T1D families.

Discover more education outside of the endo’s office, and develop strategies to take your child’s T1D care to the next level.

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We’re here to support you and your child with T1D.

To all of the parents and caregivers of children living with T1D: you are doing SO much. We know that even though your child feels the physical impact of diabetes, you often carry the emotional burden. We designed this page as a place for you to find validation for your experiences as a T1D parent.

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Blood sugar hacks for parents of T1D children

In this FREE guide, you’ll learn 5 key tips for improving your child’s diabetes management that go beyond the basics. Plus, you’ll discover action steps that you can implement right away.

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Family intensive sessions.

The Family Intensive Sessions are for parents of T1D Children under 17 who are curious about coaching and crave personalized support and direction beyond regular endo appointments. In this single, personalized 75-minute session, we will dive deep into your child’s diabetes management. You will have the opportunity to talk with a coach who lives with T1D and who will hold space for you in a way you won’t experience anywhere else. You will walk away with a better understanding of your child’s blood sugar patterns and an action plan to move you forward.

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T1D family growth model guidebook.

In this comprehensive guide, we break down how your child’s rhythms and routines impact their diabetes and provide action steps you can take in order to go from reactive to proactive T1D management. The guide is broken down into 5 main topics: nutrition, insulin sensitivity, exercise, hormones, and family advocacy. This guidebook is for caregivers who are looking to demystify the nuances of T1D, continue learning beyond the doctor’s office, and discover strategies to take your family’s T1D care to the next level.

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