The A1C shift method

and insulin sensitivity course

This course is a 5-week self-paced, online class that empowers T1Ds to reclaim ownership of their health, build sustainable habits, and finally lower their A1Cs for the long term.

Learn the A1C shift method now

There are 8,760 hours in a year. You will spend approximately 2 of them with your endocrinologist. It’s time for you to take control of your own A1C.

a1c shift method

Empowering you to understand your body’s personalized needs.

The A1C Shift Method is here to change the game for you the same way it has for hundreds of others before you. Whether your A1C is a 7.0 or a 13.0, your results start with this foundation.

This is where your transformation starts. This is where you get unstuck.

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sound like you?

You’re ready for the A1C Shift Method if…

You’re currently struggling to lower your A1C and have been feeling this way for months...or years.

You want to build sustainable habits and establish a healthy mindset to support them.

You want to increase your time in range without having to be hyper focused on your CGM all the time.

You know you need to lower your A1C but get overwhelmed by the “how”.

Your target seems impossible to reach, even if it’s just a few points away.

You want a clear understanding of how you need to make changes.

Clinical studies show us that even a 1% reduction in A1C makes a huge difference in complication risk.

dr. arti thangdu
You’ve been thinking...
“I know I need to change something but I have no idea where to start.”....
“I’m constantly exhausted from putting in so much effort, meanwhile my A1C has barely budged.”....

But you are not stuck where you are.
You can shift.

are you ready?

Start making a shift immediately.

Every minute you wait now is another minute you are sitting with that same stubborn A1C.

And the time you commit over the next 5 weeks will reward you for a lifetime.

Finally learn what you need to know and adopt a whole new mindset around who you are and how you want to live.

I’m ready to shift!

Meet your course instructors

Lauren Bongiorno, CEO and founder of risely health wearing an omnipod
Founder + CEO of Risely Health

Lauren Bongiorno

“When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 7, my parents taught me that it wasn’t going to stop me from doing anything. The biggest lesson I’ve learned through my own experience is that there’s a difference between letting diabetes slow you down and slowing down to nurture your diabetes and health. By doing the latter, I was able to find a freedom and happiness in my life that I’d never had before. I’ve lived the transformation. It’s what brought me here.”

course instructor

Caitlin Crawford

Caitlin works as an RN, CDCES, and Program Manager at one of Boston's major children's hospitals. She has been working with children who have diabetes and their families over the last two years. She is passionate about helping to implement a more holistic approach to diabetes management within the medical field.

course instructor

Jose Tejero

Jose is an exercise physiologist with a degree in Exercise Science. Earlier this year, he completed his first Ironman triathlon. He has worked alongside plant-based physicians who treat chronic illnesses, focusing on type 2 diabetes. He observed the positive impact that plant-based diets had on the health of his patients and decided that he would dedicate his career to promoting the benefits of this diet. In 2020, he co-founded Reversing T2D, a diabetes health platform that helps individuals reverse, manage, and prevent pre-and type 2 diabetes through lifestyle modifications.

course instructor

Diana Licalzi

Diana is a nationally-recognized registered dietitian and best-selling author. She holds a master’s degree in Nutrition Science and Policy from Tufts University and is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). Diana is passionate about helping people overcome type 2 diabetes using plant-based foods. In 2020, she co-founded Reversing T2D, a diabetes health platform that helps individuals reverse, manage, and prevent pre-and type 2 diabetes through lifestyle modifications. 

This self-paced, online class will help you…


Breakthrough mindset blocks that have been holding you back and build a mindful process for setting and reaching your goals.


Identify patterns and develop a system that connects exercise, nutrition, and insulin sensitivity.


Determine your correct baseline rates through strategic testing.


Listen to your body and feel confident making changes based on trends.


Apply what you’ve learned no matter where you are or what comes up.


What course members are saying.

Screenshot from a slack community comment where a client is loving the program and the results.

Your A1C roadmap
with less trial and error


We start with a blank slate so you can better understand yourself and what you need to reach success.

+ Finding a sustainable path to your goal A1C
+ Mastering your mindset
+ Creating a contextual framework


Understand how multiple factors relate to each other and how they're impacting you specifically.

+ Learning how to identify patterns
+ Stop asking, "What should I be doing?" and start trusting your own knowledge in order to take action
+ Healing your relationship with high and low blood sugar


Strip away the variables to discover what’s working and what’s not, and make necessary adjustments to strengthen your baseline. 

+ Figuring out the correct insulin needs for every part of your day
+ Learning how to test and adjust your ratios
+ Solidifying the knowledge of when to change your rates and how


Expand on your strong base of awareness and stable numbers with the habits you need to keep moving forward.

