empowered that I can navigate the challenges with T1D that will undoubtedly continue to arise for my son.

I am so busy with my career and our family life that I have struggled to carve out time to do the in depth research and learning about T1D more on my own. Committing to this program helped me dedicate the time and energy to taking my diabetes health knowledge to the next level. I have done other courses and masterminds in my professional world and found tremendous value from them. I knew going into the program that I learn very well in this type of group mastermind environment and I did learn a ton of new and useful information.

The certified diabetes educator at our endo's office is wonderful but she also doesn't live with T1D. Being able to learn from adults who have lived with T1D since childhood is powerful. Trista and Lauren were always prepared, polished and professional. Each weekly call was carefully thought out, planned and curated. Then handouts, reference charts, and "assignments" paired well with the theme of the week.

From the program, Henry's A1c lowered from 7.1% to 6.7% and increased time in range from 70 to 78%. My own mental health has also greatly improved just having all these new tools, knowledge and even new mom friends who "get it.

If you are struggling to gain a more comprehensive and wholistic knowledge base of all the many factors that go into managing your child's T1D - this course will give you the tools, the knowledge, and the support you need to help your child (and you) thrive!

Tara L
August 24, 2021

As a mom of a newly diagnosed teen, I felt Lauren and Trista did an amazing job helping us with the day to day struggles of diabetes.This coaching program helped us manage the day to day life with diabetes in such a positive way- learning how to use settings on the Omnipod better to have more challenging foods, understanding better strategies of how to manage crazy busy days.... everything in this coaching program focused on managing diabetes each day and how it might be different for each person.

James and our family now has an overall boost in confidence around navigating diabetes, school, and sports as he is entering high school! As he always says to me, these coaches are the "bomb.com!" Thank you for sharing your coaching with our family. It has been a true blessing.

Elle P
August 1, 2021

Before doing 1:1 coaching with Stacy, I struggled with my relationship to food. I felt confused about what to eat and was always stressing over my next meal. After working with Stacy, I have more confidence about my relationship with food, and how it relates to anxiety. What I found most valuable, was being able to vent about my frustrations with diabetes and having Stacy help me unpack those feelings. I feel a lot more confident about my relationship with diabetes and the work I've done with Stacy’s help and empathy.Moving forward after coaching, I am able to communicate with my doctors much more effectively, and I’m not as hard on myself when things go wrong and with my relationship to myself and to diabetes.

Nipa P
July 16, 2021

Having a young child diagnosed with T1D is devastating, heart breaking and changes the whole family’s life. Lauren and her team have helped us in so many ways to make my son’s diagnosis more manageable.

Their knowledge and availability is truthfully hard to quantify. I’m so grateful. They are able to educate you on T1D in a real in depth way and are knowledgeable on optimizing pumps and CGM devices which can be overwhelming. Most importantly Trista and Lauren are able to support our family emotionally and keep things in perspective for how to teach your child to live a long and healthy life.

Alix D
July 1, 2021

Prior to working with Stacy, I was struggling to overcome my fear of hypoglycemia, and felt like I didn’t “own” my diabetes, which was reflected in my day-to-day life and relationships. I felt worthless managing my diabetes, and had no confidence in my abilities. Having Stacy guide my learning over the last 3 months allowed me to set realistic action steps for my diabetes management. Through this work, I gained confidence to try outdoor activities like hiking and camping without my fear of lows getting in the way! My self-awareness has increased dramatically, and I have a sense of peace within myself and my T1D management. 1:1 coaching recovered a sense of excitement for my life and possibilities that lie ahead!

Sofia P
July 1, 2021

Before I started 1:1 coaching, I was scared of my diabetes. It was a burden to me, and I wasn't living happily because there were so many things that frustrated me and I did not understand why. After 1:1 coaching with Jess, I now tackle situations in a much more calm manner. Instead of blowing up and sitting high for hours, I have so many tools to control the outcome of things. It feels so amazing to be able to respond well to different things that happen and not have to feel overcome by my diabetes.

I now view my diabetes as a part of me, and no longer in a negative light. Jess has helped me understand that living freely even while having diabetes is completely doable. Diabetes is not a sentence to feel negative and down about 24/7. You can still be yourself, and you can work around the challenges that come with diabetes. After completing my coaching program, I feel grounded and at ease moving forward because I know I can handle almost anything with the proper prep!

