Testimonials by program

Emma L.
November 11, 2023

Overall, what led me to coaching was my struggle with the approach I had to my diabetes as a whole. I felt very defeated and burnt out by my diabetes where every small inconvenience would be enough to set me on a spiral. The DCB is a personal approach with the most updated knowledge to date which doctors could only dream to have! The highlights of my experience were being held accountable, the sense of community that was created, and the endless resources I gained. In addition to this, my A1c dropped from a 7.6 to a 7.2 since starting!  

After completing the course, I truly feel like my overall approach has changed in both my diabetes and mental health. I have a lot more grace for myself and my body now, I'm less overwhelmed and much more proactive rather than reactive. I feel much more relaxed and prepared. I feel like my knowledge of my body and my patterns provides me with a sense of confidence with my diabetes where I know what to expect and how to get back to living full time.

This course provides you something that money can’t buy and that no one can take away from you - you will always be gifted with the knowledge you’ve learned in this course and will be able to take that with you on any part of your diabetes journey.  I highly recommend it and I’m so sad it’s over!!!

Miyako W.
November 10, 2023

Before joining the DCB, my biggest challenge was not really knowing where to even start in figuring out my diabetes and mastering it. I suffered from post-prandial highs and rebound lows. I used to rage bolus ALL THE TIME. I had no idea how to even do basal testing. I did not know about high fat meals and buffer bolusing. All of this made me feel quite frustrated, lost, alone, and disempowered.

There was so much about this program that I valued, the education, the people, the community… I also appreciated how organized and thoughtful it was. Slack was a great platform. Also, the enrollment calls also felt very thoughtful and didn't feel like someone was trying to hard sell me. It felt very welcoming, non-judgmental, extremely supportive, and I loved the ability to just listen in vs. get active coaching. In addition to this,  my A1c is at 6.1 (11/11/23), down from 6.4 at the start of DCB (but of note, I had implemented a lot of things from the A1C course prior to starting DCB). I think my A1c prior to the 6.4 was 7.7

Now that I’ve completed the DCB, so much has changed. The program is life-changing. I see bad blood glucose days as learning opportunities, and have really adopted a curiosity over judgment mindset. It has made the biggest difference. I have gained so much knowledge and am able to implement it with my basal testing, fine-tuning my insulin to carb ratio and correction factors, and buffer bolusing. I feel like I can maximize my insulin pump more with temp basals and extended bolusing. I have confidence that I can figure out my patterns and can change my approach/strategy accordingly. The community aspect has been invaluable. It feels so validating and comforting to know that I am not alone in the struggle. I have loved getting to know so many amazing women. Thank you, Lauren, Coach Jehan, Coach Meg, Coach Emily, Coach Megan, and Coach Stacy for creating such an amazing space for us! You guys seriously rock!!

Stephanie F.
November 10, 2023

Having had T1 nearly 24 years, I felt guilty when I was not feeling like I knew how to keep ahead of my highs and roller coaster numbers. I always felt behind and I didn't know how to make positive outcomes consistently. I haven't worked with anyone but endos and pump specialists, but the whole reason for your program; to increase positivity around your own relationship with T1, and your whole self as a person is not even registering with the medical professionals I've gone to! You want growth, and you don't pressure that to be in the numbers. You specifically focus on mindset, relationships to self, food, others, T1, exercise etc. that helps us build awareness around how we view ourselves in relation to these things and how we can grow in these areas. You CELEBRATE with us!! You are a community! 

Now that I’ve completed the program, dropping my a1c to 5.7 was only one of the many things I gained. The change through the DCB has been multi-fold! Not only am I confident of my body's patterns around meals and times of the day, I know I can troubleshoot by asking questions I never took time for before! I can anticipate highs a lot quicker, and be proactive about treating them, as well as lows. The DCB helped me realize I can be inquisitive and not judgmental over my numbers, and also my whole self esteem with my T1! I am continuing to grow and see positive outcomes through having a sense of curiosity, not shame or judgment. The DCB Community has been a huge confidence builder as well, knowing there are other women out there who GET IT and are supporting me in my journey! I feel empowered and extremely confident about my whole self, including my diabetes! 

THANK YOU to all the coaches who make this change and empowerment possible! It has changed my outlook and confidence with my diabetes and I thank God for your team of caring, investing and empowering T1 coaches who have helped me in so many ways. I know I will always be learning and growing, but I am extremely blessed by what you have given me through the DCB. Thank you! 

Kyle R.
November 10, 2023

My absolute challenge prior to joining the DCB was fear of insulin, weight gain and not being able to enjoy certain foods. Restriction, restriction, restriction! This challenge made me feel depressed about life in general. Now that I’ve completed the program, I feel lighter! I realized that I am not alone and I saw that my limiting beliefs were certainly holding me back. I found that I was able to enjoy some carbs and STILL have time in range. 

The DCB truly delves into a variety of areas that directly impact the life of a Diabetic. The resources, discussions and tools given to the T1D participants enable them to think critically and get curious about their body patterns. In addition to the power of the personal connections fostered with other T1Ds, there were many things of value to the DCB program. First, being coached by T1D women who had gone through the DCB and found success is paramount. I also valued the connections made with the girls in my accountability group and was so thankful to be able to open up without any judgment. Truly, it is like having an entire family who is rooting for your success and happiness. With certainty, this program helps you to see it is possible to live a happy and full life with Diabetes.

Now that I’ve graduated from the program, I feel lighter! I realized that I am not alone and I saw that my limiting beliefs were certainly holding me back. I found that I was able to enjoy some carbs and STILL have TIR. I have also noticed improved energy, which was so wonderful). I am more optimistic for the future. There is less of a weight carried by having T1D and it is not so much at the forefront of my mind. If you are considering applying for coaching, JUST DO IT!!! This is the BEST investment you can, and will make in your health journey. There is no "perfect" time and if you wait for all conditions to be aligned beautifully, then you may waste an opportunity. 

Amy F.
July 28, 2023

Prior to the DCB, I used to struggle immensely with lunches out with coworkers and clients. I wouldn't prioritize my t1d at all and I would often wait to give my insulin after eating, which resulted in really stubborn, high numbers all afternoon that left me feeling really tired and irritable. I felt defeated, and I never took the time prior to DCB to think about what I could do differently to avoid these negative outcomes. 

I really like how the program is set up, the emphasis on mindset, the challenges and goals each week, the support and encouragement in slack. The support is 100% positive and supportive and emphasizes progress over perfection. The main goal of DCB is to equip us with the tools we need to feel confident managing our diabetes on a daily basis. No one else will do it for you. The DCB emphasizes understanding daily habits and patterns in order to have our diabetes work for us and not the other way around. Mindset work is an integral part of the DCB and not something even touched by my medical staff. 

I now have an experimental mindset, strategize more, and see it (mostly) as a fun challenge. I feel my management has improved so much and that it is sustainable. I now feel less shame with my diabetes and am more open about it with others. In addition to this, my a1c is 6.3 as of 7/20/23 compared to a 6.7 at the start of January 2023. There's no time like the present to prioritize how you feel and live with diabetes. The DCB gave me the tools and confidence to take management of my diabetes into my own hands. It has helped me see that diabetes isn't a death sentence and it IS possible to manage it well, even if diabetes is sometimes just going to "diabetes" - that is okay!! The DCB has allowed me to come to peace with my diabetes, actually get excited to try new things, and has given me such wonderful support and community that I know will continue beyond the 3 months. This program is life-changing and I wish more people could get this kind of support.

Jennifer P.
July 27, 2023

The struggle that led me to applying for coaching was my blood sugar roller coasters- extreme highs and some scary lows as I just “guesstimated” my boluses and didn’t thoughtfully consider what I was eating. I felt frustrated with the highs, scared by the lows, and overall very defeated, like having control over my #s was not something I could do. This program is taught by true “professionals” - those living with T1D successfully and addressing all aspects from physical to emotional to mental to tech. The class and coaching was compassionate and empowering in tone and comprehensive in scope! Each coach’s spirit is beautiful - so confident, encouraging, giving. The class and course material is well organized. The coaches and course material shared so much knowledge and tools that I had never heard before, or at least not in a way that impacted me enough for me to implement in my own T1D journey. I feel empowered to take better care of myself, accepting of the fact that living with T1D does require more space and time than someone without it (it can’t be in the margins) and feel worthy of prioritizing my own needs and health now. The community aspect was another invaluable part about the DCB as well, connecting with other T1D women was so powerful. 

Now that I’ve completed the program, I’m making peace with doing well enough instead of aiming for perfection or trying to solve/fix this “problem”. I am embracing “showing” my T1D and have had several connections with younger T1D’s by doing so and want to use my experience to encourage them. I.e. 6yo girl at Y, noticing my dexcom as I walked through the door - “Look, Mommy! She has one, too!”. I’ve learned predictable strategies for bolusing (calculating macros, timing of bolus, effects of proteins and fats on BG) that have significantly reduced the scary highs and lows and given me a sense of power to stabilize my BG and have more agency in my T1D management. 

This course and community have been life-changing! I have learned so much in the short-term and know I will continue to grow and thrive with T1D in the long-term thanks to the coaching and community. I have not come across anything else like DCB either in my 18 yrs as a T1D or in 20 years as a physician. I feel empowered to take better care of myself, accepting of the fact that living with T1D does require more space and time, and worthy of prioritizing my own needs and health now.

Cristiana S
April 25, 2022

Before the DCB, I viewed my blood sugars with frustration, rather than as a source of information. I always thought there was no rhyme or reason and now thanks to the DCB, I see that there is more often than not an explanation. 

I am proud of the way I explore and look at the patterns in my blood sugars after going through the DCB. I am more confident in making decisions on how to approach my blood sugars rather than feeling lost and confused, and my time in range is consistently over 70% now! My confidence related to: pre-bolusing, taking enough insulin, and panicking less with hypos has transformed. 

To anyone thinking about the DCB: Lose all your expectations of what you think you'll achieve and what you want - the DCB may help you in ways you didn't know you needed. You can't control the journey - let the DCB guide you where it needs to go! 

Nathalie G.
April 25, 2022

Prior to the DCB I was so completely overwhelmed and stressed out by my diabetes. I had no idea what to eat or how to eat. I felt like I couldn’t even manage eating a salad. I was in such a negative place.

Thanks to the DCB, I know that eating for diabetes doesn’t have to be this limiting space. I am enjoying foods again and learning my patterns with them. I’ve started eating foods I thought were off-limits and I’ve become happier and more confident in my diabetes management. I’ve lost about 10 pounds since starting the DCB - without trying. I’ve been in range 85%+ of the time since getting my CGM about a month into the DCB!  

The DCB has given me hands-on actionable steps to take to support my diabetes and showed me how to individualize these action steps so I learn to be in control of my diabetes. 

We’re taught to look for patterns and experiment within parameters to find something that might work for us. The DCB has been the complete opposite of any interactions I’ve had with doctors who have not helped customize anything to “my” diabetes. Risely’s group coaching is what you’ve been missing for your diabetes management!

Jackie K
April 25, 2022

Despite having T1D for the majority of my life, when I had bad blood sugars I would get overwhelmed and start to ignore my diabetes. After going through the DCB, I feel determined. I want to continue learning about my relationship with diabetes and patterns. Now, I view my T1D as something I can explore and something I can be fascinated by - instead of getting down on myself for a bad blood sugar, I now think “okay what can I do to change this pattern or how can I prevent this blood sugar from happening again?”

Over the last 3 months of the DCB, my A1C has gone down to 6.9% (before it was mid 7%) and I know I can continue to lower it with the resources from the coaches! This program will challenge you to face your T1D fears in the most supportive way. 

Amanda S
April 25, 2022

The DCB coaches have created such a healthy and safe community for T1Ds. Before joining group coaching, I struggled to make time for myself. After 18 years of living with T1D and working as an RN I learned so much in the DCB that the health care system doesn't teach us.

The education offered is tangible and having access continued educational support is so great. I have learned so much in DCB - not only about diabetes but about myself too. I'm consistently 70% TIR or higher each day. I feel more confident in my ability to manage my diabetes and respond accordingly with knowing the impacts of stress, hormones, activity, food, etc.

I'm so excited to continue to apply these practices to my life and see where life takes me. Thank you for offering me light at the end of a dark tunnel that I was in. I am forever grateful.

Rachel Y
December 20, 2021

Before joining the DCB I struggled to figure out the underlying problem to whatever my blood sugar was doing. Was it high because of what I ate? My basal? Insulin pump issue? Was it low because I hadn't eaten in a while? Too much insulin? Too much movement? This challenge definitely made me feel overwhelmed. There are so many reasons your blood sugar might do something "out of range" and I really just didn't understand it all.

