The T1D one-to-one coaching program.

A coaching program for people with T1D and parents of T1D children who desire deeper, more customized support outside of their doctor’s office.

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Lauren Bongiorno, CEO and founder coaching a type one diabetic wearing an omnipod
1:1 coaching program

Tailored support and dedication to you.

You and one of our diabetes health coaches will work together to help you break through obstacles, develop strategies to achieve goals, and re-program your mindset for a transformed future.

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who this is for

Personalized for every T1D—from rookie to pro.

Whether you were diagnosed yesterday, have lived with diabetes for 20+ years, or are a parent to a child with Type 1 Diabetes, you may feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Maybe you’ve realized that there’s way more to diabetes management than just counting carbs and giving insulin.

You have gone elsewhere for education, but feel like it’s all too general and not helpful enough for your own needs and challenges.
The physical, mental, and emotional frustrations weigh you down—not because you feel like diabetes is stopping you or your family from doing what you want to do—but because you feel like it's taking away the enjoyment, happiness, and overall quality of your life.

Type 1 diabetic changing pump site in the car
sound like you?

This program is made for you if...

Are newly diagnosed, have had T1D for 20+ years, or are a parent of a T1D child.

Are going through a specific transition in life and want support navigating it (for example: just diagnosed, career shift, pregnancy, getting married, moving, graduating college, kids changing schools or navigating growth hormones, etc.)

You desire a more intimate experience with personalized information and one-on-one time with one of our coaches.

Want to focus on a specific part of diabetes management, such as increasing your insulin sensitivity or developing a healthier mindset.

Have experienced burnout from other areas of life (work, relationships, etc.) that are making T1D impossible to prioritize.

Risely services do not replace medical care provided by a licensed professional. Risely coaches do not diagnose, cure, or treat diabetes.

My results from 1:1 coaching focused on factors beyond what I thought I needed to look at during all my years as a Type 1 Diabetic. I am a medical doctor myself, and the Risely coaching experience was truly so worth it.

Anna B.
T1D Risely client
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without risely

As a T1D, we have become conditioned to evaluating numbers.

It’s common to spend life with diabetes crunching numbers, evaluating data, and reacting to alarms and graphs. We spend most of our time trying to find the perfect, most efficient solutions.

The challenges you face with higher insulin resistance.

The fatigue you feel if your numbers are all over the place.

The anxiety and stress that will come with trying to be a perfectionist with numbers.

How to be autonomous in your rates and ratios, and needing to be adaptable.

with risely

But in our coaching programs, we dig into so many more important things, such as:

Managing your blood sugars during exercise and differing schedules from day-to-day.

How sleep, stress, and other hormones impact your body.

How to balance diabetes with other priorities like work or being a parent.

How to live with a disease so focused on nutrition, but have a healthy relationship with food.

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An expert coach can help YOU bring all the pieces together. It is one of the most valuable resources you can have on your journey with diabetes.

Our 1:1 clients:

Have worked on themselves outside their doctors office in some way (reading books, learning from social media, therapy).


May have pushed their diabetes aside in the past but are ready to take it on head first with a coach.


Value having accountability from a dedicated coach working with you 1:1 without any other distractions.

Risely services do not replace medical care provided by a licensed professional. Risely coaches do not diagnose, cure, or treat diabetes.

Meet your coaches.

Lauren Bongiorno, CEO and Founder of Risely Health

Lauren Bongiorno

Lauren Bongiorno is the Founder and CEO of Risely Health. When Lauren was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 7 years old, the cure was “just around the corner.” As she grew up, she and her family quickly realized that they couldn’t sit around and wait for that day to figure out how to live a full life despite diabetes. 

Lauren’s pivotal moment in her own T1D journey was when she was a junior in college, and was celebrated by her doctor for achieving a 5.7 A1C, even though she didn’t feel healthy or happy in her own body.

In that moment, she realized that success with diabetes is commonly viewed only as a set of numbers, and that it doesn’t take into account personal relationships with food, body, mental health, and each person’s unique needs, lifestyles, and patterns. 

From there, Lauren went on to find empowerment in her life by creating more awareness of her mindset and behaviors and how they connected to diabetes. Once she brought all of these pieces together, everything in life shifted. 
Lauren ultimately became a National Board-Certified Health Coach to help other people with type 1 diabetes create transformative outcomes for themselves. She has been able to see what’s missing in the traditional diabetes management model. And fill that gap.