Amanda Z
June 1, 2021

Having diabetes for most of my life, I was feeling overwhelmed before starting coaching with Trista.  I struggled to find someone to work with who could relate and offer tailored support. Thanks to 1:1 coaching with Trista, I have improved my confidence and awareness of diabetes management, and how it works for my body. Figuring out my basal rates and understanding are about insulin sensitivity were breakthrough moments during coaching. I started using a CGM while working with Trista, which helped me understand patterns, and now my TIR is over 80%! The accessibility of Trista during our time together was so helpful to troubleshoot diabetes in “real time.” This highly personalized approach is unique to anything else out there. I am leaving coaching equipped with knowledge and tools to continue putting in the work to thrive!

Meghan K
April 1, 2021

Prior to joining the DCB, I was stuck in a negative mindset around my diabetes. I would get so angry and my whole day would get ruined because of a 280 blood sugar at 7:30am on a Thursday. My thought process around my diabetes management was based on negativity, and what I felt I was doing wrong.

The sheer mental “weight” that was lifted off my body after joining the DCB is literally priceless. I cannot explain how much lighter I felt after each call. Also, my time in range increased from an average of 30% to more than 50%! Lauren and the DCB coaches fill in the gaps, the missing information that is literally never spoken of or given to us at diagnosis. They all have the T1D experience and can relay that along with the coaching methods to us.

To anyone joining: For the next 12 weeks absorb each and every piece of information available to you because it will change your life!

Sara T
April 1, 2021

Coming into the DCB, I was overwhelmed with feeling exhausted, tired, and out of control. It felt like I had tried everything and wasn't getting the results I wanted.

During the DCB I underwent a lot of different changes, emotionally and with my numbers. My A1C dropped from 7.4 to 6.8, my time in range increased from 55% to 78%, and I have less rollercoaster numbers on a daily basis. What I loved about the DCB was that you can take what you learn and there is no pressure to make immediate changes by the end of three months. This will take time to get to where you want! It is a commitment but the education you receive you will have for life and will continue to work on.

Leaving the DCB, I am ready to apply the education I have been given to develop new healthy routines for life!

Sarah W
April 1, 2021

As a newly diagnosed T1D, I was so focused on my numbers that seeing an out of range blood sugar left me feeling defeated and and like I was doing something "wrong." My diabetes was closely connected to how I felt and judged myself.

My biggest shift in the DCB was with forgiveness, and giving myself grace when I miscalculate insulin or carbs. I take more deep breaths and spend more time being mindful as well.

I’m now feeling like I can do anything with the right tools. Diabetes won't stop me and I have so many amazing women cheering me on! My A1c went from a 6.7 to 6.3 and feeling far more confident in my ability to manage new and foreign scenarios. I now see Type 1 Diabetes as something that can both brings positives to my life as well as challenges. I view diabetes as a part of me vs something that is wrong with me, and I know that I have the tools to take a on full life with diabetes in tow. It's worth it to invest in your health and well being, we only have one life and this course could be the key to living it in an empowered and confident way

Erika D
April 1, 2021

Being diagnosed as an adult left me with very few resources and a plethora of questions. I had nowhere to turn or look for information, advice, or support. I felt so isolated, and pigeon held to my doctor's numbers, and data and those numbers became my priority because it was all I knew.

The DCB gave me those people connections I longed for and let me know that my problems, fears, and challenges were all relative and not just my own. The DCB focused on topics that everyone really faces like being in social situations and hormones and presented different strategies to face each situation. This was game-changing for me!

After going through the DCB, I have grown more comfortable managing my diabetes and making changes based on my patterns, trends, needs, and feelings without a doctor, and my time in range has increased significantly! I never thought I could be in range for 90%+. I did it for a few days! Seeing 98% was a shock to me!

The coaches know that diabetes is not a one size fits all approach that doctors don't always recognize. This program truly focuses on showing you how to live your best life with diabetes.

Erin S
April 1, 2021

Going into the DCB, I struggled with acceptance. I felt disempowered, and alone without a supportive community of women like me. Now, thanks to the DCB, I found a community that supported me and understood my challenges.

A lightbulb moment for me was learning about how my hormones affect my readings! I have a better understanding of how to work with diabetes rather than working against it. I always had so much hate for it but I feel like I am learning acceptance and that it won't always be perfect (like my expectations for it always are).

The DCB gave me more confidence in myself and my relationship with diabetes, so I can understand my patterns and how to better approach changes to basal and bolus rates. I am also learning to be more patient with myself and my diabetes - I have not rage bolused in a really long time!!

I always felt so alone in this diabetes game but I know all the struggles I have are the same ones that others with T1D are experiencing. I know I can manage T1D and that I have all the tools I need to troubleshoot any roadblocks I may face moving forward.

