Staying motivated with T1D

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July 16, 2024

Someone asked us in our newsletter Q+A: "How do you stay motivated long-term? I have tried many methods to keep on track of my blood sugar readings but always find that after a week or so I slip back into old habits."

If you currently feel like you’re passively living with T1D, still operating with the same knowledge/tools you have been for a while, and putting effort in but not feeling a whole embodiment of confident energy in return... this is for you!⁣

Think of this pyramid as a guide to see the necessary levels of inner work it takes to experience freedom and confidence with your T1D. Where are you on the pyramid and what does your trajectory of growth look like? 

We've seen thousands of T1Ds transform their life by working through all 4 phases. ⁣

It takes a lot of work, but it is the biggest return on your investment when you finally have more energy, mental space, and presence in your day to day.

The 4 components (in order):⁣

1.Prioritization + Union of diabetes + self: The decision to accept that diabetes is a major piece of your happiness as a person and the commitment to making it a priority in a way you haven’t before.⁣ This comes FIRST and is the base of the pyramid for a reason. If you are getting stuck on 2-4, you might need to put work in here first.

2.Higher level understanding of individual patterns and body: This includes moving towards autonomy + trust in yourself. Focus is on: insulin dosing, exercise, hormones, nutrition, relationship with food, understanding your habits, etc.⁣

3.Emotional Regulation: The ability to control how you feel in response to all the demands of diabetes. Including self worth, energy, mental calmness, + composure.⁣

4. Consistency, repetition + adaptability: Improving through consistent + cohesive effort that you make each day.⁣ This means not thinking one bad blood sugar or tough day erases all of your effort and work before. You take these moments, days, weeks in stride and remember that forward is a pace.

These components take time, strategy, and - for some- guidance to build. If you’re looking for more support on this, apply for coaching and talk to our team.

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