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4 tiers of diabetes management to address if you're trying to lower your A1C

July 16, 2024

If you currently feel like you’re passively living with T1D, still operating with the same knowledge/tools you have been for a while, and putting effort in but not feeling getting where you want to be... this is for you!⁣

This is Risely’s take on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - we’re looking at diabetes management from the angle of what needs we need to have met in order to be able get to a place of full empowerment.
Imagine a triangle where the bottom is need number one, and then it goes up to the top, which is need number four.

Think of this pyramid as a guide to the necessary levels of the inner work and what your trajectory of growth could look like when you have a full system in place that goes beyond just the basics of carbs and insulin.

⁣Working on these layers in depth outside my endo’s office completely transformed my life and I don’t say that lightly.⁣ It took a lot of work, but the return was having room for so much more of “me” in my life, and being able to coach others do the same.⁣

The 4 Tiers (in order):⁣

  1. Prioritization + Union of diabetes + self: The decision to accept that diabetes is a major piece of your happiness as a person and the commitment to making it a priority in a way you haven’t before.⁣

  1. Higher level understanding of individual patterns and body: This includes moving towards autonomy + trust in yourself. Focus being- insulin dosing, exercise, hormones, nutrition, relationship with food, weight management, habits, ect.⁣

  1. Emotional Regulation: The ability to control how you feel in response to all the demands of diabetes. Including self worth, energy, mental calmness, + composure.⁣

  1. Consistency, repetition + adaptability: perfecting your craft through consistent + cohesive on going effort that you make each day.⁣

These are ALL components that take strategy to build. If you’re looking for more support on this, listen to the full podcast episode linked at the top of this post or explore our coaching programs.

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