Molly B
April 1, 2021

My biggest challenge prior to joining the DCB was continuing to manage my diabetes while navigating motherhood. My body experienced many hormonal changes and I lost sight of what I was supposed to be doing to keep my diabetes in check. I struggled with roller coaster blood sugars, forgetting to bolus before meals, not accurately counting carbs, and putting diabetes on the back burner. I realized in order to continue being a good Mama, I had to make sure I was prioritizing my own health first.

Over the last 3 months in the DCB, I lowered my A1C from 7.0 to 6.4 and increased time in range by 10%! Beyond those results, I value the opportunity to prioritize myself and learn from all of the wonderful coaches and DCB members. I love that the resources will be available to me in the future and I know that what I have learned will stick with me forever. This program is a lifelong resource, and is one of the greatest investments that I could have made for my life, my health and my future.

I am feeling JOYFUL + GRATEFUL leaving the DCB! I feel like I'm on the right path. I have seen growth and progress which makes me feel motivated to keep going. I feel happy and supported knowing that I have formed new friendships in the T1D community.

Christa H
April 1, 2021

Prior to joining the DCB+ program, I struggled with my diabetes management, relationship with food, and self confidence. After 50 years with T1D, I was often going low after meals and then rebounding high, and feeling frustrated with this cycle. Now I know how to accurately bolus for meals and I eat slowly, enjoy new foods, and appreciate the taste of my meals. I’ve lost weight and gained presence. I can enjoy the company I am with because I’m not so distracted by the food or my blood sugars.

My time in range has increased to 98% over the last three months, and I was able to walk the beach on vacation without bottoming out because I now know how to effectively use a temporary basal for management! Leaving the DCB, I am extremely confident I can manage my T1D myself, and can dedicate space and time to my relationships again, without T1D holding me back!

Erica Z
April 1, 2021

Before the DCB, I felt unstable. I never had someone give me strategies to look at my diabetes holistically, and no idea how much my mindset impacted my diabetes management.

Through the DCB, I have worked on so many hurdles that I thought were impossible to work through, like my fear of low blood sugars. It was so helpful to have a team of coaches to ask my questions to and fully trust their answers. My time in range has increased and my ability to feel comfortable sitting at lower numbers has been huge for that. I have become better at bolusing while out at a restaurant too to minimize the time out of range and am able to get back on track with my blood sugars, healthy habits and mindset way faster than I used to.

I overall feel so much happier and healthier. I feel more secure in my diabetes control and in my decision making process. In turn, I am patient with my body when it is trending higher or lower now and am less reactive when I see it raising or dropping quickly. I will be forever grateful to Lauren and the coaching team. They have changed and extended my life. I am so much happier, healthier and at peace with my diabetes. You won't regret joining the DCB!

Shannon K
April 1, 2021

Before the DCB, I lived in fear of T1D. For 25 years, I felt fearful of insulin, change, and my future with diabetes.

Since joining the DCB, I have gained independence, realizing I can do things on my own and then actually doing them on my own, like switching from MDI to the Omnipod! I feel secure in the fact that I can trust myself and my decisions with diabetes. Lauren’s program has shown me that I can trust myself and love myself, get better and do better. Happiness is a big win for me. I have not been happy since I was diagnosed and thanks to the DCB, I feel happy overall now :)

The way I view diabetes has shifted: I look at it in a way that makes me stronger. I am so grateful and will be forever grateful to this program for changing my life, truly. This positive, non-judgmental, holistic approach shifted my body, mind & spirit as well as insulin sensitivity in such a profound way that I could have never imagined would have happened. I am now positive about my diabetes, which continues to translate into all other aspects of my life.

Maria F
April 1, 2021

Prior to joining the DCB I struggled to commit to a lifestyle that supported me personally and my needs as a diabetic. Every thing I tried felt like a burden. I was never happy making changes so I never sustained them.

The DCB gave me the practical knowledge to confidently manage diabetes between appointments. I understand how hormones, diet changes, and different exercise regimens affect my blood sugars not just in the moment but over the course of a day and how they ultimately affect my A1C, time in range, and standard deviation.

Thanks to the DCB, my A1C lowered from 6.8 to 6.0, my time in range increased from 65-70% to 75-80%, and my doctor thinks I am healthy and ready to get pregnant!I feel great about the investment I made to have access to such great coaching. I feel healthier and happier than I have in a long time. I feel prepared, confident, and excited to keep moving forward!

Brenna G
March 1, 2021

Prior to working with Jess, I struggled to accept that my blood sugars didn't make me a "good" or "bad" person.  This led to intense feelings of guilt and low self worth. While working with Jess, I developed a greater understanding of how I perceive myself in relation to being a T1D.