Once I joined DCB, I learned all about the different ways everything in life can affect your blood sugar, and ways I can use that knowledge to be successful with diabetes.  I feel so much more aware and capable of handling problems as they arise. I am more confident in taking insulin when I need to for whatever it is I'm about to eat or do.

Overall, group coaching goes more in-depth than anywhere else. Whether you're talking with a coach or other attendees, you have a great group of people to learn from and grow with.

Adia C
December 20, 2021

As a newly diagnosed type one diabetic, I struggled letting go of fears. This left me feeling sad and scared prior to group coaching. 

Now, my time in range has improved by 20%, and I am more accepting of my diagnosis. I feel more empowered to be curious with T1. I know that I released my fears and gained so much knowledge. I feel that I am stronger in bolusing for certain foods and more importantly I am stronger in believing in myself. I have let go of fears and now approach diabetes from a place of curiosity and the belief that I can live a long, happy and fulfilling life! 

Erin M
December 20, 2021

I was still so newly diagnosed that I didn't really know what having diabetes meant. I had to manage my new normal with grad school and living alone. I felt so alone and lost about what I was doing when it came to diabetes. I was worried about how my new social life was going to be. 

I realized that I'm not the only person in the world with diabetes and that everything I was feeling, others felt it too. I am not alone in my diabetes management at all. I have such a great support system and people that I can ask questions to and share my wins with – like increasing my time in range to 92%! 

I am so much more confident that I got this and my life is going to be not just "fine" but "fantastic". I feel so much more comfortable knowing that I can still go out with my friends and have a social life without my diabetes getting in the way.

Amy K
December 20, 2021

​​Before group coaching, I felt stuck in my diabetes management, I felt the need to hide. I also struggled with my relationship to food, and mindset around diabetes and food. I felt like I could never move the needle on increasing my time in range or decreasing my A1C. 

I am more confident now and really enjoying things in life, outside diabetes, that I haven't done because I was so overwhelmed. Before, I would be very scared of hypos and have snacks and extra things just in case. After learning techniques and tools in group coaching, I now have confidence in numbers – so no more unnecessary snacks! As a result, I’ve improved my time in range by 10%! The coaches’ choice of language was amazing and definitely made a difference. I really felt like the program was designed by someone who has been where I am and not like a doctor who only looks at numbers.

My energy and mindset improvements have changed my life with diabetes.

Meghan K
April 1, 2021

Prior to joining the DCB, I was stuck in a negative mindset around my diabetes. I would get so angry and my whole day would get ruined because of a 280 blood sugar at 7:30am on a Thursday. My thought process around my diabetes management was based on negativity, and what I felt I was doing wrong.

The sheer mental “weight” that was lifted off my body after joining the DCB is literally priceless. I cannot explain how much lighter I felt after each call. Also, my time in range increased from an average of 30% to more than 50%! Lauren and the DCB coaches fill in the gaps, the missing information that is literally never spoken of or given to us at diagnosis. They all have the T1D experience and can relay that along with the coaching methods to us.

To anyone joining: For the next 12 weeks absorb each and every piece of information available to you because it will change your life!

Sara T
April 1, 2021

Coming into the DCB, I was overwhelmed with feeling exhausted, tired, and out of control. It felt like I had tried everything and wasn't getting the results I wanted.

During the DCB I underwent a lot of different changes, emotionally and with my numbers. My A1C dropped from 7.4 to 6.8, my time in range increased from 55% to 78%, and I have less rollercoaster numbers on a daily basis. What I loved about the DCB was that you can take what you learn and there is no pressure to make immediate changes by the end of three months. This will take time to get to where you want! It is a commitment but the education you receive you will have for life and will continue to work on.

Leaving the DCB, I am ready to apply the education I have been given to develop new healthy routines for life!

Sarah W
April 1, 2021

As a newly diagnosed T1D, I was so focused on my numbers that seeing an out of range blood sugar left me feeling defeated and and like I was doing something "wrong." My diabetes was closely connected to how I felt and judged myself.

My biggest shift in the DCB was with forgiveness, and giving myself grace when I miscalculate insulin or carbs. I take more deep breaths and spend more time being mindful as well.

I’m now feeling like I can do anything with the right tools. Diabetes won't stop me and I have so many amazing women cheering me on! My A1c went from a 6.7 to 6.3 and feeling far more confident in my ability to manage new and foreign scenarios. I now see Type 1 Diabetes as something that can both brings positives to my life as well as challenges. I view diabetes as a part of me vs something that is wrong with me, and I know that I have the tools to take a on full life with diabetes in tow. It's worth it to invest in your health and well being, we only have one life and this course could be the key to living it in an empowered and confident way

Erika D
April 1, 2021

Being diagnosed as an adult left me with very few resources and a plethora of questions. I had nowhere to turn or look for information, advice, or support. I felt so isolated, and pigeon held to my doctor's numbers, and data and those numbers became my priority because it was all I knew.

The DCB gave me those people connections I longed for and let me know that my problems, fears, and challenges were all relative and not just my own. The DCB focused on topics that everyone really faces like being in social situations and hormones and presented different strategies to face each situation. This was game-changing for me!

After going through the DCB, I have grown more comfortable managing my diabetes and making changes based on my patterns, trends, needs, and feelings without a doctor, and my time in range has increased significantly! I never thought I could be in range for 90%+. I did it for a few days! Seeing 98% was a shock to me!

The coaches know that diabetes is not a one size fits all approach that doctors don't always recognize. This program truly focuses on showing you how to live your best life with diabetes.

Erin S
April 1, 2021

Going into the DCB, I struggled with acceptance. I felt disempowered, and alone without a supportive community of women like me. Now, thanks to the DCB, I found a community that supported me and understood my challenges.

A lightbulb moment for me was learning about how my hormones affect my readings! I have a better understanding of how to work with diabetes rather than working against it. I always had so much hate for it but I feel like I am learning acceptance and that it won't always be perfect (like my expectations for it always are).

The DCB gave me more confidence in myself and my relationship with diabetes, so I can understand my patterns and how to better approach changes to basal and bolus rates. I am also learning to be more patient with myself and my diabetes - I have not rage bolused in a really long time!!

I always felt so alone in this diabetes game but I know all the struggles I have are the same ones that others with T1D are experiencing. I know I can manage T1D and that I have all the tools I need to troubleshoot any roadblocks I may face moving forward.

Molly B
April 1, 2021

My biggest challenge prior to joining the DCB was continuing to manage my diabetes while navigating motherhood. My body experienced many hormonal changes and I lost sight of what I was supposed to be doing to keep my diabetes in check. I struggled with roller coaster blood sugars, forgetting to bolus before meals, not accurately counting carbs, and putting diabetes on the back burner. I realized in order to continue being a good Mama, I had to make sure I was prioritizing my own health first.

Over the last 3 months in the DCB, I lowered my A1C from 7.0 to 6.4 and increased time in range by 10%! Beyond those results, I value the opportunity to prioritize myself and learn from all of the wonderful coaches and DCB members. I love that the resources will be available to me in the future and I know that what I have learned will stick with me forever. This program is a lifelong resource, and is one of the greatest investments that I could have made for my life, my health and my future.

I am feeling JOYFUL + GRATEFUL leaving the DCB! I feel like I'm on the right path. I have seen growth and progress which makes me feel motivated to keep going. I feel happy and supported knowing that I have formed new friendships in the T1D community.

Christa H
April 1, 2021

Prior to joining the DCB+ program, I struggled with my diabetes management, relationship with food, and self confidence. After 50 years with T1D, I was often going low after meals and then rebounding high, and feeling frustrated with this cycle. Now I know how to accurately bolus for meals and I eat slowly, enjoy new foods, and appreciate the taste of my meals. I’ve lost weight and gained presence. I can enjoy the company I am with because I’m not so distracted by the food or my blood sugars.

My time in range has increased to 98% over the last three months, and I was able to walk the beach on vacation without bottoming out because I now know how to effectively use a temporary basal for management! Leaving the DCB, I am extremely confident I can manage my T1D myself, and can dedicate space and time to my relationships again, without T1D holding me back!

Erica Z
April 1, 2021

Before the DCB, I felt unstable. I never had someone give me strategies to look at my diabetes holistically, and no idea how much my mindset impacted my diabetes management.

Through the DCB, I have worked on so many hurdles that I thought were impossible to work through, like my fear of low blood sugars. It was so helpful to have a team of coaches to ask my questions to and fully trust their answers. My time in range has increased and my ability to feel comfortable sitting at lower numbers has been huge for that. I have become better at bolusing while out at a restaurant too to minimize the time out of range and am able to get back on track with my blood sugars, healthy habits and mindset way faster than I used to.

I overall feel so much happier and healthier. I feel more secure in my diabetes control and in my decision making process. In turn, I am patient with my body when it is trending higher or lower now and am less reactive when I see it raising or dropping quickly. I will be forever grateful to Lauren and the coaching team. They have changed and extended my life. I am so much happier, healthier and at peace with my diabetes. You won't regret joining the DCB!

Shannon K
April 1, 2021

Before the DCB, I lived in fear of T1D. For 25 years, I felt fearful of insulin, change, and my future with diabetes.

Since joining the DCB, I have gained independence, realizing I can do things on my own and then actually doing them on my own, like switching from MDI to the Omnipod! I feel secure in the fact that I can trust myself and my decisions with diabetes. Lauren’s program has shown me that I can trust myself and love myself, get better and do better. Happiness is a big win for me. I have not been happy since I was diagnosed and thanks to the DCB, I feel happy overall now :)

The way I view diabetes has shifted: I look at it in a way that makes me stronger. I am so grateful and will be forever grateful to this program for changing my life, truly. This positive, non-judgmental, holistic approach shifted my body, mind & spirit as well as insulin sensitivity in such a profound way that I could have never imagined would have happened. I am now positive about my diabetes, which continues to translate into all other aspects of my life.

Maria F
April 1, 2021

Prior to joining the DCB I struggled to commit to a lifestyle that supported me personally and my needs as a diabetic. Every thing I tried felt like a burden. I was never happy making changes so I never sustained them.

The DCB gave me the practical knowledge to confidently manage diabetes between appointments. I understand how hormones, diet changes, and different exercise regimens affect my blood sugars not just in the moment but over the course of a day and how they ultimately affect my A1C, time in range, and standard deviation.

Thanks to the DCB, my A1C lowered from 6.8 to 6.0, my time in range increased from 65-70% to 75-80%, and my doctor thinks I am healthy and ready to get pregnant!I feel great about the investment I made to have access to such great coaching. I feel healthier and happier than I have in a long time. I feel prepared, confident, and excited to keep moving forward!

Katie H.
January 1, 2021

The DCB gave me the tools to feel empowered, make changes that helped me get my numbers under better control, as well as helped me shift my mindset to be more curious than critical. The DCB also gave me a support system to help troubleshoot issues. The calls were informative, helpful and the sequencing all made sense to me.

My biggest challenge going in was committing to behaviors that ultimately helped me lower my A1C and get a better understanding of my diabetes. I have not had an A1C below 7 since I was in high school and have wanted to get it back to below 7 since I graduated from college in 2013. Not only is it below 7 but it's 6.2! I've lost 10 pounds since the start of the DCB, I'm confident in changing my own Omnipod settings, and my time in range increased by about 30%!

Beyond the numbers and quantitative data, there was an entire community supporting me, accountability through our accountability groups and the Slack channel, a place to ask questions of people going through the exact same thing, and a vault of knowledge with everyone in the DCB. Thanks to these resources and relationships I view diabetes as something that I can take control of and feel much less overwhelmed.

This is the best investment that you could make in yourself to better understand your diabetes and to empower you.

Jasmine H
January 1, 2021

I was hesitant about jumping into something new, but the DCB was exactly what I needed. The DCB has given me a community of knowledgeable coaches and supportive, empowered women. Working with Lauren and Jess has replaced my feelings of isolation and disempowerment with confidence and courage. Before the DCB, I felt disempowered and isolated. I lacked confidence in my basal rates and carb ratios, and felt like I needed to hide my diabetes.

After the DCB, my emotional relationship with diabetes has improved so much. Over the 3 months I worked on facing my fears related to T1D. I learned to properly manage and tweak my ratios and doses to increase my time in range to 77%! Lows are no longer the end of the world, and I've stopped the “rage bolus” when my BG is high.  

The support and guidance from the coaches and the other women in the DCB group allowed me to form connections and gain the confidence to show up for myself and manage the everyday workings of T1D. I feel part of a world of empowered T1D women. To anyone unsure about joining - like anything you're hesitant about but you know will be good for you...'just do it.'!

