Testimonials by program

Tina B
May 11, 2022

The support and guidance the Family Group Coaching Program provides for T1D parents is vital. The information I am walking away with from doing this program is nothing like we received at diagnosis. We love our medical team, but the resources and knowledge we gained with Risely in addition to being with other parents going through the same thing has been nothing short of invaluable. 

Before coaching,  I felt overwhelmed about not keeping Lucy in range. Now, we not only have increased her time in range, but have a much better understanding of diabetes on a deeper level and know that every day is not going to be the same has helped shift our mindset to a more positive one.

I so valued Trista's unending support and her willingness to go above and beyond at making sure our questions were answered, concerns were addressed, and providing key information to help us in the management of Lucy's T1D.

Allison S
May 11, 2022

Before joining the Family Group Coaching Program we were dealing with rollercoaster blood sugars, not understanding enough about managing patterns. As a parent of a T1D, this made me feel both guilty and anxious. 

Coach Trista has supported me through acknowledging and working through my own worries around insulin which has improved my confidence in managing Kennedy’s blood sugars. Not only have my daughter’s number of high blood sugars decreased, the group coaching program gave me space as a parent to put my feelings and concerns out there to a group that understands; Being able to hop on at any moment and able to ask a question or find support was huge. 

To anyone thinking of joining - allow yourself to be vulnerable. We are here to learn and grow which is best achieved through being open minded and allowing that growth in. Because of this program, we are ready to tackle whatever diabetes throws at us! 

Monica B
December 20, 2021

Before going through the Family Coaching Program, we experienced feelings of guilt around my teenage daughter's type 1 diabetes diagnosis 3 years ago. This led to the development of short and long term fears as well. 

After coaching, we all feel more at peace with her diagnosis and feel that there’s help for her and us. We have both increased our confidence around T1D thanks to the family program. We feel more in control of diabetes and that we can continue to educate ourselves and have gained a community of support with other parents and coaches. The Family Program was extremely informative and we got to learn alongside and join other families living the T1D life. 

This high level of support continued to help us gain more knowledge, confidence & an overall peacefulness that we can share with our daughter. 

Angelique  W
December 20, 2021

Coming into the Family Coaching Program, I felt scared managing my daughter's type 1 diabetes. Every time Hope went low, my fears took over and controlled the way we treated it, which usually ended with us over doing the correction. 

After coaching, I feel much less anxious about daily T1D management. I no longer jump and over react to her lows. Thanks to the education provided in the program, I am able to control my emotions and safely care for and manage Hope’s T1D. We learned how to optimize diabetes pump technology to work in our favor, and work to lower Hope’s A1C. Thanks to all of these tools, Hope’s blood sugar during school days is much better, and we sleep through the night with better overnight blood sugar control. 

Aside from the education, the Family Program gave space to listen to other parents. This community left me feeling like we are not the only ones going through this. 

Collette R
August 24, 2021

Prior to this coaching program, I felt extremely anxious and worried about everything from food to exercise to hormones. There were so many challenges! Lack of knowledge. Lack of experience. Lack of support.

With Trista's support, I've learned as a mom how to manage Holley's T1D with more confidence, which has translated into Holley feeling like it does not have such a negative impact on her life. We are still learning and will continue to do so for the rest of Holley's life however now we feel so much more ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Trista was extremely professional, but also very friendly and kind. Trista went above and beyond - she truly, genuinely cares.

Cheryl B
August 24, 2021

Before this group coaching program I felt like if I couldn’t control the entire situation, then I couldn’t control Owen’s blood sugars. Example- if we didn’t stick to our schedule, or if I didn’t make the food myself and measure everything out then his numbers would be chaos. I felt limited, stuck, and trapped essentially by his T1D.

After coaching, we have seen drastic improvements in being able to manage his numbers and also the freedom that comes with it. I felt like this program really looked at the whole picture. Teaches parents how EVERYTHING affects blood sugars & not just how much insulin to give for carbs. Also, being able to see patterns & adjust how we handle that has been HUGE.