Coaching has also given me the ability to make space for myself and the struggles that accompany T1D life and to be okay with the fact that I wont be 100% all the time. Thanks to the tools and support from Jess, my sugars have being staying more consistently lower and my confidence has greatly increased when tackling those weird patterns. I am excited to continue to put into practice all I have learned!

Michelle V
February 1, 2021

Having T1D for over 20 years, I was feeling out of control, and unsure how to optimize my management. Working with Jess made me feel so much more comfortable with my diabetes. Having  someone who knows the struggles is also so comforting and I felt that she really knows and can relate to issues that diabetics go through.Jess helped me trust my insulin pump more, increased my confidence in knowing when I need to make changes, and helped me optimize pump features that turned into more of a habit.

With these tools, I am recognizing my patterns and trends with blood sugar and hormones which helps me feel more in control of my diabetes, rather than the other way around. Thanks to this coaching program with Jess I am managing my diabetes better than I ever was before.

Gigi C
February 1, 2021

Living with T1D for almost my entire life, I viewed diabetes as an ailment that I didn't really want to 'make a big deal of' and brushed off as something I could deal with and handle. A lot of people told me they had no idea I was a diabetic for a while after meeting me, which I liked because again, I viewed is as something that would make people 'feel bad for me.’When I started working with Jess, I focused on feeling empowered and confident with the tools I have to LIVE with diabetes as a part of me, in a more positive sense. Jess really worked to understand my lifestyle and empowered me to make decisions, identify trends, and understand my body.

I feel like I'm more excited to talk about T1D because I feel so much more knowledgable and in control! Beyond the mindset piece, I also lowered my A1C from 8.5 to 7.4 and made sustainable changes to my daily management — like pre bolusing! Coaching was very new for me and something I’d never done. After working with Jess, I’m proud I made the decision to do this and really commit to myself and my health!

Katie H.
January 1, 2021

The DCB gave me the tools to feel empowered, make changes that helped me get my numbers under better control, as well as helped me shift my mindset to be more curious than critical. The DCB also gave me a support system to help troubleshoot issues. The calls were informative, helpful and the sequencing all made sense to me.

My biggest challenge going in was committing to behaviors that ultimately helped me lower my A1C and get a better understanding of my diabetes. I have not had an A1C below 7 since I was in high school and have wanted to get it back to below 7 since I graduated from college in 2013. Not only is it below 7 but it's 6.2! I've lost 10 pounds since the start of the DCB, I'm confident in changing my own Omnipod settings, and my time in range increased by about 30%!

Beyond the numbers and quantitative data, there was an entire community supporting me, accountability through our accountability groups and the Slack channel, a place to ask questions of people going through the exact same thing, and a vault of knowledge with everyone in the DCB. Thanks to these resources and relationships I view diabetes as something that I can take control of and feel much less overwhelmed.

This is the best investment that you could make in yourself to better understand your diabetes and to empower you.

Jasmine H
January 1, 2021

I was hesitant about jumping into something new, but the DCB was exactly what I needed. The DCB has given me a community of knowledgeable coaches and supportive, empowered women. Working with Lauren and Jess has replaced my feelings of isolation and disempowerment with confidence and courage. Before the DCB, I felt disempowered and isolated. I lacked confidence in my basal rates and carb ratios, and felt like I needed to hide my diabetes.

After the DCB, my emotional relationship with diabetes has improved so much. Over the 3 months I worked on facing my fears related to T1D. I learned to properly manage and tweak my ratios and doses to increase my time in range to 77%! Lows are no longer the end of the world, and I've stopped the “rage bolus” when my BG is high.  

The support and guidance from the coaches and the other women in the DCB group allowed me to form connections and gain the confidence to show up for myself and manage the everyday workings of T1D. I feel part of a world of empowered T1D women. To anyone unsure about joining - like anything you're hesitant about but you know will be good for you...'just do it.'!

Nathalie H
January 1, 2021

Prior to the DCB, I often felt shame and guilt that I couldn’t manage T1D on my own. Through the course I understood that it was essential to reach out if I needed to and the support from Lauren, Jess, and the community was necessary to get where I want to be. I used to feel completely overwhelmed and down about the fact that I had to struggle through life with this illness. I knew I/the diabetes was harming my body and felt powerless.

Now, I am a completely different person to when I started. I feel peace, acceptance, clear minded, healthy and most of all HAPPINESS! I now feel I am in control, diabetes isn’t my enemy but it is part of me and we are a team. Life seems so much more beautiful now and exciting. I’m not longer afraid of my body and numbers.

Lauren and Jess go further than just numbers. They teach us to look at T1D in a whole different way and learn about ALL factors that influence our BG. My mindset, energy, motivation, happiness and results have never been better in my almost 11 years of living with diabetes. The DCB gives you the tools to move forward at your own pace, and see what works FOR YOU in realistic everyday life.