Nathalie H
January 1, 2021

Prior to the DCB, I often felt shame and guilt that I couldn’t manage T1D on my own. Through the course I understood that it was essential to reach out if I needed to and the support from Lauren, Jess, and the community was necessary to get where I want to be. I used to feel completely overwhelmed and down about the fact that I had to struggle through life with this illness. I knew I/the diabetes was harming my body and felt powerless.

Now, I am a completely different person to when I started. I feel peace, acceptance, clear minded, healthy and most of all HAPPINESS! I now feel I am in control, diabetes isn’t my enemy but it is part of me and we are a team. Life seems so much more beautiful now and exciting. I’m not longer afraid of my body and numbers.

Lauren and Jess go further than just numbers. They teach us to look at T1D in a whole different way and learn about ALL factors that influence our BG. My mindset, energy, motivation, happiness and results have never been better in my almost 11 years of living with diabetes. The DCB gives you the tools to move forward at your own pace, and see what works FOR YOU in realistic everyday life.

To someone thinking about signing up: Let go of all expectations of what you think it will be. Be open minded, and go with the flow! You are making the best decision and investment of your life

Grier C.
January 1, 2021

I used to think that diabetes was what it was - you go high you go low and that's it. This led to to feel frustrated and out of control, with my biggest challenge being controlling my blood sugars throughout the day. They were all over the place and I was not managing or even considering my patterns - I was just winging it.

Now, thanks to the DCB, I know that I have the power to better control these situations! I am also not as afraid of lows and less reactive!! The tools provided in the DCB brought me to further understand my morning bolus, food and fitness routines, and adjusting to my boluses to combat lows! I'm more stable in the areas that were very hard for me - overnight and mornings. I am better at my lunchtime bolus too. It's not perfect but I have a much stronger handle on these areas and know that I have the knowledge to make changes as I see fit!

Beyond the technical aspects, I became much more confident and realized the importance of making time for my diabetes. I began opening up about my diabetes and talking about the needs and challenges with my loved ones. Admitting that I needed help and making time to invest in my diabetes was a huge thing for me. Now that I am on the other side of the DCB, I wish I had done it sooner. Thank you Lauren and Jess for the guidance and information and for creating such a great community and giving us all a chance to be our best selves!

Corrie W.
January 1, 2021

I used to feel frustrated and overwhelmed with diabetes. I struggled with communicating how much my diabetes was affecting my day to day being.

Thanks to the DCB, I experienced so much growth during the 3 months. I’m able to use curiosity vs judgment when things happen instead of getting upset or mad. I’m able to allow my diabetes freedom to diabetes and to not be compared to others journeys. This opportunity changed my life in more ways than I knew! I came into with very blood sugar related goals, and while I made improvements in those areas - decreased A1C AND time in range! - the biggest change for me was mentally.

The sense of empowerment I left the program with gives me the confidence to use my diabetes tools and be self-sufficient moving forward. The DCB gave me knowledge that I didn’t have and the support I didn’t know I needed. Instead of telling me what to do, Lauren and Jess pushed me to think about my options and try them out. The level of support from the coaches and the community that you get from everyone involved makes this program truly special!

Hollie C
January 1, 2021

Prior to the DCB, I thought I had all the knowledge about T1D I could possibly have after living with it for 36 years. I thought I was just failing and letting diabetes win. I was wrong. I was the poster child for "I have diabetes. It doesn't have me..." but I was simply in reactive mode instead of being proactive.Aside from lowering my A1c from a 7.4 to a 6.7, I have never felt so empowered and confident and in control of my body and how I am feeling. I am no longer exhausted from being on a rollercoaster and losing sleep from constant alarms and am able to think more clearly with no brain fog! T1D is not methodical or textbook, although some/most doctors have made it feel and appear that way. My mindset has shifted to ascertain that diabetes management is more about the relationship you have with yourself and your body and your own mindset about being proactive vs reactive with diabetes. I feel at peace. I feel good. I AM HAPPY. I'm so proud of the work that I did to become this person I am today! My heart is grateful for this experience and my life will forever be changed. Simply thankful.

Kim D
January 1, 2021

Before joining the DCB, I felt out of control. Despite having diabetes for the last 20 years, I didn't have a strong understanding of my personal patterns and trends.

I left the DCB understanding my personal trends and increased time in range by 20%!! The coaches cultivated a space for me to be me and not try and pigeon hole myself into what others are doing. As part of a group going through the same process together, the women get a lot of strength from each other, while gaining self-actualization through understanding ourselves and our bodies. The coaches incorporated space for self reflection. I focused in on where my diabetes had been, where it was going, and where I wanted it to be. I learned to look inside myself during challenging times, and have a better understanding of how facts apply to my diabetes management and body. The DCB puts the work on you which leads to empowerment and accountability.

I really appreciate how the coaches made it education-focused toward the beginning and more communal and reflective toward the end. It created a full circle moment.

Jacqui T
January 1, 2021

Prior to the DCB, I did not trust myself... both with my diabetes and personally. I was defined by a number and my life revolved around what those numbers were. Because of this mindset, I was constantly dissatisfied and feeling like a failure, which led to a lot of negative self talk around my diabetes.

Now I feel calm, content, inspired, at peace, excited... I am thrilled with my progress. When I made my three month goals, I was very calculated and specific- lowered A1c, increase time in range etc. While my A1c went from a 7.8 to a 7.0, what I didn't realize is how much I needed to unpack some of the pent up feelings, that I didn't know I had, around my diabetes and my diagnosis 12 years ago!  I am so proud to say that I built trust with myself and my patterns. I am curious about out of range numbers. I am looking forward to using what we learned over the last three months for the rest of my life.

As someone who was on the fence because monetarily speaking, "it wasn't the right time". It is never the right time. It is absolutely worth it. You are investing in your health and your future. The information you learn in the 3 month program allows you to implement changes over your lifetime. It is worth every penny and more.

Heather B
January 1, 2021

Coming into the DCB, I felt helpless, and managing diabetes felt like a heavy, stressful task. I did not know how to manage diabetes for ME, and was doing the bare minimum to get by each day. Now I am empowered, and knowledgeable enough to know I can make my numbers do what I want (at least 80% of the time, I'll ride the wave when the other 20% comes along). This knowledge led to a 25% increase in my time in range, and a change - 8.0 to 6.4 - in my A1c.

The holistic approach of the DCB teaches that everything in your life that can affect your diabetes, instead of just food and your period. This education was invaluable in taking control and gaining knowledge about how diabetes affects me and my body. The peacefulness I have, feeling connected to my diabetes and people who do the same thing, and face the same problems I do, created a sense of community and support. Lauren and Jess were relatable, available, and knowledgeable. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart (and pancreas!).

I will never forget what you ladies have given me. You've given me my life back, I won't ever be able to repay or thank you enough for that.

Brittany R
January 1, 2021

Before, I really resented my diabetes. Being age 26 when diagnosed, I spent a lot of time missing my life prior to T1D. I wasn't making my diabetes a priority in my life, and felt ashamed of myself for not doing what I knew I needed to do, and for how out-of-control I had let my numbers get.

The past 3 months of the DCB, I focused on making myself and my T1D a priority - I learned that I am a priority, and I am worth taking care of. I felt supported by the DCB community, and empowered to make the changes. My mindset shifted, and my T1D improved on so many levels: A1C dropped from 14.3 to 9.8 today!! Time In Range was 21% prior to the DCB and 47% now!! Not only have I seen changes in my numbers, but I have increased confidence in myself and my ability to be curious/try new things, instead of striving for perfection.

Thanks to the DCB coaches, I have a better understanding of myself and my T1D, and I don't feel like my diabetes is a burden. My diabetes isn't going away, but I'm happy to keep making improvements in my health and showing others that my T1D isn't going to hold me back from anything! Accepting my T1D and learning how and why I need to prioritize myself and my T1D has been huge for me. I am so much more confident, and I'm so proud to be even closer to the person with T1D that I want to be.

Coco K
January 1, 2021

Starting the DCB as a newly diagnosed T1D, I was bogged down just feeling so overwhelmed and in chaos managing diabetes minute by minute. After the 3 months, I’m finding the answers within myself based on what we learn from Lauren and Jess, and feel confident to confront challenges they arise.

The DCB takes you to a level of understanding of your own personal patterns that is sustainable for long term management, trusting your body, and not relying on the 4 time a year meeting with an endocrinologist. With a mindset-focus, Lauren and Jess go beyond numbers, A1cs, the “textbook” answers and care we often receive as T1Ds. Switching from the “why” of diabetes to the “what” response to blood sugar events shifted my knowledge to understanding basal rates, correction factors, I:C ratios; daily routines to recognize patterns and accept diabetes into daily life, wellness, and self-care. I allow and accept T1D as a part of my day-to-day and focus on other parts of my life, my vision thanks to the work I put in to the DCB.

Gianna J
January 1, 2021

My biggest challenge prior to joining the DCB was feeling like I was chasing my BGs on a rollercoaster. Having diabetes for almost my entire life (27 years!) I felt like I spent my days reacting to my blood sugar levels, either with insulin or emotions.  

The way the DCB approaches diabetes mindset sets it apart from other programs. The education on nutrition, hormones and exercise, as well as access to the coaches to help problem solve patterns helped me manage my emotional connection to my diabetes as well. Gaining the knowledge and tools to increase predictability with my BGs. I went from rollercoaster BGs to rolling hills, and reduced my lows from 16.9% to 10%! Changing my mindset around my BG levels shifted my reflection of my self worth, so now I'm seeing myself as worthy despite my BG reading and not letting an out of range number derail my day.

Even though the program only lasts 12 weeks, it doesn't stop there. You will take every bit of knowledge and carry it with you throughout your lifetime journey with T1D!

Annie E
January 1, 2021

Before the DCB, I was going through feeling burnt out with T1D. I felt tired from the fact that there's no breaks from diabetes management. I was stuck feeling frustrated with myself and my diabetes. Through the DCB, I got in the habit of regular diabetes management practices and put less pressure on myself to have “perfect control.” Now, I feel I am in control of my diabetes, not the other way around. I am starting to see it as a superpower!

Now I am starting to feel grateful for how health-conscious T1D has helped me become. I’ve gained clarity in identifying what my fears are, and how to change my thought patterns about T1D and my management. I have found my confidence bolusing around exercise and around treating lows without over treating! I am really proud that I dug for the roots of multiple fears and mindsets, I finally feel capable, and I made some "diabuddies."

Lauren H
January 1, 2021

Prior to the DCB, I felt limited in the control and management of my T1D. I truly felt as though I lacked the knowledge and understanding necessary to make independent changes to my pump settings. This inevitably led to an unhealthy reliance upon my endocrinologist and confusion and shame when adjustments were not successful.

The DCB is different from other doctors/programs/trainers in so many beautiful ways. First and foremost, the DCB is built on a foundation that cultivates personal growth and development through the shared experiences and support of others living with the ups and downs of type 1 diabetes. This community of women has given me so much peace and motivation. I've never felt so wholly understood and it has given me more comfort than I could have ever imagined. The DCB also educates from a nonjudgmental perspective that incorporates years of personal experiences with collaborative methods for managing challenging obstacles well-known to the T1D community. With confidence, I can say that I have learned more about how to effectively manage my diabetes over the course of this 3 month program than I learned collectively over the 12 years since my initial diagnosis. Most of all, the DCB has empowered me to take control of my health and wellness. I now possess the ability to effect positive change on my own. With greater knowledge and understanding of the factors that influence my blood glucose levels, I finally feel confidence in taking a more active role in my diabetes management.

I would encourage anyone who is preparing to start the DCB to be unapologetic in making themselves a priority. From start to finish, it is up to you as the participant to make the most of every moment and all of the content shared. The resources, support, and guidance provided by the DCB team only work if you do so don't feel guilty about prioritizing yourself and your needs throughout this journey to becoming a better you!

Nikki A.
January 1, 2021

Before joining the DCB, I felt like I could never find patterns to try and adjust for better glucose control. Having diabetes for 40+ years, I never felt like I struck a good balance between life and T1D. My outlook on my diabetes was negative, and often left me filled with guilt. Now, thanks to the DCB, I have tools, have found patterns, adjusted, and seen results. I have learned to give myself grace, set boundaries, have needed conversations, and implement routines. From the combination of the technical and mental, I was able to increase my time in rage by 14% and decrease my A1c from 8.4 to 7.1 - while increasing my positive outlook towards myself and my diabetes.