+ Understanding the importance of insulin sensitivity
+ Deepen your awareness of nutrition and relationship to food
+ Recognizing the overlap between movement, insulin sensitivity, and A1C

adapting PHASE

Apply everything you’ve learned to literally any situation outside your normal routine so that you never feel limited by your T1D.

+  Navigating outside your kitchen (without sacrificing your blood sugars)
+ Connecting stress and hormones to your blood sugar response
+Traveling with T1D

Bonus module.

Recentering during overwhelm + next steps.

Bonus tools.

Class syllabus + calendar download.

Bonus access.

Online communication with our coaching team and group support calls announced in your inbox.

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Can you imagine
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You’re only 5 weeks away from feeling that all the time. The A1C Shift Method was built for you—what are you waiting for?

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Risely stories.

"This class made a huge impact on my life. I was never able to get below a 6.8 A1C on my own so I knew I needed help because my husband and I wanted to get pregnant soon. The A1C Shift Method helped me lower my A1C to a 6.1 so all I can say is that this class is SO WORTH IT!! I also am excited that I will always be able to come back to it and continue to use it to fine tune. I'm so happy, thank you Lauren and team!"

Taylor T.
T1D 15 years

"The A1C Shift Method class has put my T1D control back in my hands. Some things in the course I might have heard before, but I had never in 14 years created the time, space and commitment to unpack, test and learn. I lowered my A1C from a 7.8 to a 6.9 through this and feel like I now know how to read my body, patterns and habits, and even as life changes over the coming years I will have the structure for tests and prompts that I can continue to revisit as I need."

Jessica A.
T1D 26 years

"The A1C Shift Method Course has taught me so much that I wasn’t aware of regarding optimizing my pump and diabetes management as a whole. I went in wanting to just lower my A1C ( which I did- lowered it 8.3 to 7.1), but came out with so much more.  I now have the tools available to feel comfortable making changes and not waiting for my next doctor's appointment in order to gain better control. I’m so grateful to have found this class and the mindset tools in it as well for support."

Barbara M.
T1D 40 years
Join the A1C Shift Method

Questions we often get.

Does this course help with weight loss?

Increasing blood sugar stability often supports healthy weight loss and many of our members see results in both their A1C and their weight by following the methods in this program. The A1C Shift Method prioritizes blood sugar management and increased time in range, and there are portions of the course that explore nutrition, exercise, and insulin sensitivity. 

Does this course include coaching?

As you work through the course modules, you will be able to share your questions and get direct replies from our coaching team through a comments section along with each video. 

How much does the a1c shift method cost?

The A1C Shift Method is 5 weeks of scheduled online modules that will take you from unsure to certain about how to maintain confidence in lowering your A1C and staying in range. You can pay in full for $497 or join our payment plan option, which is 3 payments of $199.

How does the course work?

This course is delivered module-by-module over 5 weeks. In order to keep you on track and not overwhelm you with too much information at once, the materials will be delivered to you in sets, once a week for 5 weeks, until you’ve received the complete course! When you register, you get instant access to the first three videos in the course. The next module will then be unlocked in 7 days, after you’ve had time to implement the first steps and complete the homework necessary for the next phase. Once the 5 weeks are over, you will continue to have lifetime access to all of the modules, videos, and worksheets.

What happens when the 5 weeks are over?

Well, first of all, welcome to your whole new way of life! In terms of the course material, nothing changes! You have lifetime access to the materials you receive in The A1C Shift Method so if you ever need a refresh, you can dive right back in at any time.

When does the program start?

As soon as you register, you will gain immediate access to our Welcome Videos and materials. Then, you can start as soon as you’re ready!

Does it matter if I use shots or an insulin pump?

Either is fine and will work with this course!

Can I join if I have pre-diabetes or type-2 diabetes?

This course is designed specifically for people who are also living with T1D, using strategies and information proven through years of successfully coaching individuals with Type 1 Diabetes. If you’re living with Pre-Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, or Type 2 Diabetes and need somewhere to start, check out the Diabetic Health Journal! It is a tool that has been developed to help anyone living with diabetes take control of their health through journaling and habit-tracking. The other good news is that we are constantly growing and developing new products and opportunities for coaching. So, stay tuned!

Who exactly is the a1c shift method for?

This course is open to anyone who wants to lower their A1C, including parents who have kids with T1D. Whether you were diagnosed 6 months ago or 30 years ago, this course will help you get where you want to be.

What exactly is the a1c shift method?

The A1C Shift Method is a 5-week self-paced course that was developed over 5 years of coaching, by someone with T1D, for others with T1D. With 26 videos that guide you through 5 Signature Phases, you will learn to better understand yourself and what you need to lower your A1C, to master your relationship with high/low blood sugar, and how to apply everything you learn to your normal and not-so-normal life situations.The A1C Shift Method will take you from wishing your T1D lifestyle was easier, to having everything you need to actually make it easier.

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