Lauren lives on Long Island, New York, where she runs the company, spends time with her family, and stays active by finding all kinds of activities to challenge her body and keep it moving. Someday, she hopes to visit Peru, to see where her grandfather grew up. 

Since 2015, Lauren’s company has directly supported more than 5,000 people and families impacted by diabetes, and she’s just getting started.


Stacy Morse

Stacy is a believer in the power of knowledge, community, and relationships. 

She was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes at age 37; by this time, she had already started a family and established a career path. She found that juggling a new diagnosis, advancing in her career, and raising her children was intensely difficult. 

In an effort to understand how to better manage her own T1D, she began studying nutrition and joined the Decide and Conquer Bootcamp. The DCB strengthened her belief that connection with coaches and fellow diabetics makes facing health challenges less overwhelming and provides the necessary encouragement we need as T1Ds to thrive. 

After receiving a master’s degree in Nutrition, Stacy used her new education and her personal experience to start a small catering business, aimed at providing healthy meal alternatives for busy professionals. Stacy is now a National Board Certified Health Coach with a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas and an M.S. in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University.

Stacy lives in Loveland, Colorado, where she loves to walk with her pup and do strength training. She is also an HR professional and a Jayhawk! Someday she plans to hike a 14er. 

Stacy is committed to the idea that we are better together than we are on our own.

diabetes health coach
diabetes health coach

Trista Johnson

Trista is a National Board-Certified health coach who cares deeply about helping people to grow and change through the cultivation of self compassion. She loves to meet people in the moment and support them no matter where they are in their journey or where they want to go.

Her own journey overcoming hormone imbalances, insulin resistance, and relationship with food inspires her work with clients every day, and her work as an educator and learning specialist led her naturally into a role as a coach in our Family programs. 

Trista was born and raised in Vermont, where she developed an appreciation for the outdoors and healthy living. She credits her young diabetes confidence to the support she received from her father, who also lives with T1D. She had an active childhood that evolved into college athletics, traveling abroad, and interning for a women-owned business in Uganda. 

Even though Trista grew up with a father who also had T1D, she still struggled with a lot of challenges around blood sugars, self acceptance, and hormones during important years of her childhood and adolescence. Having been both a player and a coach; a student and an educator; and a coaching client of Lauren Bongiorno in 2017, over time Trista realized her true passion was applying her skills to coaching women and families of children with T1D. 

Trista now lives in Massachusetts where she enjoys walking, hiking, yoga, pilates, and strength training. She is also a certified yoga instructor and is a National Board-Certified Health Coach. She dreams of visiting all 50 states someday. 

Trista believes in the power of the coaching dynamic to help people overcome T1D challenges, create sustainable change, and infuse self-confidence and independence along the way.


Emily Petersen

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Public Health, Emily continued her search for her passions. Less than a year after graduating, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 23. After getting acquainted with others in the diabetes community, she found that the procedures and education provided for adults diagnosed with T1D were far less detailed than for children diagnosed.

In the face of underwhelming support from her healthcare team, she immersed herself in diabetes education materials and resources to learn how to manage her new condition without sacrificing the lifestyle she enjoyed. She formed a new care team with healthcare professionals who better supported her. However, even with guidance from the best in the field, she felt there was still a gap in the system where support was lacking.

Her newfound passion for diabetes led her to search for a career in diabetes care. Emily found Lauren and Risely’s social media pages and felt drawn to start her journey to become a health coach. The coaching industry fills the gap in the healthcare system that she discovered. She set out to become the additional support between doctor visits to help empower individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Emily added formal education to her independent learning after graduating from a diabetes specialty care company's NBHWC-approved training program. She will sit for the National Board Certification exam this fall. Working as a coach further proved to her the value a coach adds to an individual's health journey when paired to complement other healthcare professionals.

Emily's passion lies in helping others achieve simple and sustainable goals to manage diabetes more easily and enjoy life fully. She continues to seek guidance from professionals like dietitians, coaches, and therapists to foster a healthy relationship with her body, food, and diabetes management.

Emily lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with her husband. Outside of coaching, Emily enjoys exercising, cooking, playing board games, and traveling. Emily and her husband are paragliding pilots and spend their free time and vacations exploring different parts of the world. She dreams of visiting the Alps to paraglide where the sport was born.


Jehan Arafa Tappe

Jehan's passions in coaching include supporting people with diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses, helping fellow moms prioritize their care, and being open and vulnerable with those that love you. 

