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94. Steal my go-to strategy for quickly lowering my blood sugar

November 23, 2023

You won’t hear this hot tip from doctors. I tried this hack a couple of years ago in an airplane bathroom, and I couldn’t believe how effective it was at lowering my blood sugar. And when I shared it on Instagram, it took off, much to my surprise! This is why I’m dedicating a short and sweet episode all about it, especially for the holiday season. Let’s learn how to work WITH our bodies to support our blood sugars! 

Time Stamps:  

  • (04:24) Stacking insulin and “rage bolusing”
  • (06:10) The story of how this strategy came to be
  • (09:50) My hack catches on in the community
  • (11:03) Addressing the haters and clearing up any confusion
  • (13:07) Bonus tip: pay attention to what body part your pump is on 
  • (14:52) Your “homework” this week


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Disclaimer: Nothing you hear on the Reclaim your Rise podcast should be a substitute for personalized professional medical advice. Please always consult your physician or other medical professional before making any changes to your diet, insulin dosages, or healthcare plan. 

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