Who we are.
What we stand for.

Risely brings together trusted coaches, educational classes, and a judge-free T1D community, so you can meet your needs for long-term health, confidence, and freedom.


Here’s what makes us different.

Risely exists for one simple reason—to help you transform.  Lowering A1C numbers is important, but raising your confidence to take control of your life is too. We empower individuals and families struggling with type 1 diabetes to holistically transform their lifestyle, their health, and their future.


It’s time to redefine type 1 diabetes.

At Risely, our approach is comprehensive, not cookie-cutter. Our coaching is personalized to your body, your specific goals, and your history. It’s grounded in sustainable tools and evidence-based education. And it’s supported by a deeply invested community that journeys with you every step of the way.


Reclaim the rise.

That arrow up. An ascending CGM line. An elevated A1C. Type 1 diabetes has given rise a bad reputation. But we think it’s time we reclaim it.

We’re here to rise above our diagnosis.
Rise beyond our limitations.

That’s why we created Risely.

To reclaim the rise.


Meet the dream team.

All of our coaches have navigated T1D personally, so we’re uniquely equipped to guide you through this experience using the same strategies and knowledge that transformed our own diagnoses. Yes, we want to help you lower your A1C, but we also want to help you radically experience ownership of your life again. Because when our health transforms, so does everything else—our relationships, our time, our careers, and most importantly, ourselves.

Lauren Bongiorno.

CEO, Founder and Head Coach
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Jessica Bonilla.

Director of coaching
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Trista Johnson.

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Stacy Morse.

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Note from our founder.

“When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 7, my parents taught me that it wasn’t going to stop me from doing anything. The biggest lesson I’ve learned through my own experience is that there’s a difference between letting diabetes slow you down and slowing down to nurture your diabetes and health. By doing the latter, I was able to find a freedom and happiness in my life that I’d never had before. I’ve lived the transformation. It’s what brought me here.”

Risely TEAM

First we formed an idea,
then we formed our team.

Lauren Bongiorno.

CEO, Founder and Head Coach

Amanda Klag.

Director of Operations

Jessica Bonilla.

Director of coaching

Trista Johnson.


Stacy Morse.


Kate Klein.

Admin and Community Manager

Emma Plehal.


Simone Scanga.


Justine Colon.

Content Manager

Change happens when we bring different perspectives to the table.

We work in conjunction with a passionate team of advisors who bring varied perspectives and decades of unique experience to Risely, helping us deepen our knowledge and inform our approach as coaches. This holistic system allows us to stay on top of crucial diabetes research and news, create better experiences for our community, and make a powerful and positive impact on the future of diabetes care together.

clinical psychologist

Dr. Elana Dumont

Dr. Elana Dumont is a NY State licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in working with children, teens, and adults with mood and anxiety disorders. She also has a special interest in treating individuals and families with chronic illness.

She was previously the clinical director of the Trauma Program at the Child & Family Institute and now works as a private school psychologist and runs her own private practice.

Dr. Dumont was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 22 years old. She is passionate about being on this advisory board to help improve patient outcomes and improve the diagnosis journey from a mental health perspective.

healthcare leadership

Nick Guarino

Educator, brand builder, and strategic thinker, Nick Guarino is a Territory Business Manager with Insulet Corporation, the makers of the OmniPod Insulin Management System. He has spent the last five years driving positive results within sales and operations, and prior to his current role in Boston he launched Insulet’s Salt Lake City office.

Nick has lived with type 1 diabetes since the age of 12. His desire to help other individuals that live with diabetes prosper and excel is what fuels his passion to provide support, technology, and education that results in people living more positive and fulfilling lives. Nick received a B.S in Business and Marketing at Assumption University while competing as a highly successful member of the men’s lacrosse team. He is currently pursuing an M.B.A from Bryant University with a concentration in healthcare leadership. Nick's hobbies include running, hiking, lacrosse, and being outdoors. Despite the challenges presented by diabetes, Nick has used his empathy and adaptability to meet and exceed both his professional and personal goals. He also makes an excellent pasta carbonara dish...despite all the carbs that come with it (make sure to bolus)! Nick is excited to join the team, share his experience to improve outcomes, and support others living with diabetes so they too can reach their goals.


Caitlin Crawford

Caitlin works as an RN, CDCES, and Program Manager at a major children’s hospital in Boston. She has been working with children who have diabetes and their families over the last two years. She is passionate about helping to implement a more holistic approach in diabetes management within the medical field.

Caitlin has also lived with type 1 diabetes since she was eleven years old and is a Decide + Conquer Bootcamp graduate!
After graduating from Wellesley College with a B.A. in Neuroscience, she received a Master’s in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s in Nursing from Boston College to be a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Before entering the medical realm, she worked as a high school biology teacher/athletic coach at a prep school in Connecticut.

Caitlin is also an avid sports fanatic, as she competed on both the women’s lacrosse and field hockey teams in college. Her passions include cross-country skiing, her peloton, hiking, the Patriots, the beach, reading, checking out new restaurants in Boston, and Trader Joe’s. Throughout her time with diabetes she has proven to herself that diabetes is just another asset and she hopes to help other people recognize this as well. She is excited to join the team and continue to help patients of all ages reach their potential.

CDCES and Dietician

Taylor Riggs

Taylor Riggs is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist living in Columbus, Ohio. She has lived with Type 1 diabetes for almost 20 years and is passionate about helping other people with diabetes live full and healthy lives. Taylor currently works as a Clinical Services Manager at Insulet Corporation and enjoys helping patients and healthcare providers learn about diabetes technology.

Outside of work, she loves all things travel, wellness, and the Ohio State Buckeyes! She has had the privilege of living in several different cities over the last few years including Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Pittsburgh and loves exploring new places any chance she gets. She is also the author of the cookbook Real Food, Real Simple, published in 2017, which aims to show others that healthy eating doesn’t have to be complex or intimidating. Taylor believes that type 1 shouldn’t stand in the way of living life to the fullest, and strives to be an example of that to those she works with.