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78. Getting Diagnosed with T1D via Tiktok, Nerding Out Over Diabetes tech, and Long Covid with Justin Eastzer

August 22, 2023

I cannot wait for you to listen to today’s episode with special guest, Justin Eastzer! 

Justin was diagnosed with T1D in May 2021, and with the help of the diabetes community on TikTok, was inspired to document his journey. His goal was to educate and help others feel less alone as he learned how to manage his diabetes. He has continued to share his experiences and diabetes management on social media in an effort to provide more education, support, and self-love in the diabetes community. 

In this episode, we discuss...

  • The health diagnosis Justin experienced at the age of 21 that prepared him in a unique way for his T1D diagnosis years later
  • The exciting new ways that the world of diabetes tech advancements is progressing
  • The DIY looping community and why Justin uses it over a commercial insulin pump 
  • The effect long haul Covid has had on Justin’s life with T1D 

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