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Breast Cancer and T1D: A Story of Divine Timing and the Power of Community with Nikki Abara

June 6, 2023

We have a remarkable guest on the show today, Nikki Abara. 

I first met Nikki in January 2021 when she came to Risley for coaching after living with type one for 42 years. She is a pediatric ER nurse, wife, and mother. 

After dedicating her life to caring for others, she finally realized that she needed support in prioritizing her own health, so she joined the DCB. Nikki’s A1C before joining was an 8.3 with 40% time in range and, after coaching, she was able to lower it sustainably to a 6.6 with 80% time in range. 

Nikki was feeling healthy and unstoppable… before an unexpected turn of events. In February 2022, at 43 years old, she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. 

In this emotional episode, Nikki shares her journey of navigating her cancer diagnosis with T1D. You will be shocked when you hear what happened with Nikki's blood sugars and A1C during treatment. Her story really shows how resilient type one diabetics can be in the face of major challenges.

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