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68. Discussing Maternal Well-Being and Why 94% of Mothers are Burned Out with T1D Mom Erin Erenburg

June 14, 2023

I am so excited for our guest today who is a graduate of Risley's coaching program for parents of kids with TID diabetes, Erin Erenberg. 

Erin is a mother of three children, attorney, founder, and CEO of Totum Women - a community-powered platform supporting working mothers. She is also the executive director and president of the Chamber of Mothers, which advocates in Congress for national paid leave, affordable and consistent childcare, and focuses America's priorities on mothers' rights. 

Her oldest son George was diagnosed with T1D at age 7 in May 2020 during the height of COVID.

Today we talk about...

  • The different roles Erin and her husband fell into after George’s TID diagnosis
  • The importance of getting to the root cause of your child acting out
  • The relationship she developed with George’s school nurse
  • The stages of grief and heightened emotions she experienced with George’s diagnosis and her journey to finding peace and acceptance

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