My takeaways from the DCB are increased, community, understanding, and support. There is an instant connection because it is led by other T1D women that can truly understand what living with diabetes daily is like. There is so much other focus than “numbers” which is all related, but I’ve never had anyone guide me to look into the mental side of things, and Lauren and Jess completely changed my outlook towards myself and my diabetes.

To anyone thinking about joining - Go all the way in! There is a sisterhood waiting to support you and watch you win!

Sherri R.
January 1, 2021

I've always kept my diabetes and struggles with it incredibly private and almost as an after thought for myself. Because of this, I found my A1C just kept climbing and climbing up, leaving me frustrated with myself and my diabetes. Doing the DCB, I recognized that I absolutely needed to do this. Having the knowledge and practice now to break things down more when I'm not meeting my goals, has changed my outlook on diabetes management. I challenged myself to switch from shots to an Omnipod pump during the program and increased my time in range by 30%! I’m not done achieving my goals yet, but I'm improving, slowing down, taking control, and approaching with curiosity rather than frustration (well, most of the time). I am leaving the DCB feeling hopeful that I will stay this course and continue to come closer to my goals.

Lauren P.
January 1, 2021

Before joining the DCB, I didn't see the value in a community of support for my diabetes. I wasn't seeing how diabetes could positively influence my life. The DCB pushed me to open up to the world about diabetes, work productively with my pain points, and accept that diabetes has made me a better person. The information Lauren and Jess provide, left me confident hat I can manage whatever comes to me with strength.

Joining the DCB was a big step for me in asking for support. I was able to switch from MDI to the Omnipod pump during the program, and increased my time in range from 40% to 60%!! The combination of the physical and emotional shifts is what set the DCB apart from other programs. Leaving the DCB, I feel encouraged and excited for the next phase of my life.

Paige R
January 1, 2021

At the start, diabetes made me feel like I couldn't actually change anything and that I would just have to deal with the rollercoaster of numbers for the rest of my life. The DCB is a fully different approach that isn't just focused on the numbers. It teaches you how to look at diabetes through a different lens - a lens that is more kind to yourself, more understanding.

The coaches are great at recognizing everyone succeeds at different paces, but that you will find a win at the end. You don't have to get everything done within 3 months time, because diabetes isn't going anywhere. Forward is a pace :)Three goals I’ve achieved during the DCB are: AN A1C OF 6.7!!, Better understanding of what is happening to my blood sugars and WHY, and feeling like this disease isn't the only thing that defines me, but it's important to take care of myself. Although there are still days of frustration, I no longer view it as a burden. Now that I have a better understanding, I'm more of accepting of the curveballs it throws my way.

I would say that it is an investment, but one that will benefit you forever. Knowing that these resources are there for me to use whenever I need them outside of the course puts me at ease.

Jaida S
January 1, 2021

Before the DCB, my biggest challenge was that T1D felt like such a burden that I would essentially ignore it and avoid thinking about it to the point where I wouldn’t wear my CGM or check my blood sugars or count carbs or do any of the basic necessary things to take care of myself. I had no idea how to help myself or where to even start because there were so many things I wanted to do to improve my health but I found it so overwhelming to even think about.

The DCB helped me to actually start somewhere and to take steps in the right direction. Now I feel more equipped than I ever have to take care of my T1d and to reach my personal goals. The DCB coaches focus on personalizing T1D control and considering all aspects of lifestyle that affect it, including mental and emotional factors that other doctors don’t traditionally address. Lauren and Jess also spend much more time really paying attention to patterns and eliminating external variables in order to make the most accurate changes possible.

Now, I am empowered to make my own decisions and not rely on someone else to make changes for me. I view diabetes now as an opportunity to better myself and work on improving my health and a motivator to push me to my goals and the vision I see for myself moving forward!

Andrea N
January 1, 2021

A challenge I faced prior to the DCB was not testing and going 'off of feeling'. I understood what my body was saying but allowed excuses to take over; not taking enough insulin or none at all, not creating a healthy routine for day to day, and realized I was burning out. The biggest wakeup call for me was one morning where I 'felt' low, did a test and saw I was 17.5mmol/dl; I realized I was confusing my body & headed down a dangerous path.

My view shifted when I realized that in order to pursue my long term goals, I needed to take responsibility and be proactive with my diabetes journey- the DCB was my answer! With the help of Lauren and Jess, I was able to understand what I needed and what my body was screaming at me to do. The DCB was the source that provided me the knowledge and means to understand my foundation of diabetes, and that it effects all diabetics differently. Letting go of that judgement, and finding a community of T1D women changed my view on my personal journey with diabetes.

Taking a step in a new direction is nerve wracking, investing in a program is overwhelming. It is worth investing in your health so you are here, present and healthy for our future. The DCB will allow you to gain more strength in your life that will last forever.

Caitlin L.
January 1, 2021

Before the DCB, I felt exhausted. Taking care of T1D seemed like such a daunting task that is impossible to figure out. I would wake up 3 times in a night with tanking blood sugars then overcorrect and spike high again. It was affecting my mood, my daily blood sugars and my anxiety. Even with pump and CGM technology, I still wasn't able to get a handle on overnight management.  

During the DCB, I eliminated ALL over night lows (and the following overcorrecting spikes with my diabetes), gained a greater understanding on how all food is not created equal and how to effectively handle it with insulin and other activities to increase sensitivity so boluses are working better, and my A1C went from a "unhealthy" 5.6 to a more controlled 5.9. I am proud that I took the time to prioritize myself and what I need for my diabetes. I had a mindset shift from putting myself on the back burner to truly honoring myself & put myself on track to be the best person I can be.Instead of relating blood sugar to solely food and bolusing, the DCB takes such a holistic view on how everyday life affects not just numbers, but quality of life. Stress has just as much impact on my blood sugar as a slice of bread and this program has taught me methods to help look beyond food to fully grasp my diabetes.

Callie P.
January 1, 2021

Being diagnosed less than 1 year before joining the DCB, I had fears of getting back into "normal" activities like working out or going out to eat. This made me feel restricted by diabetes, and I knew I needed to gain back my confidence.

In the DCB, Lauren and Jess explained things in a way that was so relatable and easy to comprehend. It wasn't all numbers and medical terms that didn't even make sense to me yet! Instead of just giving us answers with no explanation, in many situations Lauren and Jess empowered us to find them ourselves. I’ve gained confidence in making adjustments on my own, allowing me to do more of the things that I thought diabetes would prevent me from doing, AND increased my TIR to 91%!!!

Thanks to the DCB, each day I feel like I have more control than the last. The DCB will shine a whole new light on how you look at diabetes management. If you are ready to make a change then it is worth it!

Carlin S.
January 1, 2021

One thing I struggled with before enrolling in the DCB was feeling mentally and emotionally down when my blood sugars did not perform as expected. After 27 years with T1D, this left me feeling exhausted and terribly frustrated all the time, like it wasn't even worth trying anymore.

Though my work in the DCB, my mindset has changed to being able to relax and look at "outlier" situations as information, and not a judgement of my past decisions. From this, my time in range has improved, and I have a much better understanding of my standard deviation, and navigate through my pump with confidence.

The POSITIVITY of the coaches is incredible. Lauren and Jess are positive, proactive, and professional with the ability to recognize potential distracting situations and guide meetings for optimal education/learning time! Starting and completing the DCB felt like a big weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that I had the resources and knowledge through this program to do, be, and feel better.

Barbara M
January 1, 2021

Going into the DCB, exercise was always a challenge to figure out types of exercise and how to handle it without going low. My sugars were always on a rollercoaster ride, which led me to stop doing any activity because of lows and highs. After living with T1D for 40 years, I really wanted to increase my self development work to care for my spirit, my mind, my emotional health.

The DCB has given me empowerment and confidence! The past 3 months have been spend building on knowledge brick by brick to gain confidence in my ability to live life feeling in control of my blood sugars no matter what activity I do or food I eat! The coaches provided tools, ideas, and techniques that can be used for a lifetime!

Coming out of the DCB, I feel empowered and confident in making choices with my diabetes management. It feels like new light coming into my life with so much knowledge and renewed hope for my health.

Joanna S
January 1, 2021

Before the DCB, my numbers were all over the place and I had just gotten complacent with managing my diabetes. I felt limited by diabetes, and wanted to take control back!

During the DCB, my motivation to change increased drastically! Lauren and Jess did such a great job creating each of the lectures and videos, resources, and establishing community. The holistic approach of the DCB makes it unique from anything I got through traditional doctor's visit over the course of my life with diabetes.

Now, I feel good, and I’m taking what I’ve learned here and continuing to apply it now that the program is over. The time and effort you put into the DCB makes it a fantastic resource and community to be a lasting part of!

Saadvhi K.
January 1, 2021

Coming into the DCB, I really struggled with self love: to know that I matter to me. Diabetes care was not a priority to me, and I didn't see the connection between diabetes and self care.

After the DCB, I feel like diabetes is a part of me but not everything about me. I am empowered to be in control of my diabetes - with better fine tuning of my dosages, more understanding of how and what I can do with my nutrition and also how important a morning routine is. I thank the DCB each day for helping me decide how I choose to show up for me! This sets the tone for how I manage my diabetes, pre blousing - everything!

Rather than focusing on the goals and micro numbers, I think about what I hold closer to my vision, letting that vision drive my actions towards my goals. I no longer meet high blood sugars or tough diabetes moments with anger and upset, I have started meeting them with curiosity and TLC. All together this program has allowed me to be reintroduced to myself, with respect and love. I have really learnt that that I am right where I need to be.I was on this journey alongside a group of powerful T1 women showing up to ensure they were a priority for themselves and it inspired me.

Amanda R
January 1, 2021

Before the DCB, I was hiding behind blanket statements like "I can't lose weight cause my diabetes," or "I can't eat before a workout because it will make me too high and then drop." I was reactive to my diabetes, which led to the exhausting challenge of chasing high or low blood sugars whenever I ate. I was emotionally drained and frustrated after 20 years with diabetes.

After joining the DCB, I learned so much more about insulin sensitivity, I:C ratios, hormones, relationship with exercise. The DCB gave me tools and resources that have helped me lower my A1C from 7.2 to a 6.4 while increasing my confidence around exercise and food!! Beyond the numbers, I have learned that diabetes can be the tool that helps you learn more about yourself and not necessarily something that will hold you back in life.

Thanks to the DCB, for the first time in my life I have felt empowered to pay attention to MY diabetes and how MY body responds to things.

Cori Frey
September 1, 2020

Before speaking with Lauren and deciding to start the program I had been following her for months, but was finding myself on an extreme yoyo when it came to my life with t1d. I felt as though I had to be very restrictive in order to get the blood sugar numbers I was looking for. However, by being restrictive I would send myself into a cycle of then wanting something "sweet" or high in carbs, but would just binge on them for a few weeks before deciding it was time to restrict myself again. This was becoming a very stressful & demanding life that was sucking the life out of me.

Once speaking with Lauren and deciding that this just would be the program to help me overcome some of these issues I decided it was time to jump in and get started. I quickly learned that restricting myself to the point that I was not "enjoying" certain things in my life was not how I had to live. Instead I can eat that doughnut in the moment that I want to, but simply now I sit down and truly "enjoy" it. I don't guilt myself afterwards for eating it and know that I can do other things to offset it. Such as going for a walk or cleaning my house etc. The tools that I received from this program are going to affect my life for many years to come and I am so thankful that I had this opportunity.

Catherine Jones
September 1, 2020

The D+C bootcamp really helped me gain a lot of knowledge about my diabetes and helped me feel secure with it. Before I joined I thought that diabetes controlled me and now I can say that I have the tools and strategies to control it.There are days were diabetes is difficult, I'm not going to lie, but the tools that I have learned from this program help me put my reality in check and realize that one high blood sugar once in a while isn't going to affect my health in the long run. I've also gained a love for exercise by the end of the bootcamp, I am more motivated to work out and I have been seeing improvements in my strength in weight. Since I joined I've lost 5 pounds.The biggest factor for me was lowering my A1C and average blood sugar. I started the program with an A1C of 9.9 and now it's near 6.7 which is crazy! Thank you for all of your help I really appreciate it.

Taylor Cummins
September 1, 2020

When I reached out to Lauren, I was 10 months post-diagnosis. At that point, I felt so defeated by so many aspects of diabetes. I had lost my ability to confidently enjoy working out, limited myself to very little carbs, and had growing diabetes anxiety and stress. During my very first call with Lauren, I felt so much positivity and support. I truly felt understood. I cannot overemphasize how impactful the Decide and conquer bootcamp has been in my life. This was easily the best investment I’ve made.

