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I Got Married! Wedding Day Recap with my Bridesmaid and Husband

September 27, 2022

Coming to you today with an extra special life update episode. I got married! I recorded this podcast with my best friend and Bridesmaid, Allison Cucci after my honeymoon so I could give you a full wedding debrief. 

⁣Make sure you listen to the end of the episode because my husband Kris joins us for a rapid-fire Q+A 💍🔥

Allison and I have been best friends since we were 15, so who better to interview me about one of the most special days of my entire life?!

I answer all of her juicy questions including… 

  • How did I manage my blood sugars on the big day? 
  • What were the big emotional standout moments for me?
  • What were the non-traditional elements of my wedding day?
  • What part of wedding planning did I enjoy the most and what part did I enjoy the least?
  • Is there anything I would do differently if I could redo the wedding? 

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