To someone thinking about signing up: Let go of all expectations of what you think it will be. Be open minded, and go with the flow! You are making the best decision and investment of your life

Grier C.
January 1, 2021

I used to think that diabetes was what it was - you go high you go low and that's it. This led to to feel frustrated and out of control, with my biggest challenge being controlling my blood sugars throughout the day. They were all over the place and I was not managing or even considering my patterns - I was just winging it.

Now, thanks to the DCB, I know that I have the power to better control these situations! I am also not as afraid of lows and less reactive!! The tools provided in the DCB brought me to further understand my morning bolus, food and fitness routines, and adjusting to my boluses to combat lows! I'm more stable in the areas that were very hard for me - overnight and mornings. I am better at my lunchtime bolus too. It's not perfect but I have a much stronger handle on these areas and know that I have the knowledge to make changes as I see fit!

Beyond the technical aspects, I became much more confident and realized the importance of making time for my diabetes. I began opening up about my diabetes and talking about the needs and challenges with my loved ones. Admitting that I needed help and making time to invest in my diabetes was a huge thing for me. Now that I am on the other side of the DCB, I wish I had done it sooner. Thank you Lauren and Jess for the guidance and information and for creating such a great community and giving us all a chance to be our best selves!

Corrie W.
January 1, 2021

I used to feel frustrated and overwhelmed with diabetes. I struggled with communicating how much my diabetes was affecting my day to day being.

Thanks to the DCB, I experienced so much growth during the 3 months. I’m able to use curiosity vs judgment when things happen instead of getting upset or mad. I’m able to allow my diabetes freedom to diabetes and to not be compared to others journeys. This opportunity changed my life in more ways than I knew! I came into with very blood sugar related goals, and while I made improvements in those areas - decreased A1C AND time in range! - the biggest change for me was mentally.

The sense of empowerment I left the program with gives me the confidence to use my diabetes tools and be self-sufficient moving forward. The DCB gave me knowledge that I didn’t have and the support I didn’t know I needed. Instead of telling me what to do, Lauren and Jess pushed me to think about my options and try them out. The level of support from the coaches and the community that you get from everyone involved makes this program truly special!

Hollie C
January 1, 2021

Prior to the DCB, I thought I had all the knowledge about T1D I could possibly have after living with it for 36 years. I thought I was just failing and letting diabetes win. I was wrong. I was the poster child for "I have diabetes. It doesn't have me..." but I was simply in reactive mode instead of being proactive.Aside from lowering my A1c from a 7.4 to a 6.7, I have never felt so empowered and confident and in control of my body and how I am feeling. I am no longer exhausted from being on a rollercoaster and losing sleep from constant alarms and am able to think more clearly with no brain fog! T1D is not methodical or textbook, although some/most doctors have made it feel and appear that way. My mindset has shifted to ascertain that diabetes management is more about the relationship you have with yourself and your body and your own mindset about being proactive vs reactive with diabetes. I feel at peace. I feel good. I AM HAPPY. I'm so proud of the work that I did to become this person I am today! My heart is grateful for this experience and my life will forever be changed. Simply thankful.

Kim D
January 1, 2021

Before joining the DCB, I felt out of control. Despite having diabetes for the last 20 years, I didn't have a strong understanding of my personal patterns and trends.

I left the DCB understanding my personal trends and increased time in range by 20%!! The coaches cultivated a space for me to be me and not try and pigeon hole myself into what others are doing. As part of a group going through the same process together, the women get a lot of strength from each other, while gaining self-actualization through understanding ourselves and our bodies. The coaches incorporated space for self reflection. I focused in on where my diabetes had been, where it was going, and where I wanted it to be. I learned to look inside myself during challenging times, and have a better understanding of how facts apply to my diabetes management and body. The DCB puts the work on you which leads to empowerment and accountability.

I really appreciate how the coaches made it education-focused toward the beginning and more communal and reflective toward the end. It created a full circle moment.

Jacqui T
January 1, 2021

Prior to the DCB, I did not trust myself... both with my diabetes and personally. I was defined by a number and my life revolved around what those numbers were. Because of this mindset, I was constantly dissatisfied and feeling like a failure, which led to a lot of negative self talk around my diabetes.

Now I feel calm, content, inspired, at peace, excited... I am thrilled with my progress. When I made my three month goals, I was very calculated and specific- lowered A1c, increase time in range etc. While my A1c went from a 7.8 to a 7.0, what I didn't realize is how much I needed to unpack some of the pent up feelings, that I didn't know I had, around my diabetes and my diagnosis 12 years ago!  I am so proud to say that I built trust with myself and my patterns. I am curious about out of range numbers. I am looking forward to using what we learned over the last three months for the rest of my life.