Lauren’s program gave me tools that no doctor or educator had been able to. Within the first eight weeks, I was able to lower my a1c from 6.6 to 6.1. I’m now successfully eating foods I hadn’t attempted in a year. I’m exercising 3-4x a week and staying in range! Having all of these new tools in my diabetes arsenal has given me back an aspect of my life- the ability to be really present. I can now enjoy quality time with loved ones without constantly worrying about my blood sugars. Lauren’s coaching has given me the confidence to continue to grow in my relationship with myself and diabetes. I’m so incredibly grateful that I found this program when I did. It is honestly life changing.

Kelsey Siegs
September 1, 2020

D+C Bootcamp has helped my approach diabetes in a new way. I feel equipped and confident in my management. Prioritizing myself, taking time for reflection, realizing what serves me and having patience have helped me so much during this time. The dynamic of group calls, daily online chatter and one-on-one calls made me feel supported.

The holistic approach has been key to my overall management of myself and my diabetes. I lowered my A1C from an 8 to a 6.7, have better time in range and steadier blood sugars have made me feel more energized and excited of my potential control as I continue to hone in on more aspects with the tools I've gained.I had never clicked with a diabetes educator at any of the clinics I've experienced over the last 20 years and so fortunate to find common ground and outlook on lifestyle and diabetes with Lauren and Jess and this group! Grateful for the turning point in my diabetes.

Theresa D
June 1, 2020

My biggest challenge prior to the DCB was being restricted due to T1D, It made me feel trapped and like my life was over. In the DCB, I learned that I can do LITERALLY ANYTHING with diabetes, and that I can manage it and prioritize it while also chasing my dreams. I feel a lot more confident In myself and my diabetes management. I forgive my body (I was so mad at it), and my metabolic panel was 100% in range for each category for the first time in ten years.

Lauren and Jess encouraged us to trust our bodies and make decisions outside of the “box” and more for ourselves. They value longevity and overall health instead of just taking insulin to cover things. You have phenomenal leadership in Lauren and Jess, and such a valuable curriculum. I think that the DCB is absolutely essential for modern and sustainable diabetes management.

This information doesn’t exist in our healthcare system, and it will change your life. I learned about how fats affect blood sugar, I learned about insulin sensitivity through building muscle, and I learned that a low A1C can be sustainable. I learned that other women have the same insecurities and concerns which gave me community and connection. I learned that I am often the only thing holding myself back -- which shaped my whole perspective on diabetes management. And I learned to trust my body which was a huge win for me in my entire life. I am now viewing diabetes as something that I can do without stopping my whole life.

When I was diagnosed 2 years ago, I genuinely thought it was a death sentence. Now I’m seeing that I can still accomplish all my dreams and not compromise my diabetes health for them. I’m really proud of learning how emotions affect my sugars, and trying to work with those emotions.

I am so proud of my growth in recognizing triggers, releasing anger, meeting things with curiosity instead of judgement, and learning to forgive myself. Now, I know that I love myself more as a diabetic. If you are on the fence about investing in the DCB, It will provide value in ways that you can’t even anticipate yet!

Qiana D
June 1, 2020

The DCB focuses on mindset and provides individuals with T1D the tools needed to manage their blood sugars with more than just the clinical aspects. I’ve never had a doctor or diabetes educator discuss ways in which to manage my blood sugars that have to do with daily living, work, and relationships. Having an accountability group of women who were all rooting for one another and sharing their struggles as well as their triumphs as we all leveled up our diabetes management was amazing.

Both Lauren and Jess really listened to my experience to help me identify what my biggest struggles were and why. They helped me to develop a strategy to overcome them now and in the future.

Before the program, I was pushing the snooze button on my Dexcom alerts because I had a lot happening in my personal life. I felt tired all the time and stressed, but also guilty because I’m a person who helps others attain a healthier way of living and thinking with Diabetes. Now, I feel ready to manage my blood sugar in any mental or emotional climate.

My A1C has lowered, I have confidence in identifying what outliers are affecting my BG and how to handle it. My blood sugars are more in range, I’ve tackled the diabetes burn out I was experiencing, I’m working out at least 3 times a week, I’m prioritizing sleep more, and I’m learning how to not let the struggles of life get in the way of my management. I’m remembering the self- care aspects of my mental and emotional well being.

There is a lot of mental gunk that can get in the way of managing our blood sugars and since the DCB- I’ve uncovered my true struggles and how to create space and routines that help support those pieces of myself that are a huge part of whether or not I’m optimizing my diabetes management. I’m most proud of uncovering the fact that my blood sugars were off due to diabetes burnout and how to nip that in the bud when I start to see and feel the signs.

If you are thinking about the DCB, why wouldn’t you invest in yourself and your well being? No one else can do that for you but you and this is the first step. This is one of the best investments you can make in your personal health.

Kate N
June 1, 2020

Before the DCB, I was struggling with feeling "out of control" with my diabetes and life and ultimately, I was letting it overwhelm me a lot!Once I joined the DCB, learning and taking a holistic approach to diabetes management allowed me to take a deep breath and realize that I am in control, I am doing it, and I know what I am doing! I am more confident. I am happy!

During the DCB I saw my A1C Drop (7.1 --> 6.3), a higher time in range, and I became more confident in prebolusing .If you are on the fence about the DCB, you should know that It is so worth it. An investment in yourself is an investment in your whole life and you will gain such a deep understanding of yourself. You will also gain insights into things going on in your life that you may not even realize are affecting your overall control and mentality. Lauren, Jess, and the team help walk you through it all. I am so thankful for them.

Lily O
June 1, 2020

Before the DCB, my biggest challenge was accepting the fact that I have diabetes, and it’s something I’m going to have to deal with for the rest of my life.

It made me feel frustrated, mad, annoyed, sad...every emotion! Now, I don’t have those feelings as frequently anymore. I feel great knowing I’m not alone, and there are women who support and understand me. I don't really see diabetes as a huge struggle anymore. It’s become a part of my daily routine. I am confident about who I am, and diabetes doesn’t define me. I’ve learned that it should never hold me back from anything, and I now know I can handle anything thrown my way.

All of this, and my A1C went from 13 to 6.6!

If you are on the fence about investing in the DCB, I would say, do it! One thousand percent! You won’t regret it. You’ll get tips about things you didn’t even think about, and will have all the support and more.

June 1, 2020

From the very beginning, working on those basics of ratios and basals made a HUGE difference to me! I saw an increase in my time in range (12-15% almost instantly!), I've greatly reduced my time spent high, without greatly increasing my time spent low. I have a greater understanding of insulin resistance, and how the previous days events can affect my BG today and BONUS I found out that juice is my best low snack! I am feeling such relief at not spending 45 minutes to an hour low each time!

Prior to the DCB, my biggest challenge was feeling like "I should know better" about being out of range. It made me feel like I was battling my diabetes and it was something that rarely worked in the way that I wanted it to. I felt like it didn't matter how "careful" I was with carb counting or exercise, my day was going to go how diabetes wanted it to go. What I have gained from the DCB is knowledge! There was knowledge that I didn't have and knowledge that I wasn't aware of (that I learned through testing my pump settings, journaling through BG patterns, etc). I now feel less frustrated around out of range numbers, and I feel like I'm starting to build healthier, more helpful habits that actually address these situations. And I feel like what comes with that is being better able to advocate for myself. I have a better understanding of what I need for my diabetes, which means I am better able to ask for it from my partner!

I have been able to lose weight and keep it off since I don't have to panic-eat Larabars in bed at 2 am every night! I am recognizing that there probably IS an answer to what is happening, and if I take the time to journal/pay attention I can probably find it. I am more curious and questioning and therefore accepting of myself. I feel like things have an answer, and the answer isn't that it's “my fault.”I am most proud of my skills--I feel like I know what I need to do to have an in-range day and it doesn't involve fasting, rage bolusing, or eating to my insulin.

My estimated A1C is now 6%, which is the lowest it's ever been! But mostly I can share that my inner dialogue around diabetes is starting to shift from looking backwards and blaming myself for past choices to looking forward and feeling empowered to search out solutions!If you are on the fence about this program, do it! The DCB is not just a money investment!

Lauren C.
June 1, 2020

The DCB is a holistic approach to diabetes. When working with other doctors, I have found it has been much more "numbers" and "method" based. The DCB provided me with a community of people who gave me tools to find the answers myself, rather than just being told what to do and to accept it. The DCB has taught me that diabetes is an integrated part of my life, not just something I have to deal with to survive.

Before working with Lauren and Jess, I felt frustrated and out of control. Over the 3 months, I learned tools to combat that frustration, like pre-bolusing, movement, insulin sensitivity. Now I feel in control and more at peace. I’ve adopted a more holistic approach to self-care. Instead of simply viewing it as eating healthy and exercising daily, I see it as differentiating daily based on what my body needs versus what I think it should want. I valued learning about other's wins and struggles. Listening to other people's stories made me feel like I wasn't alone in this journey and made me feel like there were people who faced the same challenges as me.

When it comes down to it, we all have time, so by committing to the DCB, I learned to prioritize my time and to put my health before all the extra chaos that will naturally arise.

Beth W.
June 1, 2020

The DCB is real. Every endo I've gone to gives the black and white "should"s but this program focuses on real, human lives. It also inspires questions to propel better control in the future instead of punishing for the past.Before the DCB, I was feeling overwhelmed and not even knowing where to start. I felt like I couldn't even ask questions because I didn't know what I didn't know. I was at the mercy of my diabetes. I didn't even realize I was submitting to it in ways like not eating lunch because I couldn't ever dose correctly and wanting to stay focused during the day, instead of using food as fuel to make me MORE focused.

At the end of the day, this all made me feel defeated.With the DCB, I learned the reasons for what I was going through, which helped me understand them more to start tackling them. I now feel more equipped. The science learnings helped me understand the “why” behind my sugars. It helped me in getting comfortable asking for help, being more in tune with what my body feels and enjoys, and allowed me to see that what I want is possible and achievable. It taught me that I have more power over diabetes than it has of me.Now, I am having days where I am almost completely in range and I’ve seen my A1C drop.

If you're serious about taking control of your life, the DCB will give you the tools.

Michelle A.
June 1, 2020

Before the DCB, my biggest challenge was relationship to food. I felt helpless and that diabetes ran my life. After the DCB, I have accepted that numbers and foods cannot dictate my mood for the day. I now focus more on blousing (when and how much) and accepting my diabetes.

My relationship to food has improved, I’m being clear with family and friends about my goals with my health, and my exercise routine has improved! I am way more accepting of the disease instead of being so angry. I feel comfortable talking about diabetes openly. I don’t feel the need to be so in control and am instead more mindful of how I feel. I don’t let my blood sugars dictate my day either which also tied into food. I feel so great and I lost 8lbs!

If you’re considering the DCB, it’s totally worth the investment! I was on the fence and can’t believe I waited so long. I’ve never felt more comfortable with my diabetes.

Emily D.
June 1, 2020

Before the DCB, I struggled with wanting to make changes and actually taking active steps to do so. I was focused primarily on losing weight and controlling my eating, but always failing. I had a high A1c and was constantly exhausted both mentally and physically from my diabetes. I felt like a failure and was embarrassed by my incapability to control my blood sugar and weight. I felt helpless.

It was such a frustrating feeling to be thinking and feeling like you are working so hard at something, but then have no results. I felt hopeless, and honestly blamed my diabetes for ruining a lot of good things in my life. In the DCB I learned that there are skill sets and remedies for things I previously thought I would have to live with forever.

I learned how to be less critical of my outcomes and use it as a learning experience. My mindset did a complete 180, and that is when I felt change truly taking place. I feel like I was given a whole set of tools and now can view my diabetes as part of me and not something I am angry about/always trying to control.

I had huge mental and physical results. My A1c went from 8.3% to a 7.1% and is continuing to drop. I lost almost 20 pounds and have had more energy than ever before. However, the biggest gain is my mental outlook and confidence in my management. I felt like I was never going to have a good relationship with food. While it is not perfect, the confidence that I gain from being able to eat foods that were previously labeled "bad" or "scary" has done wonders for me and has been one of the most freeing things ever. Prioritizing my health has made me a better individual and will continue to set me up for success.

Investing in your health/yourself is truly individual. If you think that you are too busy or do not have time, trust me when I say at the end of DCB you will have 10x more energy to achieve everything you want! Taking 3 months to set yourself up for the rest of your life is truly the best choice you can make.”

Victoria B
June 1, 2020

I was skeptical at first because of the price. But the DCB is honestly worth every penny. I loved that it is was a group program and spread out over 3 months -it gave me time to integrate learnings and material.

