Cornerstone classes.

We offer online video classes, created for people living with diabetes and caregivers of T1D’s at all ages and levels of experience.


These classes are the cornerstone of type 1 diabetes management.

Here, we offer online video classes, created for people living with diabetes and caregivers of T1D’s at all ages and levels of experience.

All of our classes are taught by our founder, Lauren Bongiorno, developed in collaboration with our Medical Advisory Board, and include downloadable guides with lifetime access.

Each class is delivered digitally and packed with valuable resources, sustainable strategies, and flexible tools that will be transformational. The lessons are relevant to anyone living with diabetes, or caring for someone who is, no matter how recently you were diagnosed or how experienced you might be.

There is something here for everyone.

Cornerstone classes

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→ Instant access to your class of choice

→ Lifetime access to the 3 videos within the class

→ Applicable homework in each lesson and practical next steps to take with you

Cornerstone class series

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→ Instant access to a curated series of 3 related classes

→ Lifetime access to the 3 videos within the series

→ A unique, in-depth learning experience designed to support you in the multifaceted experience of living with T1D

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Cornerstone series.

Our curated series each include three related classes that compliment each other and provide an in-depth learning experience.

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Diabetes essential series

Starting with a strong foundation is the only way to keep growing and building higher. This series was designed for those who are newly diagnosed and those who are looking to enhance their foundational knowledge of T1D basics. From mindset and acceptance, to understanding insulin, and recognizing your blood sugar patterns, together the classes in this series build the groundwork for T1D success. Consider this series as a great starting point and the basis from which our other classes expand.

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Classes inside this series:
Becoming one with diabetes
Unlocking and optimizing the power of insulin
Identifying the patterns of your unique body
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Mindset and mental health series

Because T1D is just as mental and emotional as it is physical, this series was created to support your mind. The constant demands of T1D can be exhausting, so it's as essential to address mental health and mindset as it is to focus on blood sugar and A1C goals. T1D burnout, acceptance, and relationship with food are often linked together and this series covers all three.

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Classes inside this series:
Breaking free from T1D burnout
Becoming one with diabetes
Exploring your relationship with food

Insulin sensitivity series

This series focuses on understanding how insulin works at the cellular level and how to recognize insulin resistance is an important part of taking diabetes management to the next level. Knowing what we can incorporate to increase insulin sensitivity allows us to eat more carbs with fewer spikes and spend more time overall in range.

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Classes inside this series:
Stress: The silent factor in diabetes control
Increasing insulin sensitivity through exercise
Sleep: The missing piece in T1D education
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Questions we often get.

What’s included in each class?

Each class includes 3 video lessons on a particular topic. Each 25-30 minute class comes with a pdf download that follows the key notes and includes applicable homework and practical next steps to take with you. You have lifetime access to the classes once you purchase.

Can I use my HSA card for this?

Yes, with a diagnosis of diabetes, you can use HSA dollars to pay for Cornerstone Classes and coaching programs.

When can I watch the class?

As soon as you purchase the class, you will get a confirmation email with login information to the portal where you can dive right in!

Are these designed for people who are newly diagnosed?

The classes are created for people living with diabetes and caregivers of T1D’s at all ages and levels of experience. Whether you are newly diagnosed, a seasoned T1D, or a parent of a child with T1D, these classes will help you fill the gaps you face as you work to become more confident with diabetes.

Which class should I start with?

All of these classes compliment each other and provide a holistic in-depth learning experience. Picture a scale of 0-10 where 10 means that T1D isn’t a challenge for you at all and 0 is feeling completely overwhelmed by it. If you feel like your relationship to diabetes is at an 8 or below, we recommend getting the All Access pass. The all access pass gives you access to all of the classes (including future ones!) so you can get all of the educational support you need to start feeling more confident. If you’re feeling great about your diabetes and just need support with one thing, we encourage you to find that particular class and start there.