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A single, 60-minute personalized deep dive into your child’s diabetes management.

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type one diabetic mother with omnipod pump holding her son
why us

We’re here to support you and your child with T1D.

We know that parenting a child with T1D is exhausting, frustrating, and scary. Even if you feel like your family is embracing the diagnosis, the daily responsibility and non-stop demands of managing blood sugars, food, activity, and insulin can get overwhelming.

After all, your child’s health is your number 1 priority. You don’t want diabetes to consume their life and you know that starts with learning how to manage it better now.

Your endocrinologist might be telling you that you’re doing great, but you feel like you have so much to learn.
You might be single-handedly managing your child’s diabetes while also juggling other kids or working and you feel isolated by the weight of T1D.

Even if you’re co-parenting, trying to care for your child with your partner feels more complex than before the diagnosis and you could really use more support to get on the same page.

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I was stuck in a place where I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting it.

My sleep would constantly be interrupted to treat lows. It got to the point where I had to turn off the high alarm so I could get some sleep to be able to function the next day. I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and guilty for letting her numbers run high. Now after working with this coaching team, I am getting so much more sleep and have more confidence instead of fear and overwhelm.

Mom of of T1D daughter Ava
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who this is for

For parents of T1D children under 17.

What if you had the opportunity to talk through the challenges you are facing with a coach who lives with T1D and will hold space for you in a way you won’t experience at your endo’s office?
What if you felt encouraged, knowledgeable, and confident as a T1D caretaker?

What if you could have a single coaching session and walk away with a better understanding of your child’s blood sugar patterns and an action plan to move you forward?
The Family Intensive Sessions are for parents of T1D children under 17 who are curious about coaching and are craving personalized support and direction beyond your regular endo appointments.

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sound like you?

This program is made for you if...

You feel like you’re on a roller coaster of blood sugars and emotions.

You feel like each day is totally different from the day before.

You don’t know why your child’s numbers are the way they are.

You and your partner struggle to present a united front when it comes to diabetes.

You can’t keep up with your child’s changing routine and growing body and the way it all affects their diabetes.

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Waiting for your next endo appointment isn’t going to help you and your family move forward TODAY.

You need help seeing the big picture so that you can feel confident in and out of your normal routine.

You need direction for the patterns that constantly throw you off course.

You need action-based support and strategies you can implement now.

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My family was feeling at odds with each other over how to manage type 1 because none of us had a lot of confidence. I felt tense, tightly wound, and irritable. Now thanks to these coaches, I feel lighter and eager for more education. I know we can do this!

Mom of of T1D son George

What to expect when you book your personalized session today.


A single, 60-minute personalized coaching call to help you feel empowered, equipped and supported as you manage your child’s T1D.


For parents and caregivers of T1D children and teens.


You need an action plan curated for your child’s unique body and blood sugar patterns.

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Does it seem counterintuitive to focus more on T1D when it feels like that’s all you are ever thinking about?

Do you think there’s something more you should know by now that would make this better for your whole family?

Do you convince yourself that everything’s fine,
even though you know that there’s so much more you can do?

I used to feel like if I couldn’t control the entire situation then I couldn’t control Owen’s blood sugars.

If we didn’t stick to our schedule, or I didn’t make the food myself and measure everything out exactly then his numbers would be chaos. I felt limited, stuck, and trapped by his T1D. Learning through Lauren how activity, hormones, and certain foods affect his blood sugar as well as what his overall patterns are helped me feel more confident in managing his T1D regardless of the situation.

Mom of of T1D son Owen

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