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3 traits every T1D should build

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July 16, 2024

Are you the type of T1D that feels like you’re always struggling?

Or are you at a place where your diabetes doesn’t really feel as difficult all the time?

If you’re in the first group, I need to ensure you: it doesn’t have to feel like that.

You can make the transition from “I’m struggling,” to “My diabetes doesn’t feel as difficult all the time,” too.

⁣(And if you find yourself in the 2nd group, let me know if the traits below resonate with you, or if you’ve got any of your own to add!)

Out of all the clients my team and I have coached since 2015, there are 3 traits we help build that we notice really create a strong foundation for transforming their relationship with each person’s diabetes.

I know there is a lot that needs to happen to help people make the jump from constantly feeling weighed down by T1D, to really feeling like diabetes is less of a struggle in your daily life, but you have to start somewhere.

👉Below are the top 3 traits that my current clients build as they conquer their T1D goals.

Let’s get into it!


We live in a very hectic and busy world. Some of us are a parent, or student, or spouse, or working 2 jobs… It can feel really hard, or even impossible to make any “me time.”

But, believe it or not, prioritizing yourself now will ironically allow you to spend less time worrying and thinking about diabetes in the long run.

The time you spend on yourself, prioritizing yourself, will truly allow you to shift into a routine where diabetes is no longer a constant energy drain in the background of your life, holding you back from the things you want to do.

You’ve got so much to accomplish in this life and the ONLY way to do that is to develop a habit of respecting yourself enough to put yourself on a pedestal sometimes and seriously ask for what YOU NEED.

That means putting yourself and your health first.

Once you do that, your habits, actions, and support level up in a big way, and you more easily become the person you’re desiring to be.


 We’ve all got our favorite ways to hold ourselves back…⁣

  • Giving up before starting
  • ⁣Pretending you have it under control when you don’t⁣
  • Thinking,  “The hole I dug is too deep to get out of now, why try?"
  • ⁣Saying, “I’ll have to sacrifice too much”⁣

All of these things are NATURAL reactions when you challenge yourself to change.⁣ They will come up every time, whether you’re thinking about your nutrition, your A1C, your exercise regime… any time change is on the horizon.

None of these false beliefs are helping you, and this self-sabotage will only continue to be a recurring pattern unless you call it out, understand it’s roots, and then do the work to move past it.

You’ll always have an excuse for not trying… So instead of listening to the negativity and taking it at face value, try this instead: slow down.

Listen to the excuses, look at the roadblocks, and try to identify your own patterns.

Then you can start to build new, healthier habits. And that starts with BELIEVING you can.


⁣If you want to build a strong house in the most enjoyable and fastest amount of time, you create a blueprint and follow it through.

You don’t deviate, you don’t skimp out, you don’t say, “it can wait.”

You make the foundation and the frame the focus first, knowing it will be hard work in the beginning. But once it’s built, you can enjoy the hard-earned pay off: the beautiful living room and the big bright kitchen.

Maintenance will still take effort, but it won’t be as hard as starting from scratch. Plus, you can have peace knowing it’s a solid house because you were there, you built the foundation.

(I’m sure you knew from the beginning that I was going to compare this to diabetes. Well, you were right.)

The same goes go for diabetes.

No plan = more pain.

But it doesn’t have to be this hard, I can promise you that.⁣

It’s in this type of work that you will create long-lasting outcomes because you’ve taken the time to create solid foundations.

Consistency comes from building a habit consistently, over time. There’s no avoiding that part.

But just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, even a house with a killer blueprint can’t be built in a day.

Major change simply won’t come overnight.

So, instead of thinking about magically changing into the person you want to be, just pick one of the traits above to work on strengthening!

How do you think applying it in your life could make a difference in how you feel from day to day? How about long term? Seriously envision that!!

Put this trait in front of mind for the next week and see how it makes you feel.

If you really do it, let me know how it goes!! And feel free to DM me on Instagram with what your own flavor of self-sabotage is. (Mine was the spicy fear that prioritizing my T1D meant it would become my whole identity.)
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