Lauren and Jess were great coaches, they answered questions and provided support in a very timely manner. They also did not judge- they met me with compassion and understanding. In the bootcamp, a big shift for me was building a healthier relationship with food, carbs, and insulin.

I also lowered my A1C and started an insulin pump. I know we can't define ourselves by numbers but holy crap! I have never been in range or seen numbers like this! I had a couple 100% days, lots of straight lines, and several weeks in the 90% range (never thought that would be possible!)! Now, I actually get excited about being in range which blows my mind!

I have more self-acceptance, body respect, and compassion for myself. I used to feel combative towards my diabetes. Now, I feel more in control. I am most proud that I took this time to put my diabetes first - my health has improved - including my self-esteem. If you are on the fence about this program, do it. This team is the best. You will get what you pay for.

Ruth W
June 1, 2020

Prior to the program, I felt insecure, quiet, and small with my diabetes. I didn’t think that it was worth my time or worth other’s time.The coaching provided in the DCB was so validating of my experience as a Type 1 Diabetic in a way that I have never experienced before. Being coached with and by other women with diabetes, helped me to be vulnerable when talking about my weaknesses and also helped me to trust the guidance that was provided.

I never felt alone, or like someone didn't "get" where I was coming from. The sense of community and empathy made all the difference for me. I love the clarity that I have coming out of the DCB.vI feel capable of asking myself the right questions to correct course when I feel like I'm having an off-day or if it seems like the choices I've been making don't align with the way I want to live my life.

I'm also a huge fan of the community I've gained with the other women in the course! I've shifted from shame/secrecy about how I manage diabetes to confidence/pride/a willingness to ask for help when I need it regarding my diabetes. I feel capable of optimizing my health. I feel at peace when things go awry because I know what questions to ask myself to fix the issue. I feel proud of the work I've put in and the changes I've made to become healthier.

I was encouraged to see myself and my health as worthy. I am now empowered to prioritize my health. I saw an A1C drop, fewer lows with exercise, and confidence when talking about diabetes with my support system.

For me, the DCB was life changing. If you are ready to make changes in the way that you think, feel, and act for the better that this program will help you do that.

Julia R
January 1, 2020

In the 15 years I have had diabetes I have never had A1Cs below 8-9% Every day I would have at least a few hours of levels in the 200-300s and would think it was totally normal. When I went to bed, I would have a snack for any blood sugar below 100 out of fear of a low at night. I now know that these levels are nothing to be afraid of but are normal and healthy and I do not let higher blood sugars linger. This is such a mindset shift and something no Endocrinologist, book, or diabetes camp has taught me before! I am so proud that I have made this change and am now working to treat my body well and not ignoring the high numbers as if they were not a part of me or as if they did not impact my mental and physical wellbeing. The Decide and Conquer Bootcamp is a holistic program. It is personal, in-depth, and actually tailored to the individual. It is not just "recipes" from a lecture on T1D from 20 years ago! I feel more confident to talk about diabetes and to take on daily diabetes decisions. I do not see diabetes as the enemy anymore. Thank you Lauren and Jess!

Constance L
January 1, 2020

When I started the DCB, I felt guilty and ashamed of how I was taking care of myself especially with regard to my diabetes. Having had diabetes for over 20 years, I felt that I had the knowledge but wasn't able to get results. I felt defeated and stuck. I had seen all of the positive testimonials of those doing Lauren's course and thought about joining for over a year. I followed her and invested in some of her resources and had the chance to meet her in person a couple of times. I knew she was putting her all into her work and came at it from a very holistic approach which really spoke to me.

Over the years I saw firsthand how having diabetes affects so many aspects of our lives and so this approach seemed so key. Joining the program was SO helpful! I now have the tools, confidence, knowledge, and healthy perspective to take charge of my diabetes management and I can use these things for the rest of my life! I feel so much more empowered now...a feeling I have been chasing for so long. I am so excited that this bootcamp will continue to benefit me even after it's over.

I view diabetes as something I can tackle and rein in, while before I felt like I couldn't control it. I would try, but it would end up not working in the long term. Now I know I have the tools, knowledge, and ability to take hold of a challenge or change to my management. I can't wait to see how my A1C and time in range and just overall health will continue to improve with the tools I've gained.

Lucy H.
January 1, 2020

Before I joined the program I felt constantly stressed, overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start to fix things. With the help of this program and the amazing Lauren and Jess I have so much more clarity and the confidence to recognize my patterns and tweak accordingly. The amount this has reduced my stress and anxiety is absolutely mind blowing. I am no longer afraid to give ‘big’ amounts of insulin. I know I can manage my diabetes. I’ve got all the tools and tricks now to make changes whenever I need to.

This program is completely different from anything else - it puts the power back in our hands. I loved the accountability with the community experience, loved the group calls, and how responsive Lauren and Jess were throughout. Everything was awesome. It was also so great to have the community help me through the stress of having to postpone my wedding due to COVID-19. There were times when I would think I wasn’t making any progress, but everyone kept assuring me that forward was a pace. When you look back, you will realize how far you’ve come! I now feel more at peace, more confident, and calmer!I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this program is truly life changing. I only wish I had found it sooner!

Amelie B.
January 1, 2020

I remember looking at Lauren's instagram page for over a year before joining the program. Back then I was so fearful of my diabetes, I felt like I had never really gotten the tools to manage it properly and was constantly having highs and lows until I decided being chronically high was 'easier' than rollercoaster numbers. Of course, that also had a negative aspect on my everyday life, I was stressed, never felt completely rested, scared of going low as I accepted being high.When I finally decided to invest in this program, I knew I had made the right decision.

Because of COVID-19, this journey has been more complicated than expected (never though it would be easy!) but I have no regrets with joining this program. I have never ever had any kind of support like this before, I learned so SO much, this program can't compare to anything else out there.The DCB helped me understand multiple aspects of diabetes which I never knew before. I am feeling more confident in pre-bolusing, correcting with higher units, and even going to bed under 150!! For someone who at diagnosis was handed pens and told to "simply inject herself before food" finally understanding and not being scared to prioritize my health has been life changing.

THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE TEAM. I know that I have all the tools I need to reach my goals. If you are on the fence, THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!

Misti M.
January 1, 2020

I reached out to join the Decide and Conquer Bootcamp because I knew my diabetes was running me instead of the other way around. I was pleasantly surprised with the content and knowledge that I received! As a result, my A1C lowered from an 8.8 to a 7.2 and I have new habits in place.

After the bootcamp, I switched over to the T-slim Insulin Pump and was still able to utilize the tools of the DCB! My time in range over a 30 day period is now 82%. I can’t even begin to tell you how great and confident I feel! My boyfriend shared how different I’ve become since the bootcamp and receiving my insulin pump.

I will forever be thankful for this program. I look back on my life a year ago and as bad as this sounds, there were days I would go without checking my blood sugar. I was in denial and just put it to the side, never taking control and falling victim to diabetes. The DCB made me feel capable to take back control. It’s so great to look down at my Dexcom and see steady lines the majority of the time.

What Lauren and Jess are doing is life changing work. I can't thank them enough for chasing after their calling in life and sharing it with the rest of us. I am so grateful. If you're hesitant to take the jump, I encourage you to do it. I learned so much from this program!

Rebekah R.
January 1, 2020

When I first started this program, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by my diabetes. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about 11 months prior, had received minimal education, and only knew a few people with Type 1.

I decided to join the Decide + Conquer Bootcamp because I knew I needed a holistic approach. I understood that just looking at the carbs/insulin was not enough to give me the satisfaction I was craving. I am so grateful for this coaching program because it has given me a better understanding of how to shift from a mindset of judgment, shame, and guilt to one of curiosity, empowerment, and confidence.

Through this process I have been able to identify simple things to change and mental/self-talk areas to change daily. This has allowed me to increase my confidence managing my blood sugar, decrease my stress when schedules and routines are changing, and enjoy life without feeling burdened by diabetes.

I used to feel very frustrated by diabetes, like things would be different day to day and I had a lot of trouble identifying the patterns. Now I feel like even when things aren't the way I want them to be, I know how to change/adapt in order to manage and bring my numbers back into range. It is a lot less stressful now and I feel like less of a burden to my husband and family.

I am very grateful for this program and know that it is a big step forward towards improving my health and well-being. I definitely have the tools to continue on this path and journey! Thank you Jess and Lauren!!

Alex F.
January 1, 2020

When I started this program I thought I was doing everything I could be doing to manage my diabetes. Yet, I felt daily stress, anxiety, and frustration that was starting to get unmanageable. I was afraid to eat carbs knowing that I could go low or high from them, leading me to restricting what I was eating in order to try to gain better control. I would go into workouts with high blood sugars and leave feeling sluggish and having to battle crazy blood sugars for the rest of the day.

When I found this program I realized that there was an opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge and finally find the answers I have been looking for to improve my diabetes.

The first week I started to set goals for the program that I have always dreamed of. Being able to eat carbs, work out, and live my life while having steady blood sugars and reduced stress was what I aspired for. As the weeks went on, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and saw that going into a workout at a normal number, pre-bolusing, eating carbs, were all attainable and before I knew it I was accomplishing everything I wanted to and more than what I hoped to accomplish.

My new normal is daily blood sugars from 80-120, improved moods, less stress, and more strength and positivity. I have found patterns in my blood sugar and am ready for whatever my diabetes throws at me

.Lauren and Jess have given me a complete holistic approach and have addressed every aspect of my life and diabetes. This bootcamp has helped me with my mindset, shown me how to increase insulin sensitivity, stay stable during my workout, and so much more. It is not only about fixing what isn't working, but about celebrating every win and each improvement you make whether big or small.

I see having diabetes as just another part of myself and an opportunity for growth and improvement. If I am going to love myself then I am going to nurture my diabetes and do my best to take control over it. I am not mad and agitated with my diabetes, but I am working with it and at ease knowing that I am improving and understanding my body much more.

If you are facing the stress, anxiety, and confusion that I faced for years before joining this program then please, please, PLEASE join and you will not regret it. Reflecting back on where I wanted to be before this bootcamp, I feel like I have gotten exactly what I needed to get from it.

Micheala C.
January 1, 2020

Before starting the Decide + Conquer boot camp, I was feeling defeated and frustrated. I doubted my ability to care for myself and to manage my T1D. I had low energy, depressed mood, and little motivation. Diabetes was winning.

I reached out to Lauren because I felt like she was super relatable and I loved her holistic coaching approach. I felt like she could be the one to really help me, and I was right! Joining the DCB was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. This experience has changed my life!

The DCB program helped me to easily re-prioritize and reintegrate aspects of management back into my life. It has helped me to refresh my knowledge about my T1D and gave me the tools to overcome any roadblocks or challenges that I may encounter. The result is that I’m able to show up for myself daily, take care of myself to the best of my ability, and best of all, my A1C dropped from 7.5 to 6.9!

Now, whenever a challenge pops up, I know that I have the correct mindset, tools and knowledge to conquer that problem and come out stronger and better for it on the other side. And if I don’t have the answers, I have a new community of kick ass T1D women to help me! I’ve never felt connected or understood by any healthcare professional in the way that the DCB made me feel. This program is super personalized and the sense of community is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

The DCB completely altered my mindset surrounding my T1D. I am no longer frustrated and defeated, I’m curious and empowered. I feel like I can do everything I want in life now, without diabetes being a huge roadblock. I couldn’t be happier. Lauren, Jess, and the DCB team have helped me to completely change my mindset surrounding my T1D. They’ve given me invaluable tools to use to manage my T1D and have helped me get my confidence back. Instead of feeling defeated on a daily basis, I’m now empowered and motivated. I put in the work in this program, and the results are amazing. I am feeling better than I have in a long time. Diabetes no longer controls me. I can’t thank the team enough!

Emma C.
January 1, 2020

Before I started the bootcamp, I had a very volatile relationship with my diabetes and most of my days felt like a battle. I was afraid of exercising, afraid of lows, and while I knew some of the foods I was eating would always make my blood sugars go high, I couldn't figure out how to cover them properly. I was incredibly hard on myself but couldn't make the changes I needed. I was on a roller coaster. Now, it doesn't feel like such a battle. There will always be frustrations and harder days, but I have the tools to better handle those days and not blame myself when they happen. Everything is much more manageable.

I don't dread making food decisions or looking at my Dexcom anymore. I had such a fear around exercising before it was paralyzing- but now I exercise regularly. I understand how different types of exercise effect my body and I exercise with more confidence. I am not so afraid of low blood sugars and I know how to cover different foods successfully.