After being diagnosed at age 10, Jehan was blessed to grow up in a positive environment with supportive friends and family- even giving her nighttime injections at sleepovers! Growing up, Jehan and her family actively engaged in fundraising for a cure for diabetes and even met Miss America Nicole Johnson who has T1D. But like many, she still struggled with the mental load of diabetes, always trying to hide her struggles and put on a happy face for family and friends when inside, Jehan was suffering.

Jehan carried these feelings into adulthood, until finally opening up about the mental, physical, and emotional toll diabetes had on her, 24 years later. As a mom, she knew she had to prioritize her diabetes if she wanted to take care of her family – especially her husband and daughters who mean everything to her.

Before coaching, Jehan worked in the corporate world in HR and training. After having her first daughter, Jehan decided to shift to be a stay-at-home-mom. After a while, she knew she wanted to help people with type 1 diabetes as a career.

After going through Risely’s Group Coaching program, Jehan was inspired to pursue health coaching after her own personal transformation.

She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband of over 10 years and their two daughters. Outside of coaching, Jehan enjoys learning new skills in the kitchen, live music, staying active, car sing-alongs and eating al fresco. She hopes to learn Arabic with her daughters someday. She is currently working towards her NBHWC.

program details

What you’ll need to do to get started.


Apply for coaching.


Get on a call with a member of our Enrollment team to help pair you with the coach who best matches your personal needs and goals.


Start your 3 or 6 month coaching program and begin your transformation.

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Over my 6 months, I lowered my A1c to the lowest it has been in over a decade (7.0 down from 8.6), but more than that I am radiating with pride, self love, and empowerment that I know will help me be the best version of myself for years to come.

courtney j.
T1D Risely Client

Here’s what you’ll get.

3 or 6 months of coaching

Depending on what you need, we offer 3 or 6 month coaching programs. On your enrollment call, you’ll go over which plan is best for you to get you the transformation you desire.

Online 60 minute calls

7 or 14 personal  calls with your coach that are all recorded with notes so you can reference them at any time. These calls will be dedicated time to dive deep into your main questions and challenges. (These calls will take place on Zoom.)

Support in between calls

Access to your coach’s online communication channel for support Monday through Friday. A place to check in daily, navigate real time challenges, and have accountability through the program. (Our coaches use Slack as a communication tool.)

Post coaching alumni community

After you complete your program, you’ll be invited to join our Risely Alumni community. Here you’ll be introduced to other graduates of our programs and you will have access to alumni content, events, and continuing support.


Your next steps.

If you know you need this program, then fill out the application below. We will review each application individually and if we feel you would be a good fit, we'll email you within 48 hours to schedule an enrollment call. Make sure to check your spam mail so you don’t miss an email from our team.

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Questions we often get.

What is health coaching?

At the root, health coaching helps you get “unstuck” by helping you develop the tools and strategies to become aware of your blocks and patterns so that you can move forward towards the vision you have for yourself.

Risely’s coaching methodology is rooted in behavior change, published research, and our own internal client data collection. We focus on putting you in the driver’s seat and working alongside you to identify the gaps in your knowledge, give you the accountability and relatability you need, and help you with implementation and creating sustainable change.

Yes it’s about helping you improve your blood sugars, but it’s also about helping you discover who you can be when diabetes isn’t in the way.

Risely services are not a substitute for licensed healthcare providers and do not replace medical care.

How do I decide if 1:1 or group coaching is best for me?

Our group coaching sessions are offered at specific times throughout the year, with programs designed for people living with T1D and programs designed for families. If you are looking for an environment that offers a deep sense of community or you want to learn from and share experiences with other people who are going through some of the same things as you, then group coaching is a great choice. 1:1 coaching is ideal if you are going through a very specific life change, such as moving or graduating or getting pregnant, and you want a personalized, focused approach. You’ll have a coach dedicated to working with you to help you make the changes you want to make and to follow your progress closely along the way. If you’re still not sure, reach out to us at to set up a phone call with our Director of Enrollment. Jess will be able to help you determine the best program and the best coaches for you.

Do you coach males and females?


Is 1:1 coaching available for parents of T1D children?


Is 1:1 coaching available for children?

Currently our Family coaching is designed for parents/caregivers of children with T1D under 18, and we often work with the child in these sessions as well. We can discuss this more in an enrollment call after applying.

Do you offer coaching to people outside the United States?

We are proud to offer coaching internationally. Whether you live inside or outside the U.S., our coaching is available to you. Program graduates over the last year were based in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., Kuwait, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, and Dubai.

Can you use HSA for the coaching program?

Yes, with a diagnosis of diabetes, you can use HSA dollars to pay for Cornerstone Classes and coaching programs.