Cornerstone Classes

Overcome your biggest T1D challenges
with these online video classes.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

What if instead of feeling uncertain about your body’s patterns, trapped in a cycle of unpredictability, or limited to a restrictive regiment, you were finally able to work WITH your diabetes, understand your body’s nuances, and strategize to live your life without T1D holding you back?

Just imagine what’s possible when your diabetes isn’t an ever-present question mark.
By knowing more than the “count carbs and give insulin” guidelines you were given at diagnosis, you will be able to support your blood sugars, adjust accordingly, and operate from a place of confidence.

The Cornerstone Classes are designed for self-motivated, independent learners on a mission to fill the gaps in their education outside the endo’s office with knowledge and strategies that encompass the nuances of T1D.

Get curious about what your outcomes can be when you take ownership of your diabetes.


The missing pieces of education you need to live confidently with T1D.

This is for you if:

You leave your endo appointment with unanswered questions about how to manage day-to-day hurdles of T1D.

You’ve been told that you “just need to accept” a level of health that is below your personal standards.

You want more in-depth knowledge of your diabetes so you can make better choices for your body.

What's inside:

Educational content developed in collaboration with our Medical Advisory Board and taught by our founder, Lauren Bongiorno.

30-minute classes delivered digitally for lifetime access and packed with valuable resources, sustainable strategies, downloadable guides.

Comprehensive resource library designed for people living with diabetes at all ages and years of experience.

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Struggling with nutrition? Check out these classes.

  • Understand how factors beyond carbs impact post-meal blood sugars
  • Expand your knowledge of nutrition through the specific T1D lens
  • Learn effective strategies to increase sense of freedom + variety with foods
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  • Unpack how diabetes impacts your relationship with food 
  • Walk through a guided process to assess your needs & build trust with your body,  
  • Develop a philosophy around food that serves your health and values & get off the pendulum of extreme dieting for good.
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Struggling with exercise? Check out these classes.

  • Learn how to sustain your exercise of choice without sacrificing blood sugar stability
  • Understand what factors to consider and how to plan based on timing and type of activity
  • Eliminate the frustration of stopping to treat a low or spiking high after your workouts with specific strategies
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  • Master the fundamentals of insulin sensitivity
  • Understand how exercise contributes to insulin sensitivity
  • Learn how to strategically approach workouts to optimize benefits of insulin sensitivity
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Struggling with hormones? Check out these classes.

  • Learn how to stay in range overnight so that you can improve your quality of rest
  • Understand what your trends throughout the day are telling you about your sleep 
  • Recognize what factors impact your blood sugar overnight and how to address them
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  • Understand how stress hormones impact blood sugars 
  • Brainstorm daily stress reduction practices to improve insulin sensitivity
  • Recognize your personal stress patterns + learn how to support your blood sugars accordingly
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  • Understand your hormonal fluctuations to better manage your blood sugars
  • Discover how hormone changes impact insulin sensitivity
  • Learn how to sync your diabetes management with your menstrual cycle for optimal insulin sensitivity
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Struggling with mindset? Check out these classes.

  • Walk through 4 different phases of acceptance to feel more connected to your diabetes.
  • Process any grief or shame tied to your diagnosis
  • Learn how to take ownership of your health and integrate diabetes into your life sustainably.
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  • Shed light on the darkness of burnout: understanding what it is, how it shows up, where it comes from
  • Make space for your emotions and vulnerabilities with people who truly get it 
  • Meet yourself right where you are and learn how to navigate this part of your journey
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Struggling with overall T1D management? Check out these classes.

  • Break down the basics of your rates and ratios
  • Examine the pros and cons of pumps, pens, and shots
  • Understand the nuances of insulin so you can better advocate for yourself with your doctor
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  • Learn how to identify your body’s unique blood sugar patterns 
  • Understand what factors are driving your blood sugars up or down
  • Use your observations to make small changes that will have a huge impact on your trends, %TIR, and A1C
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  • Understand how to make adjustments to your T1D care when life takes you outside of your normal routine
  • Learn strategies that will help unfamiliar circumstances feel less daunting
  • Gain confidence and reduce stress around being spontaneous
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Cornerstone series.

Choose a curated series of three classes to immerse
yourself in an in-depth learning experience.

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Diabetes essential series

This series was designed for anyone newly diagnosed or looking to enhance their knowledge of T1D basics. From mindset and acceptance, to understanding insulin, and recognizing blood sugar patterns, these classes lay the groundwork for T1D success.

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Classes inside this series:
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Mindset Series

The constant demands of T1D can be exhausting, so it's as essential to address mental health and mindset as it is to focus on blood sugar and A1C goals. T1D burnout, acceptance, and relationship with food are often linked together and this series covers all three.

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Classes inside this series:
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Insulin sensitivity series

Understanding how insulin works at the cellular level and how to recognize insulin resistance is essential for taking diabetes management to the next level. If you want to eat more carbs with fewer spikes and spend more overall time in range, this series is for you.

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Classes inside this series:
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Food and Nutrition Series

This series encompasses the essential T1D nutrition strategies beyond carb counting to increase your sense of confidence and ability to enjoy food and with less stress and restriction. Anyone looking to have more food freedom without sacrificing their blood sugars will benefit from these classes.

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Classes inside this series:

A message from our founder

Cornerstone classes

One-Time payment of

→ Instant access to your class of choice

→ Lifetime access to the 3 videos within the class

→ Applicable homework in each lesson and practical next steps to take with you

Cornerstone class series

one-time payment of

→ Instant access to a curated series of 3 related classes

→ Lifetime access to the 3 videos within the series

→ A unique, in-depth learning experience designed to support you in the multifaceted experience of living with T1D


Questions we often get.

What’s included in each class?

Each class includes 3 video lessons on a particular topic. Each 25-30 minute class comes with a pdf download that follows the key notes and includes applicable homework and practical next steps to take with you. You have lifetime access to the classes once you purchase.

Can I use my HSA card for this?

Yes, with a diagnosis of diabetes, you can use HSA dollars to pay for Cornerstone Classes and coaching programs.

When can I watch the class?

As soon as you purchase the class, you will get a confirmation email with login information to the portal where you can dive right in!

Are these designed for people who are newly diagnosed?

The classes are created for people living with diabetes and caregivers of T1D’s at all ages and levels of experience. Whether you are newly diagnosed, a seasoned T1D, or a parent of a child with T1D, these classes will help you fill the gaps you face as you work to become more confident with diabetes.

Which class should I start with?

All of these classes compliment each other and provide a holistic in-depth learning experience. Picture a scale of 0-10 where 10 means that T1D isn’t a challenge for you at all and 0 is feeling completely overwhelmed by it. If you feel like your relationship to diabetes is at an 8 or below, we recommend getting the All Access pass. The all access pass gives you access to all of the classes (including future ones!) so you can get all of the educational support you need to start feeling more confident. If you’re feeling great about your diabetes and just need support with one thing, we encourage you to find that particular class and start there.