As someone who was on the fence because monetarily speaking, "it wasn't the right time". It is never the right time. It is absolutely worth it. You are investing in your health and your future. The information you learn in the 3 month program allows you to implement changes over your lifetime. It is worth every penny and more.

Heather B
January 1, 2021

Coming into the DCB, I felt helpless, and managing diabetes felt like a heavy, stressful task. I did not know how to manage diabetes for ME, and was doing the bare minimum to get by each day. Now I am empowered, and knowledgeable enough to know I can make my numbers do what I want (at least 80% of the time, I'll ride the wave when the other 20% comes along). This knowledge led to a 25% increase in my time in range, and a change - 8.0 to 6.4 - in my A1c.

The holistic approach of the DCB teaches that everything in your life that can affect your diabetes, instead of just food and your period. This education was invaluable in taking control and gaining knowledge about how diabetes affects me and my body. The peacefulness I have, feeling connected to my diabetes and people who do the same thing, and face the same problems I do, created a sense of community and support. Lauren and Jess were relatable, available, and knowledgeable. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart (and pancreas!).

I will never forget what you ladies have given me. You've given me my life back, I won't ever be able to repay or thank you enough for that.

Brittany R
January 1, 2021

Before, I really resented my diabetes. Being age 26 when diagnosed, I spent a lot of time missing my life prior to T1D. I wasn't making my diabetes a priority in my life, and felt ashamed of myself for not doing what I knew I needed to do, and for how out-of-control I had let my numbers get.

The past 3 months of the DCB, I focused on making myself and my T1D a priority - I learned that I am a priority, and I am worth taking care of. I felt supported by the DCB community, and empowered to make the changes. My mindset shifted, and my T1D improved on so many levels: A1C dropped from 14.3 to 9.8 today!! Time In Range was 21% prior to the DCB and 47% now!! Not only have I seen changes in my numbers, but I have increased confidence in myself and my ability to be curious/try new things, instead of striving for perfection.

Thanks to the DCB coaches, I have a better understanding of myself and my T1D, and I don't feel like my diabetes is a burden. My diabetes isn't going away, but I'm happy to keep making improvements in my health and showing others that my T1D isn't going to hold me back from anything! Accepting my T1D and learning how and why I need to prioritize myself and my T1D has been huge for me. I am so much more confident, and I'm so proud to be even closer to the person with T1D that I want to be.

Coco K
January 1, 2021

Starting the DCB as a newly diagnosed T1D, I was bogged down just feeling so overwhelmed and in chaos managing diabetes minute by minute. After the 3 months, I’m finding the answers within myself based on what we learn from Lauren and Jess, and feel confident to confront challenges they arise.

The DCB takes you to a level of understanding of your own personal patterns that is sustainable for long term management, trusting your body, and not relying on the 4 time a year meeting with an endocrinologist. With a mindset-focus, Lauren and Jess go beyond numbers, A1cs, the “textbook” answers and care we often receive as T1Ds. Switching from the “why” of diabetes to the “what” response to blood sugar events shifted my knowledge to understanding basal rates, correction factors, I:C ratios; daily routines to recognize patterns and accept diabetes into daily life, wellness, and self-care. I allow and accept T1D as a part of my day-to-day and focus on other parts of my life, my vision thanks to the work I put in to the DCB.

Gianna J
January 1, 2021

My biggest challenge prior to joining the DCB was feeling like I was chasing my BGs on a rollercoaster. Having diabetes for almost my entire life (27 years!) I felt like I spent my days reacting to my blood sugar levels, either with insulin or emotions.  

The way the DCB approaches diabetes mindset sets it apart from other programs. The education on nutrition, hormones and exercise, as well as access to the coaches to help problem solve patterns helped me manage my emotional connection to my diabetes as well. Gaining the knowledge and tools to increase predictability with my BGs. I went from rollercoaster BGs to rolling hills, and reduced my lows from 16.9% to 10%! Changing my mindset around my BG levels shifted my reflection of my self worth, so now I'm seeing myself as worthy despite my BG reading and not letting an out of range number derail my day.

Even though the program only lasts 12 weeks, it doesn't stop there. You will take every bit of knowledge and carry it with you throughout your lifetime journey with T1D!

Annie E
January 1, 2021

Before the DCB, I was going through feeling burnt out with T1D. I felt tired from the fact that there's no breaks from diabetes management. I was stuck feeling frustrated with myself and my diabetes. Through the DCB, I got in the habit of regular diabetes management practices and put less pressure on myself to have “perfect control.” Now, I feel I am in control of my diabetes, not the other way around. I am starting to see it as a superpower!