In the DCB I received the support of other women. I learned that so many diabetics struggle with the same things and talking with them was incredibly cathartic. It has also helped me feel more empowered because I know I'm not alone.There was an almost constant stream of communication that made me feel connected to everyone. There was only positivity and encouragement, never any judgments.We were pushed to dig deeper and understand our previous habits and patterns, but in the best way. Any and all wins were celebrated, no matter how small. Now, I have the confidence to make changes by myself and notice my patterns.

If you are considering doing the DCB you have to! Let yourself be supported and coached and don't be afraid to share anything with Lauren, Jess, or the group.The tools and wisdom they have to offer are vast, so ask questions and reach out for help when you need it. You will feel nothing but support and encouragement while learning tools that will change your life.

Caitlin C.
January 1, 2020

In January of 2020 I had my most recent endocrinologist appointment and came out of it feeling very discouraged. My A1c had creeped up by another 0.2 to 7.5, my highest since leaving college 4 years ago. I felt defeated and my endocrinologist didn't really give me any words of encouragement, rather focused on making some slight changes to my basals and sending me on my way.

I remember driving home in the car crying as I felt lost. Right as I was pulling into my drive way - Lauren called me and asked if I wanted to be a part of the program. I had filled out an application a while ago, but I had completely forgot I had done this - but this was a sign! I immediately said yes and I couldn't be more proud of the growth and accomplishments I have achieved since then.

My numbers have gotten back into range and my diabetes management has significantly improved. There is still continued room for improvement, but Lauren and Jess helped to shift my mindset and really see my diabetes management as a journey. I really feel empowered to make the changes that I need and to rely on my own gut. I do know my body better than anyone!

Doing this program could not have come at a better point in my life and I am so grateful for everything I learned. This program has the capability to make such an impact, and hence why I have recommended it to everyone I talk to. This has not only made an impact on my personal life, but it will also impact my professional life as these are the types of conversations and skills I hope to develop in my future patients (I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and am hoping to specialize in endocrinology)! I feel more confident and invested in my diabetes management! My mom even said she noticed a huge change in my interest in my diabetes again and that it was the best money that could have ever been spent for my diabetes.

I would 110% recommend this program to anyone and everyone - even if you think you know everything about diabetes - you don't, and that's okay! Lauren and Jess will help challenge you to become the best version of yourself and feel confident as a woman, an individual, and as a diabetic.

Cody A.
January 1, 2020

Before starting the Decide + Conquer Bootcamp, I was feeling defeated and frustrated. I doubted my ability to care for myself and to manage my T1D. I had low energy, depressed mood, and little motivation. Diabetes was winning.

I reached out because I felt like Lauren was super relatable and I loved her holistic coaching approach. I felt like she could be the one to really help me, and I was right. Joining the DCB was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. This experience has changed my life!

There isn't a one size fits all in the way in which to manage this disease. The DCB teaches how to investigate, glean information pertinent to our bodies and minds, and come up with action plans that will support us as individuals.I am no longer frustrated and defeated, I’m curious and empowered. I have more energy, I am less grumpy and more motivated! I feel like I can do everything I want in life now without diabetes being a huge roadblock.

Lauren and Jess worked so hard to think of every challenge and perspective related to T1D when developing the curriculum for the DCB. Between the teaching, real-life application and support, they have it all covered.

They have helped me to completely change my mindset surrounding my T1D. They’ve given me invaluable tools to use to manage my T1D and have helped me get my confidence back.Instead of feeling defeated on a daily basis, I’m now empowered and motivated. I put in the work in this program, and the results are amazing. I’ve decreased my A1C from 7.5 to 6.9, and am feeling better than I have in as long as I can remember. Diabetes no longer controls me. I can’t thank the team enough!

Olivia R.
January 1, 2020

Before starting the program, I was incredibly frustrated with myself and my diabetes. After living with it for 20 years, I was burned out and feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and totally "over it." At that point, I didn't really understand what was causing my highs and lows, and instead felt like I was just along for the ride while my diabetes was at the wheel, driving recklessly.I was still somewhat skeptical when I reached out to join the program, but I did it as a last-ditch effort to try and improve my relationship with my diabetes, and I'm SO GLAD I DID.

Not only have I gained so much understanding behind my blood sugars and my patterns and improved my overall time in range by 10-15%, more importantly I feel SO MUCH BETTER about living with this disease. I learned to practice compassion and grace towards myself, and stop being so critical about my numbers, food choices, etc. I have a better mood and I am able to communicate my needs to my husband more. It's amazing to be in this mental space - I've totally changed my relationship with myself.I view diabetes as a complexity that I have the tools to manage, rather than a frustration that is unpredictable and overwhelming. I'm in a totally different place psychologically and now feel empowered and inspired to live my best life as a T1D - that is truly priceless.

This was my first experience with a program like this and it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than anything I'd ever experienced from doctors. It's truly hands-on, provides coaching, and gives you a community of people facing the same challenges that you are.If you’re thinking about joining the DCB, DO ITTTT!! It's such a great experience that will empower you to step into the driver's seat of your diabetes and learn how to identify and reflect on your patterns and make the changes you need to. It will also give you a set of truly helpful tools that you will take with you, long after the bootcamp ends.

Courtney P.
January 1, 2020

Having been a diabetic almost my entire life (28 years!), I felt like I needed a reset. I was diagnosed so young, and had never had any formal training, nor did I have a smooth transition from my pediatric clinic to my adult clinic.

From the first call of the DCB, I felt a sense of community - a group of like-minded, yet vastly different women, going through a lot of similar experiences. I was able to reach out at any given moment to get other people's input, without having to explain the back story. I was also given the tools to feel more in control and self-sufficient. I got answers to some “whys?” I didn't even know I needed. Lauren & Jess checked in often, provided awesome resources, and the community I'm now a part of is the ultimate tool! They consistently pushed me to try harder, do better, and forgive myself.

I now know I am the CEO of my diabetes - it requires my time, attention to detail, and commitment for me to be successful. I trust myself to make changes and advocate for myself/trust my gut. I have learned you can do everything right (carb count, basal rates, bolus rates) and still have a tough day, but that doesn't mean you're a failure or a bad diabetic! I'm so much kinder to myself on "bad" days - life happens, and I'm allowed to be human, it doesn't mean that I'm not taking care of myself in the grand scheme of things.

This program is different because it focused on ME, versus a set formula. We all have different experiences and circumstances, and diabetes management is not a one-size-fits-all. The Decide + Conquer Bootcamp gives you the resources to apply in the best way that works for you, and the community to support you through it all. I make better food & exercise choices, and prioritize these things as part of my diabetes management. I'm also a total foodie, and now manage complex meals and nights out with friends much better than before, because I know how to bolus! And how to anticipate my blood sugars, without the fear of going low.

If you're even THINKING about starting this journey, you're ready. Go into this ready to dig deep - to confront what's held you back and then work through that. It's the most rewarding experience to feel like you're actually changing patterns. But also go into this with open arms and no expectations - your journey may not go how you anticipate, but that doesn't mean you aren't growing and learning, you may just need to take some smaller steps than you thought, before you can start leaping forward. You have no idea how much this will change your life, in ways you didn't expect. It's not just better numbers, it's a complete overhaul, at your pace.

Mika M.
January 1, 2020

Before the Decide and Conquer Bootcamp, I struggled with managing my diabetes. I was estimating every aspect of my diabetes, from my basal to bolus to which foods to eat. I wasn't listening to my body and my mindset wasn't were it needed to be.

Since the program, I adjusted my range from 80-260 to 70-160 and my time in range is at 80%! My average glucose for the past 30 days is 118 mg/dL! I used to wake up in the 160-180's, and now I wake up in the 70-90's!

My relationship with food has dramatically changed, I eat foods that fuel my mind and body, and keep my glucose levels within range. I am confident in food choices and taking the right amount of insulin to cover the nutritional aspects. My mindset towards exercising has improved; I used to workout to lose weight, now I move my body to improve my mental and overall health. I am more confident and kinder to myself. I have gained a sense of community and have connected with people that are just like me. One of my favorite aspects was connecting with Francesca in the bootcamp. We went to a Pilates class together and it is so nice to be able to talk to someone who can relate! I feel like there's hope and an easier way to manage diabetes.

This program changed my life and my perspective on diabetes. I cannot thank Lauren, Jess, Amanda, and the team enough! Fully commit, be open minded, and try new things! Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. The tools and resources Lauren and Jess provided are essential to transforming your mindset and taking control of your diabetes!

Morgan O.
January 1, 2020

I reached out to Lauren and her team because I was in a rut. I felt like I could not get a handle on my diabetes management. I didn’t feel like I had the right tools to take control of my diabetes. I was tired of stressing and obsessing over my diabetes and then burning out and not caring at all. Diabetes was taking a toll on me physically and mentally. I was desperate for change.The Decide + Conquer Bootcamp provided me with the toolkit I felt like I was lacking. For the first time I felt like I was tailoring my diabetes needs to me. By tailoring my needs, I was able to get through the old habits and initial road blocks that were originally holding me back. My new toolkit changed my mindset from a victim of diabetes to having the confidence to make changes and try new things in order to take control. I went from constant roller coaster numbers to seeing a straight line for the majority of my day.

Other programs skim the surface or just don’t talk at all about the topics we discussed during the bootcamp, and the knowledge we gained was imperative to gaining control. The focus on self and mindset gets to the root of what is holding you back, and provides the freedom to grow. I am having more open and honest conversations with my family and friends regarding my diabetes. I no longer feel shame around talking with others about it. I think that if I was given all this information yet NOT worked on overall mindset shifts it wouldn’t have been as effective. The DCB encompassed this. Building confidence and intuitiveness truly shaped my experience. I have become more empowered. This has helped me in my job and personal relationships. I am proud of my commitment and consistency. I feel I am notorious for looking for quick fixes and giving up easily. I am proud of myself for staying committed and doing the work. It has paid off in not only my physical health, but mentally too.

The DCB gave me a community to lean on and learn from, as well. Diabetes can feel isolating, so having people who understand what you are going through was so helpful. It was empowering to be a part of a group of women that held each other accountable and championed one another. The bootcamp gave me a better understanding of myself to make necessary changes to manage my diabetes. It is not just diabetes work, but it is also soul work. What you put in is what you get out, and you are worth the effort!

Stefi L
January 1, 2020

This program is exactly what I needed and what I have been looking for... for years. It's a holistic approach that involves all parts of life, from stress / anxiety management to nutrition, sleep, exercise, hormones and so on. When I first started I had a huge fear of lows and I didn't dare try new foods or exercise. After 3 months in this bootcamp I am much less anxious, I feel better in my skin and I really improved my blood sugar levels.

I have seen a lot of specialists and doctors for my diabetes and none of them were in my opinion as effective as Lauren and Jess in explaining how the body truly reacts in response to hormones, stress, sleep, exercises, and foods. On top of that, none of these experts truly gave me tools to manage these factors. Their advice was simply to "test out things" but never how. This always made me feel alone and as if there weren't any patterns with T1D. This changed for me in the Bootcamp. Lauren and Jess are highly qualified as coaches, the calls are extremely detailed, and the community is very supportive! This program has really changed my life! Much more than I could have ever hoped and imagined.

Lindsay M
January 1, 2020

I have lived with T1D for 25 years now. I’ve gone through many years of ups and downs, mainly struggling with an eating disorder for the past 10 years. Before reaching out to Lauren, I was going through one of my slumps where I was omitting insulin. I was yet again, finding myself lost, isolated, looking for connection, and most importantly, wanting to find a routine where I was nurturing my body consistently.

The bootcamp was a wonderful experience with gaining knowledge, creating community, and ultimately, gaining greater control over my Type 1 Diabetes. What I liked most was the community and being able to inspire and share ideas with one another. In the DCB, it was so much easier to open up. It was specifically catered to women and a place where I felt comfortable sharing about my body. I am now consistently nourishing my body and I have a greater love for myself!

Fast forward to post bootcamp, I have gained connections with multiple T1D women where I can continue to reach out and share vulnerably about my body/struggles to any of them. I am consistently giving my insulin everyday now (!!!) and I feel empowered to continue to grow and get better! Any woman thinking about joining the boot camp, I would highly recommend it! It could be life changing for you.

Francesca H
January 1, 2020

I reached out to Lauren in December of 2019 after leaving my endocrinologist in tears. I felt not listened to and frustrated because I was so eager to take control of my diabetes but frustrated because I felt like my doctor was not providing me with real life tools to succeed. All he saw was a high A1C = need to give more insulin. I was constantly seeing double arrows down from too much insulin on board and then double arrows up from over correction. Not only did I feel I could relate to Lauren, but I saw her doing so many things that I thought as a diabetic I would never be able to do. Doctor’s don’t always understand first-hand what it’s like to feel a low, feel a high, worry about going low in a meeting etc. Learning from people who have mastered their care first-hand is invaluable.

