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89. Misdiagnosed: my dad's complicated journey to a T1D diagnosis at 64 years old

November 7, 2023

It’s the thing I wish I didn’t have in common with my dad, but he’s back on the show after his T1D diagnosis this year after a T2D misdiagnosis. Join me and my dad, Peter Bongiorno, for a candid conversation about his confusing road to a correct diagnosis, the wild moment I had a suspicion that he was Type 1, his outlook on the disease, letting go of control, his inspiration from parenting me, and his recommendations for getting a correct diagnosis. 

Time Stamps:  

  • (10:14) Peter’s medical history and the confusing road to a correct diagnosis
  • (12:30) Peter’s mindset when he was first told he was pre-diabetic 
  • (13:35) His aortic aneurysm diagnosis 
  • (17:14) Lauren’s panic attacks and mental health distress around her father’s aneurysm
  • (21:06) His extreme diet changes and how nothing was working to maintain his A1C
  • (24:53) His reaction when his A1C comes back at 7.1 in December 2022 and getting on Metformin for Type 2 Diabetes
  • (26:10) Lauren “wakes up” and has T1D suspicions for her father
  • (32:34) The marker tests for T1D that Peter took and getting back the results 
  • (35:22) Why Lauren was uncertain if he had T1D for the longest time and a common reason for misdiagnosis with T2D.
  • (40:04) His outlook on his diagnosis, letting go of control, being courageous, and his inspiration from Lauren
  • (57:14) Peter’s recommendations for people who are concerned they are being misdiagnosed

What to do now: 

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Disclaimer: Nothing you hear on the Reclaim your Rise podcast should be a substitute for personalized professional medical advice. Please always consult your physician or other medical professional before making any changes to your diet, insulin dosages, or healthcare plan.

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