Now I am starting to feel grateful for how health-conscious T1D has helped me become. I’ve gained clarity in identifying what my fears are, and how to change my thought patterns about T1D and my management. I have found my confidence bolusing around exercise and around treating lows without over treating! I am really proud that I dug for the roots of multiple fears and mindsets, I finally feel capable, and I made some "diabuddies."

Lauren H
January 1, 2021

Prior to the DCB, I felt limited in the control and management of my T1D. I truly felt as though I lacked the knowledge and understanding necessary to make independent changes to my pump settings. This inevitably led to an unhealthy reliance upon my endocrinologist and confusion and shame when adjustments were not successful.

The DCB is different from other doctors/programs/trainers in so many beautiful ways. First and foremost, the DCB is built on a foundation that cultivates personal growth and development through the shared experiences and support of others living with the ups and downs of type 1 diabetes. This community of women has given me so much peace and motivation. I've never felt so wholly understood and it has given me more comfort than I could have ever imagined. The DCB also educates from a nonjudgmental perspective that incorporates years of personal experiences with collaborative methods for managing challenging obstacles well-known to the T1D community. With confidence, I can say that I have learned more about how to effectively manage my diabetes over the course of this 3 month program than I learned collectively over the 12 years since my initial diagnosis. Most of all, the DCB has empowered me to take control of my health and wellness. I now possess the ability to effect positive change on my own. With greater knowledge and understanding of the factors that influence my blood glucose levels, I finally feel confidence in taking a more active role in my diabetes management.

I would encourage anyone who is preparing to start the DCB to be unapologetic in making themselves a priority. From start to finish, it is up to you as the participant to make the most of every moment and all of the content shared. The resources, support, and guidance provided by the DCB team only work if you do so don't feel guilty about prioritizing yourself and your needs throughout this journey to becoming a better you!

Nikki A.
January 1, 2021

Before joining the DCB, I felt like I could never find patterns to try and adjust for better glucose control. Having diabetes for 40+ years, I never felt like I struck a good balance between life and T1D. My outlook on my diabetes was negative, and often left me filled with guilt. Now, thanks to the DCB, I have tools, have found patterns, adjusted, and seen results. I have learned to give myself grace, set boundaries, have needed conversations, and implement routines. From the combination of the technical and mental, I was able to increase my time in rage by 14% and decrease my A1c from 8.4 to 7.1 - while increasing my positive outlook towards myself and my diabetes.

My takeaways from the DCB are increased, community, understanding, and support. There is an instant connection because it is led by other T1D women that can truly understand what living with diabetes daily is like. There is so much other focus than “numbers” which is all related, but I’ve never had anyone guide me to look into the mental side of things, and Lauren and Jess completely changed my outlook towards myself and my diabetes.

To anyone thinking about joining - Go all the way in! There is a sisterhood waiting to support you and watch you win!

Sherri R.
January 1, 2021

I've always kept my diabetes and struggles with it incredibly private and almost as an after thought for myself. Because of this, I found my A1C just kept climbing and climbing up, leaving me frustrated with myself and my diabetes. Doing the DCB, I recognized that I absolutely needed to do this. Having the knowledge and practice now to break things down more when I'm not meeting my goals, has changed my outlook on diabetes management. I challenged myself to switch from shots to an Omnipod pump during the program and increased my time in range by 30%! I’m not done achieving my goals yet, but I'm improving, slowing down, taking control, and approaching with curiosity rather than frustration (well, most of the time). I am leaving the DCB feeling hopeful that I will stay this course and continue to come closer to my goals.

Lauren P.
January 1, 2021

Before joining the DCB, I didn't see the value in a community of support for my diabetes. I wasn't seeing how diabetes could positively influence my life. The DCB pushed me to open up to the world about diabetes, work productively with my pain points, and accept that diabetes has made me a better person. The information Lauren and Jess provide, left me confident hat I can manage whatever comes to me with strength.

Joining the DCB was a big step for me in asking for support. I was able to switch from MDI to the Omnipod pump during the program, and increased my time in range from 40% to 60%!! The combination of the physical and emotional shifts is what set the DCB apart from other programs. Leaving the DCB, I feel encouraged and excited for the next phase of my life.

Paige R
January 1, 2021

At the start, diabetes made me feel like I couldn't actually change anything and that I would just have to deal with the rollercoaster of numbers for the rest of my life. The DCB is a fully different approach that isn't just focused on the numbers. It teaches you how to look at diabetes through a different lens - a lens that is more kind to yourself, more understanding.

