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Overcoming Perfection in Parenting with the World’s Worst Diabetes Mom Stacey Simms

January 10, 2023

Our guest today is the wonderful Stacey Simms. This episode is absolute gold for parents and caregivers of kids and teens with type one diabetes. 

You may already know Stacey if you listen to the Diabetes Connections Podcast. She is a podcast host, award-winning broadcaster and speaker, as well as the author of two diabetes parenting books The World's Worst Diabetes Mom and Still the World's Worst Diabetes Mom.

Stacey’s son Benny was diagnosed with T1D in December of 2006, one month before he turned two years old. He’s now eighteen! 

In this episode we discuss…

  • What stages of Benny’s childhood were the hardest to navigate with T1D
  • The balance of when to keep diabetes in the background vs. when to bring it to the forefront
  • Helicopter parenting 
  • The detrimental mindset of comparing your child's numbers to other T1D’s numbers
  • How to get out of chasing perfection with blood sugars as a parent

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Check out Stacey Simms’s “Still The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom” on Amazon and wherever you buy books and at If you buy through the website, you can get a signed copy and use the promo code “Risely” for free shipping! 

 Learn more about Stacey’s MOM’S NIGHT OUT event HERE.

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