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Skin care for type one diabetes

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June 8, 2023

Ever take a step out of the shower and in your reflection notice all the bumps and bruises on your body from your shots/pumps/cgm marks?⁣

While these imperfections are nothing to be ashamed of, there ARE a few things you can do to accelerate healing and improve your skin’s appearance.

⁣These are the top recommendations from the Risely coaches and community:


Site Rotation
This is the best preventative thing you can do to prevent scar tissue build up. We all have our favorite area to use but mixing it up is so important for maintaining healthy sites and insulin absorption.Pro tip: alternate between 6 different sites and go clockwise so you remember easily!⁣

Protective barriers
If you have really sensitive skin, you might benefit from using a protective barrier between your skin and the device adhesive.

Some popular recommendations:
- Skin Tac which improves adhesive and protects the skin (and its counter product, Tac Away, to ease adhesive removal without damaging the skin)
- Flonase Spray
- Check out this list of recommendations from Dexcom.

Increase insulin sensitivity
Some people notice that with increased insulin sensitivity and reduced insulin intake, there is less build up of scar tissue under the skin. This Cornerstone Class Series is a great place to start if you aren’t sure how to increase your insulin sensitivity.


Dry brushing
Try incorporating this a few times a week before you get in the shower. Gentle circles and strokes around your site areas help exfoliate the dead skin and increase circulation to the area for healing. Grab Lauren's favorite dry brush.

Using a hydrocolloid bandage
When used after removing a site, this can support faster healing

Applying Vitamin E, rose, and jojoba oils
Rose oil and jojoba oil are healing and soothing to irritated skin. Vitamin E oil can also help reduce scarring.


Have any of these tips worked for you? What should we add to the list?