The coaches are great at recognizing everyone succeeds at different paces, but that you will find a win at the end. You don't have to get everything done within 3 months time, because diabetes isn't going anywhere. Forward is a pace :)Three goals I’ve achieved during the DCB are: AN A1C OF 6.7!!, Better understanding of what is happening to my blood sugars and WHY, and feeling like this disease isn't the only thing that defines me, but it's important to take care of myself. Although there are still days of frustration, I no longer view it as a burden. Now that I have a better understanding, I'm more of accepting of the curveballs it throws my way.

I would say that it is an investment, but one that will benefit you forever. Knowing that these resources are there for me to use whenever I need them outside of the course puts me at ease.

Jaida S
January 1, 2021

Before the DCB, my biggest challenge was that T1D felt like such a burden that I would essentially ignore it and avoid thinking about it to the point where I wouldn’t wear my CGM or check my blood sugars or count carbs or do any of the basic necessary things to take care of myself. I had no idea how to help myself or where to even start because there were so many things I wanted to do to improve my health but I found it so overwhelming to even think about.

The DCB helped me to actually start somewhere and to take steps in the right direction. Now I feel more equipped than I ever have to take care of my T1d and to reach my personal goals. The DCB coaches focus on personalizing T1D control and considering all aspects of lifestyle that affect it, including mental and emotional factors that other doctors don’t traditionally address. Lauren and Jess also spend much more time really paying attention to patterns and eliminating external variables in order to make the most accurate changes possible.

Now, I am empowered to make my own decisions and not rely on someone else to make changes for me. I view diabetes now as an opportunity to better myself and work on improving my health and a motivator to push me to my goals and the vision I see for myself moving forward!

Andrea N
January 1, 2021

A challenge I faced prior to the DCB was not testing and going 'off of feeling'. I understood what my body was saying but allowed excuses to take over; not taking enough insulin or none at all, not creating a healthy routine for day to day, and realized I was burning out. The biggest wakeup call for me was one morning where I 'felt' low, did a test and saw I was 17.5mmol/dl; I realized I was confusing my body & headed down a dangerous path.

My view shifted when I realized that in order to pursue my long term goals, I needed to take responsibility and be proactive with my diabetes journey- the DCB was my answer! With the help of Lauren and Jess, I was able to understand what I needed and what my body was screaming at me to do. The DCB was the source that provided me the knowledge and means to understand my foundation of diabetes, and that it effects all diabetics differently. Letting go of that judgement, and finding a community of T1D women changed my view on my personal journey with diabetes.

Taking a step in a new direction is nerve wracking, investing in a program is overwhelming. It is worth investing in your health so you are here, present and healthy for our future. The DCB will allow you to gain more strength in your life that will last forever.

Caitlin L.
January 1, 2021

Before the DCB, I felt exhausted. Taking care of T1D seemed like such a daunting task that is impossible to figure out. I would wake up 3 times in a night with tanking blood sugars then overcorrect and spike high again. It was affecting my mood, my daily blood sugars and my anxiety. Even with pump and CGM technology, I still wasn't able to get a handle on overnight management.  

During the DCB, I eliminated ALL over night lows (and the following overcorrecting spikes with my diabetes), gained a greater understanding on how all food is not created equal and how to effectively handle it with insulin and other activities to increase sensitivity so boluses are working better, and my A1C went from a "unhealthy" 5.6 to a more controlled 5.9. I am proud that I took the time to prioritize myself and what I need for my diabetes. I had a mindset shift from putting myself on the back burner to truly honoring myself & put myself on track to be the best person I can be.Instead of relating blood sugar to solely food and bolusing, the DCB takes such a holistic view on how everyday life affects not just numbers, but quality of life. Stress has just as much impact on my blood sugar as a slice of bread and this program has taught me methods to help look beyond food to fully grasp my diabetes.

Callie P.
January 1, 2021

Being diagnosed less than 1 year before joining the DCB, I had fears of getting back into "normal" activities like working out or going out to eat. This made me feel restricted by diabetes, and I knew I needed to gain back my confidence.

In the DCB, Lauren and Jess explained things in a way that was so relatable and easy to comprehend. It wasn't all numbers and medical terms that didn't even make sense to me yet! Instead of just giving us answers with no explanation, in many situations Lauren and Jess empowered us to find them ourselves. I’ve gained confidence in making adjustments on my own, allowing me to do more of the things that I thought diabetes would prevent me from doing, AND increased my TIR to 91%!!!

Thanks to the DCB, each day I feel like I have more control than the last. The DCB will shine a whole new light on how you look at diabetes management. If you are ready to make a change then it is worth it!