Type 1 diabetes is more than a math problem to be solved.

It's an experience to be managed.

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Reclaim the life you deserve.
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You want a sense of freedom & balance living with type 1 diabetes.

But you may not feel supported, which leaves you lost or stuck in a cycle of frustration.

You shouldn't have to struggle alone.

You can stop struggling alone and finally experience freedom & confidence with T1D.

Before Risely, I felt like I had nowhere to turn for help. With an A1C of 8.4%, my doctor basically told me that I don’t care about my diabetes. My A1C at the end of 10 weeks (with Risely) blew me away: I lowered it to 6.7.  I feel like I have all the tools and resources internally to combat any challenge I face.


Before Risely, I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and defeated. I had lived with uncontrolled T1D for so long because I never prioritized my health. Now, I feel energized and in control, more confident and empowered. No more negative self-talk and beating myself up over blood sugars. I am finishing my program with 80% TIR and am writing this with tears of joy.


I thought my biggest challenge was bolusing for challenging foods and staying in range during exercise. In reality, it was my mindset. I've been so frustrated and resentful of my diabetes. After coaching, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel empowered by the community, education, and learning to trust myself.


Our coaches live with type 1 diabetes. We know exactly how frustrating it can be to navigate type 1 diabetes alone.

So we built a health coaching model that’s helped thousands of people reclaim the life they deserve.

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Your Best Plan

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1:1 Coaching

You work collaboratively with a coach to overcome personal obstacles, discover yourself, and renew your mindset for a transformed future.

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Our signature program brings you together with our coaches and a group of women for tactical coaching, accountability, and a T1D community bond like no other.

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Choose from a vast library of paid and free resources to help you take ownership of type 1 diabetes at your own pace.

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What to expect

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Our coaches who live with T1D collaborate with you to:

1. Find the root of what's holding you back.
2. Learn your patterns and discover strategies that work.
3. Create sustainable behavior change.

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Reclaim the life you deserve.

The 8.4 million people living with type 1 diabetes only have time to focus on the numbers in a typical 15-minute doctor's appointment. Personalized, integrative care for people living with T1D should focus on more than just A1C, insulin and carb counting.

Lauren Bongiorno launched Risely Health with Nationally Board-Certified Health Coaches who all live with type 1 diabetes. Our transformational model for coaching & education is leading a movement to redefine type 1 diabetes care so people can reclaim the life they deserve.

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