As part of the DCB, I have not only been able to lower my A1C down from 8% to 6.8% but I still see areas of improvement where I am able to further tighten my control. I have always loved exercise but with my old basal rates I would have to start at 300 because I would just drop so quickly in the class. I now am able to go on 45 min runs at blood sugars in the 120s and even take pilates classes at blood sugars in the 90s. I have so much less anxiety and feel like I am living my personal life. It is “normal” and with good blood sugar numbers! While all the tools have been great, the biggest thing I have taken away is embracing my diabetes. I feel like diabetes will no longer keep me from living a long and full life.

I find Lauren and Jess really relatable and I find Laurens approach really calming. This program far exceeded all expectations and I feel in control and like I have a strong foundation again to continue my diabetes care. By no longer hiding behind this disease, I have taken back the power to put myself first and take control of my health. I have seen huge progress in all aspects. This program is so worth it and will train you for life! Thank you thank you, thank you, Lauren, Jess, and Amanda for your work in the program. You have changed my life!

Iqra B
January 1, 2020

I had been following Lauren on Instagram for a while but decided to reach out after the effects of T1D had become frustrating and debilitating. I was spending a lot of time with higher numbers and feeling the side effects of rollercoaster blood sugars such as fatigue, migraines, nausea, etc. that were affecting my ability to just do basic tasks. Since I had only been diagnosed in Feb 2019, I was keen to build solid habits early on so that I could avoid complications in the future (like I see with my Dad).

Before the DCB, I felt like T1D was like a blurry jigsaw puzzle and every time I got close to putting it together, the puzzle would change. My diabetes was unpredictable, felt unmanageable and I was totally frustrated. Now the jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces are clear, I am able to move around the pieces in a way that works for me at that particular time and I feel much more assured piecing them back together again. In other words, I finally have the toolkit I had searched for that my endocrinologists had never given me because they suggested I was 'newly diagnosed' or I should 'take some more time getting used to T1D'.

The DCB has allowed me to not only become more satisfied in my diabetes management but much more confident. I don't have to wait for a trip to the endocrinologist, to reconfigure my puzzle when something isn't working. Especially now, I have been able to use my “toolkit” to get back on track, recalibrate, and manage stress during the major shift in lifestyle due to COVID-19. I could have given up and felt frustrated with the highs but I was able to do it!

What I like the most is that it isn't about Lauren or Jess handholding you through the program, you aren't resting on your achievements and letting them do all the work but you're putting in the effort and hard work yourself and are building your own toolkit up so that you're self-sufficient during and after DCB. They will hold you accountable and hold you to a high standard because they know you can do it. They provide support. They explain how all the puzzle pieces of diabetes fit together without having to see a bunch of specialists separately.

They’re also T1D’s too and this makes a huge HUGE difference! In my opinion, health professionals don’t always “get it” they look at health and data from a clinical, 2-dimensional perspective, and give advice without understanding the realities of having this disease. The DCB provides a comprehensive, 3-dimensional view of all the things that fit together for diabetes while also providing the much needed empathy (not sympathy!) that many diabetics don’t get enough of. Lauren and Jess understand your struggle in a completely different light. They’re relatable! You know that if they can do it, so can you.

The community is also amazing and I never realized how much you could bond with strangers you met over the internet in a matter of months! It's easy to be skeptical of the price but this is a one-off investment in your health that will pay dividends immensely throughout the rest of your life.

I've seen a big change with my nutrition and relationship with food and this is reflected in my numbers. I've implemented a number of changes which have resulted in more stable blood sugars and predictable patterns. I’ve learned to cook! I am getting better at talking about diabetes with friends and family, and I have a place to talk about diabetes without feeling like a burden to others.

If you’re thinking about joining the DCB, Take! The! Plunge! And go in with an open mind, ready to commit. There's no better time to experiment with your diabetes than with Lauren, Jess and a whole DCB community to support you. I have grown so much- even in areas that I was relatively satisfied with before and feel incredibly well equipped and empowered to deal with whatever diabetes throws at you. This is definitely the best investment you can make for your diabetic health!

July 1, 2019

At the start of the bootcamp, I was going on 8 years with Type 1, all of which I had spent with an A1C of more or less 8.0%. I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and stuck in a rut. I have always been able to recognize that sleep, hormones, nutrition and exercise were affecting my blood sugar numbers, but I could never figure out exactly how and create strategy for managing it all. I was doing everything I had been taught when I was first diagnosed at 16, but I knew something was missing.

Once I started working with Lauren, it was eye-opening. In my 8 years of having diabetes, I had never tried new strategies of management. Even little things like increasing my basal rate after a high-fat meal and observing how my period affected my numbers have made a HUGE difference. Lauren reminded me that even the fact that I'm making changes at all is a huge step forward. After a session with Lauren during the bootcamp, I would feel empowered and excited to try new strategies and create new goals. I truly felt that I could achieve what I set my mind to and have success. This is COMPLETELY different than how I used to feel after an appointment with my endocrinologist -- defeated and alone.

The bootcamp has given me confidence that I can continue to be proactive in the future about my management and make my own changes to my insulin levels, exercise routines, diet, etc. I've learned to view highs and lows as feedback to learn from instead of personal failures, and that has been huge for my self-confidence, both physically and emotionally. After working with Lauren, I no longer feel controlled by my diabetes -- I now feel like I have control of it!

Lisa Klaban
July 1, 2019

I reached out to Lauren after a particular rough stretch of several months feeling progressively more challenged by my diabetes management. I was feeling hopeless, depressed, and weak because I couldn’t find a way to implement strategies or gain momentum and see progress.

From the moment I had my first call with Lauren, I felt hopeful I had found something that would help me. When I met the other boot campers during our first DCB call, I realized one of the biggest gaps in my management of diabetes was community and support.

By the end of the program I lowered my A1C from 7.5 to 6.8! Having a Lauren as our coach and a group of strong women to hold me accountable to my goals was a game changer. I went from being a victim to being a warrior, and feel empowered to take on whatever diabetes throws my way. I cannot thank Lauren enough for creating this space that changed my life."

Alyssa Gierke
July 1, 2019

"10/10 would recommend this group coaching program to anyone who is considering how to find an approach in lowering your a1c and taking control of your diabetes so it doesn't control you!I came into this program with one goal: to lower my a1c to feel great leading up to my wedding and pregnancy and I came out with a thousand more goals achieved than I thought.

I gained so much knowledge from the program including stabilizing my blood sugars throughout the day, finding control in my sugars after eating different types of food, understanding how different ingredients in food nutrition can affect my body and blood sugars, how stress, hormones and exercise affect my body and the relationship it has on my sugars, increasing insulin sensitivity towards a better control of sugars throughout the day especially when I’m at work.

This program and the friends I’ve gained have provided the support and built confidence in my t1d management that I never have had before. My average blood glucose before the program was 160 and that included some highs in the 200-300s. My cgm clocks me in at an average 110 blood glucose, it’s a rare sighting to see my blood sugar in the 200s and that’s due to the knowledge I learned in how to effectively manage t1d! My a1c has dropped down to a 5.9 and it feels so easy!Lauren is an incredible coach with a tremendous amount of knowledge for t1d and whole body health! Her coaching has been life changing for me. "

Lauren Powers
July 1, 2019

Before I started the program I felt a little bit lost in terms of my diabetes management and the relationship I had with myself. I followed Lauren on Instagram for quite some time and always felt inspired by the way she spoke so candidly about her highs and lows, not only with diabetes but with her life as well. I wanted to get to a point where I would feel comfortable walking around with a continuous glucose monitor or inject insulin and not get sad or uncomfortable when people ask about it.

I also felt like I could never stick to working out because I wasn’t seeing results. When I started the program I was hesitant to implement change because I was worried about if it had a negative affect on my blood sugar and not to be in control. Even though I was disappointed with my blood sugar, I was scared to not be in control.

I can say with confidence that Lauren has a great understanding and feel of what affects women and their diabetes and her guidance has made me more confident in my ability to manage my disease. I am now on my 5th week of her workout program and haven’t missed a day. Instead of over-bolusing for carbs, I have a better relationship with understanding the trends that they will make my blood sugar rise and fall. I no longer eat to satisfy my emotions. I have a better relationship with my body, myself, my friends, and my loved ones.

For anyone who is hesitant about joining this program. I completely understand. But to you I say do it. The best investment is one in yourself and your health and Lauren has helped me live a better life, for her I’m extremely grateful.

Megan Haas
July 1, 2019

I reached out to Lauren about a year into a journey of reclaiming control over my health with t1d, which I have had for more than 20 years. I was at a point where I thought I knew everything there was to know about diabetes, and thought that the only way to lower my a1c and loose weight would be to change my life to revolve around t1d.

During our very first consultation call, I almost broke down into tears describing how I felt my potential in life was limited by this disease. I was tired of waking up to extreme highs or lows after seemingly doing everything right. I was eating almost no carbs, exercising everyday, and I still couldn’t get the numbers I wanted— on my meter and on the scale.

This program flipped my entire perspective of how to approach life with diabetes. From the coaching calls and resources, to the community and support, there was a depth of knowledge about diabetes and health in general that I could have never anticipated.

Instead of simply giving me the tools to balance my sugars, this program changed the way I think about food and diabetes, which in turn changed my behaviors. I became less addicted to my cgm and more mindful about the way I was dosing insulin and giving corrections. Instead of spending more time worrying about my numbers, I learned how to learn from dips and spikes so that I could make adjustments.

This lead to less time thinking about diabetes, and more time living my life. These behavior changes I know will stay with me long after the 3 months is over.

The results from this program were indisputable— I lost weight, my a1c dropped, and my time in target increased. But I’m more proud of the results that can’t be measured. My relationship with food and insulin has totally transformed—I no longer binge or restrict food and I correct highs and lows mindfully which has eliminated rebounds. I no longer fear highs or lows, and instead use them as an opportunity to learn and adjust. And most importantly, I found confidence in myself and my relationship with this disease.

Jordyn Fink
July 1, 2019

Please, Please, Please, Please; if you are thinking about joining Lauren to better your lifestyle, don't hesitate to reach out to her. Her and her team are super helpful and down to earth. They help expand your T1D toolkit and support you along your journey to see results at your own pace.

Lauren meets you where you are at and helps figure out what path you need to take to see results. If I could be in her bootcamps for a year, I TOTALLY would! PLEASE take that step to overcome your barriers that are holding you back. Lauren's holistic approach is comprehensive and makes you think outside of the standard box. I loved the aspect she and her team brought to our bootcamp group.

After months of following Lauren on social media, I finally decided to reach out myself. I had been seeing her success stories with other T1D's and figured that it was now my time to make a change.

Lauren and I had our consultation call and she really listened to what I was wanting as a T1D (i've lived with this chronic disease for 20+ years).

I am FOREVER thankful that she took this path to help & coach others. She really helped me improve my relationship with diabetes and have a plan for when life gets off track. Her personal experience and research with many years of coaching clients is really shown within her group coaching.  

From this group I have gained self-confidence and increased my self-love for myself and body. I loved the support and connections that were made from the other T1D ladies. We all felt the support and wins/challenges that each other faced. This group of ladies helped to keep my focused and determined to better myself on this new journey. The group also provided additional resources of what they personally found to work in their life and shared with all of us (recipes, coffee creamers, funny T1D memes, and so much more!).

Lauren balances out the groups to have some veterans (myself) and newbies from all across the USA. It was neat to connect and experience everyone's journey together. We were all at different stages, but we all knew we wanted change for ourselves. This support helped me to dig deep and pushed myself to overcome past barriers to make new changes. I am thankful to have gained other T1D's in my inner circle. I want to let my ladies from my cohort know that I am thankful for their support and presence in this group.

Miriam Brand
July 1, 2018

I started working with Lauren during my 21st year of living with T1D. I had been stuck in a place where I felt like my diabetes management was “good enough” but not great. I felt like I had mental blocks that were affecting my ability to lower my A1C and to develop healthier habits.

During my time with her I developed a fitness routine (literally went from absolute zero exercise besides walking to doing 3-4 workouts a week), I lowered my A1C to 6.7 (the absolute lowest I’ve ever been in my 21 years of T1D), lost 9 pounds, gained a better understanding of food and the glycemic index, decreased my hypoglycemia anxiety, but most importantly—I gained confidence in myself.

I think the most magical part of the coaching relationship with Lauren is that she doesn’t “fix” or “change” you. Rather, she helped me to realize my potential and to trust myself more. And I am eternally grateful.