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The Reality of Getting Diagnosed with T1D as an Adult

August 30, 2022

Getting diagnosed with T1D is tough at any age but today on the podcast we are talking with Coach Stacy Morse about the specific challenges of being diagnosed as an adult.

Stacy was diagnosed with type one diabetes as an adult at the age of 36. She had already established her life as a wife, a mom, and a professional. T1D was not part of her identity and she struggled to learn how to care for her health while also caring for her two young kids,   working full time, and living the life she had created for herself.  

Fast forward to now and Stacy has her master's degree in nutrition, works full-time as an HR professional and part-time as a national board-certified health coach on the Risely Health coaching team.

In this episode we talk about how she navigated that turning point in her life, including…

  • What it’s like being diagnosed with T1D as an adult 
  • How not being able to achieve perfection with diabetes can lead to avoidant behavior 
  • What it feels like to lower your A1C only to see it go back up again
  • How to overcome the feeling of failure associated with our A1C and TIR numbers 
  • How we, as type ones, sometimes contribute to the invisible disease label
  • How working on your mindset can create huge shifts for your life
  • … and so much more!!! 

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Disclaimer: Nothing you hear on the Reclaim your Rise podcast should be a substitute for personalized professional medical advice. Please always consult your physician or other medical professional before making any changes to your diet, insulin dosages, or healthcare plan.

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