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Prebolusing 101

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June 8, 2023

T1D Truth: timing of insulin is equally as important as the amount of insulin we're taking.

Pre-bolusing is a term used to describe taking your rapid-acting insulin dose before you eat, usually 15-20 minutes before, depending on the circumstances. This gives your insulin time to be absorbed in your body so that when you start eating, it’s ready to lower your blood glucose level.

Factors that impact prebolusing:

  • your blood sugar level going into a meal
    - at the higher end of your range or above? This might warrant a longer prebolus time to allow your blood sugar to come down going into the meal
    - at the lower end of your range or below? Prebolusing might not be necessary and could just make you lower.
  • the macronutrient make up of your meal
    - eating high glycemic carbs like fruit, desserts, or processed snacks? These foods break down quickly into glucose, so giving your insulin “a head start” can help prevent a dramatic spike
    - eating high fat, high protein, or high fiber carbs? These foods break down slowly so giving your insulin too far in advance might cause a low.
  • Post meal activity
    - If you’re going to be taking a walk or moving around after you eat, this can impact the optimal timing of dosing your insulin.

Paying attention to the timing of your insulin can reduce post-meal high blood sugars, which can have a positive impact on your relationship with food and your diabetes.

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