As a result we now have more spontaneous play dates, we all get more rest because of better overnight numbers, have more food freedom, and I am more overall confident in my ability to manage Owen’d T1D.

If you’re on the fence about this program, all I can say is DO IT!!!!!!!

Andrea H
August 24, 2021

I enrolled in this family group program because I was constantly feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, tired and guilty as a mom. I couldn't understand why I wasn't ‘getting it’.

Going through this program gave me so much more confidence to better understand her body, and that is huge. I have been able to get good night’s sleep for several more nights so I am more positive, patient and have more energy to do things with Ava. Her blood sugars have been more steady (T.I.R increased 46% to 57%) so she isn’t as irritable as she used to be.

I valued the connection with other parents in this program and the coaches are very professional and organized providing so much new information that was well planned and laid out. Professionalism is so important, but also being open and vulnerable. It's just a great combination of everything and I recommend it 10/10 to other parents!

The program is an investment, yet I knew I had to do it when my daughter said, "Of course you are going to do it. It's about my health!" This investment is not only for your child's health, but you and your family. You can't put a price on that.

Erin E
August 24, 2021

We all say we’d give anything to help our child with T1D. This is hands down the best time and money I’ve spent on supporting our son. And it’s had a positive impact on our whole family.

I joined because I was feeling tense, tightly wound, and irritable. I felt at odds with my husband because neither of us had a lot of confidence in how to manage type 1 diabetes.

Now with 76% time in range and an A1C that lowered from 7.0 to 6.4, we have expanded the choice of food George eats, have 5 hours of in range numbers during sailing, and we are more willing to try new things with less fear.I felt the entire time that Lauren and Trista had my back. I know that my husband and I have a shared trusted resource with whom we can voice all our concerns and receive direction. It’s no longer all on me.

I feel lighter and it was deeply reassuring to be led by two exceptional women who have lived with T1D for decades. As parents, you often wonder how things will “turn out” for your child with diabetes. These strong, brilliant, caring coaches fill me with the knowledge that our child can and will live an amazing life.

Kristin T
August 24, 2021

I saw what Lauren's team was doing for parents of T1D's and knew they could have a huge impact for families. I was thrilled when they launched the Family program - it met and exceeded my expectations. I connected with other parents and felt so much less alone. I took my diabetes health knowledge to the next level and feel empowered that I can navigate the challenges with T1D that will undoubtedly continue to arise for my son.

I am so busy with my career and our family life that I have struggled to carve out time to do the in depth research and learning about T1D more on my own. Committing to this program helped me dedicate the time and energy to taking my diabetes health knowledge to the next level. I have done other courses and masterminds in my professional world and found tremendous value from them. I knew going into the program that I learn very well in this type of group mastermind environment and I did learn a ton of new and useful information.

The certified diabetes educator at our endo's office is wonderful but she also doesn't live with T1D. Being able to learn from adults who have lived with T1D since childhood is powerful. Trista and Lauren were always prepared, polished and professional. Each weekly call was carefully thought out, planned and curated. Then handouts, reference charts, and "assignments" paired well with the theme of the week.

From the program, Henry's A1c lowered from 7.1% to 6.7% and increased time in range from 70 to 78%. My own mental health has also greatly improved just having all these new tools, knowledge and even new mom friends who "get it.

If you are struggling to gain a more comprehensive and wholistic knowledge base of all the many factors that go into managing your child's T1D - this course will give you the tools, the knowledge, and the support you need to help your child (and you) thrive!

Tara L
August 24, 2021

As a mom of a newly diagnosed teen, I felt Lauren and Trista did an amazing job helping us with the day to day struggles of diabetes.This coaching program helped us manage the day to day life with diabetes in such a positive way- learning how to use settings on the Omnipod better to have more challenging foods, understanding better strategies of how to manage crazy busy days.... everything in this coaching program focused on managing diabetes each day and how it might be different for each person.

James and our family now has an overall boost in confidence around navigating diabetes, school, and sports as he is entering high school! As he always says to me, these coaches are the "bomb.com!" Thank you for sharing your coaching with our family. It has been a true blessing.