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A 7 day strategic approach to improve your post meal blood sugars, feel supported in nutrition, and discover what foods make you feel amazing

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Want to improve post-meal spikes and minimize your overwhelm around eating with T1D?

Ever feel like cutting carbs or dieting is the only way to get ahead of your numbers?
It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine how you would feel after implementing
7 days of intentional blood sugar strategies and an easy to follow meal plan made for T1Ds...

lauren bongiorno, NBc-hWC

Hi, I'm Lauren.

Over the past 7 years, I've watched T1Ds struggle with post-meal blood sugar spikes and drops, extreme diets, and poor relationship with food. I too struggled for YEARS with this.

What I've learned through countless coaching case studies and my own personal experience though is that there IS a way for food to not be the enemy.

So what is this secret nutrition and blood sugar strategy? And how can you apply it to your own life?

The strategies you will find in this guide are the foundation that have helped hundreds of people with Type 1 Diabetes feel more confident eating foods they enjoy without the rollercoaster numbers.

The guide will give you a day-by-day plan to focus your attention on certain strategies and develop a deeper understanding of how foods impact your blood sugars and what strategies are helpful for you to build habits around.

While people living with T1D may never be able to fully shut off the mental nutritional calculation that is required of us, we CAN make it less invasive of our emotional, social, and mental space. This guide will help you do exactly that.


What You'll Experience


✖️You only have success with post meal numbers when you’re eating things like salads

✖️You're tired and overwhelmed by the idea of putting effort into meal prep/carb counting

✖️You really wish you could just have a plan to follow that will help you build supportive habits each day

✖️You know that you *need* to be better at things like pre-bolusing, but struggle with consistency

✖️You wish you could eat more of what you like without seeing so many spikes and drops


✅ You’ll have reflective tools to improve your blood sugars and support you in your relationship with food

✅ You’ll have a foundation you can *always* come back to if you're in need of a blood sugar reset

✅ You’ll start to define success not in a perfect diet, but in curiosity and learning from trial and error. You'll never feel like you've "failed."

✅ You’ll learn how to incorporate more carbs and have more confidence going outside your "safe foods"

✅ You'll understand how to strategize for better blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity (aka you'll spend more time in range)

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inside the Guide

How the The Risely Nutrition + Blood Sugar Guide Works

7 days of blood sugar strategies

One blood sugar strategy per day to focus on

Implementable action steps to build habits that will support your blood sugars around mealtime.

Three supplemental tools (that we use with our coaching clients) to help you identify patterns, with both your blood sugars and your mindset.


50+ nourishing recipes to support and fuel your body

Exact carb, protein, fat, and fiber counts

Balanced meals to increase insulin sensitivity, energy + sleep

List of the Risely coaching team staple grocery brands

7 day meal plan 

Dietitian Nutritionist-designed meal plan for T1Ds looking for balance and sustainable guidelines

Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for 7 days

Grocery list + batch cooking support

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What other T1Ds are saying about
The Risely Nutrition + Blood Sugar Guide

"I can't believe the amount of tips, encouragement, strategies, and accountability tricks that are covered in this guide- Lauren and Taylor make you feel like they're cheering you on and talking you through each page as you read! It is such a comprehensive, useful guide and I love how Risely always makes sure to emphasize the whole person rather than solely blood sugar levels."

megan b.

"This is so much more than just a meal plan or recipe guide! By giving you a specific habit to focus on each day, this guide helps you slow down and reflect so you can identify your existing patterns and determine what needs to change in order to achieve your blood sugar goals. I love that the recipes aren’t carb restrictive or limited to the typical foods we’ve been encouraged to eat as T1Ds. This Guide gives you the tools and mindset shifts you need to make positive and lasting changes to how you think about food as a T1D!"

Olivia R.

"Even after 14 years, being T1D can be overwhelming and exhausting! This is a brilliant guide which prioritizes choice and freedom whilst also providing invaluable community tips from people who live with T1D. The recipes look delicious and I can't wait to try them while I also implement the day by day  useful tips to make my management easier and more empowered!"

Neesha T.

Meet the guide authors

Lauren Bongiorno, CEO and Founder of Risely Health

Lauren Bongiorno

Lauren Bongiorno is a Nationally Board Certified Health Coach and the founder and CEO of Risely Health. Her team is challenging the current healthcare system and the world of diabetes management through innovative health coaching programs and online educational classes, helping people and families impacted by type 1 diabetes holistically transform their lives. Lauren has lived with type 1 diabetes since she was 7 years old and has experienced firsthand that when health transforms, so does everything else - our relationships, our time, our career, our families, and, most importantly, ourselves.

Risely Health's comprehensive virtual coaching, classes, and community offer an entirely new kind of freedom that has impacted thousands of people since 2015. Their success with client transformations and recognition in the community comes from lived experience with type 1 diabetes, expertise in mindset and behavior change, and dedicated ongoing support and accountability.


Taylor Scott

Taylor Scott is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. Taylor has experience teaching Diabetes Self Management Education classes and leading nutrition and diabetes-

related individual counseling, insulin adjustment and initiation, and training for blood glucose meters, continuous glucose meters and insulin pumps. She has her degree from Ohio State University and currently works as a dietitian and diabetes educator in Cleveland.

7 days of strategy and meal plan

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We're all about helping you get the most out of this guide and the best way to do that is through accountability. Our next community challenge is coming up soon and we'll all be going through the 7 day plan together. Have yours ready to go!

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