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Conquering Fear of Hypos and Reducing T1D Anxiety with DCB graduate Cristiana Silva

August 2, 2022

In this week’s episode I’m joined by Decide and Conquer Bootcamp January 2022 graduate Cristiana Silva. 

Cristiana is 29 years old and has lived with type one diabetes for 18 years. Before Cristiana joined the DCB, she had a debilitating fear of lows. This fear created intense anxiety that not only impacted her relationships but also detracted from her overall quality of life. 

We discuss her transformation along with…

  • Her process of increasing her time in range from below 50% to 70% 
  • The moment that pushed her over the edge and started her journey to reclaim confidence and empowerment with her T1D
  • The mindset shift that helped her tackle her anxiety in a sustainable way 

If you have a fear of lows, this episode is going to resonate with you!  

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