Diabetes tips

3 Things to Keep in Mind on Tough Blood Sugar Days

June 8, 2023

No matter how well you manage your T1D, sometimes your numbers just don’t cooperate. Tech issues, expired insulin, sickness, or other unexpected circumstances happen to ALL of us.
In episode 66 of the Reclaim Your Rise podcast, Lauren shares about the worst high blood sugar day she's had in a while.

Here are three things she shared that help her deal with these tough blood sugar days.

1. Remember to treat it as math

Diabetes is a numbers game, and sometimes the numbers just don't add up. Even when you're doing everything right, your blood sugar may not respond accordingly. Remember that sometimes, diabetes is just gonna diabetes. Treat it like a math problem and make adjustments accordingly, without beating yourself up.

2. Take it out of the shadows

Don't pretend you're okay if you're not. It's okay to admit that diabetes is hard and that you're struggling. Talk to someone you trust about how you're feeling. Whether it's a friend, family member, or healthcare provider, sharing your feelings can help you feel less alone. **Definitely helps to talk to someone else who has T1D and can fully relate!

3. Don't compare yourself to your "normal" self

On tough blood sugar days, it's easy to compare yourself to what you normally accomplish on any other day. But it's important to honor what your body needs in the moment. Show yourself grace, compassion, and love. Take care of yourself and remember that tomorrow is a new day.

Ask yourself, "how often am I having these tough days?" If you’re consistently struggling or repeatedly find yourself “back at square one” with your blood sugars, know that it’s not YOU. You are doing the best with what you have and it might be time to seek outside support to help you move past your roadblocks and find more stability and freedom in your life with T1D. Learn more about our coaching programs and apply HERE.