3 of the biggest T1D stories of April 2024

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April 26, 2024

April is already over?! It’s almost time to stock up on sunscreen and put those winter clothes in the attic. Here are 3 of the biggest T1D stories to hit the news this past month:

1 // Humalog & Novolog shortages: Eli Lilly has begun shipping 10mL vials of Humalog again and believes they’ll be able to catch up to patient demands soon.  Novo Nordisk also has a shortage of 10mL vials of NovoLog but has plenty of stock of their FlexPens and PenFill. Read more here: https://www.jdrf.org/press-releases/jdrf-statement-and-update-on-insulin-shortage/

2 // Twiist insulin pump unveiled by CEO Alan Lotvin: The new Twiist insulin pump powered by the Tidepool Loop algorithm announced in March is finally seen on Stacey Simms Diabetes Connections podcast. It’s FDA-approved and will be available later this year. Quick video showing Twiist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wj0egIRnfg

3 // Trial studying beta cell stimulation for T1D: Biomea Fusion is in a Phase 2 Trial of BMF-219, an oral medication that helps block a protein, preventing beta cells from growing too much. This could allow beta cells to be restored over time, which has been successful in Type 2 Diabetes trials. More info: https://diatribe.org/join-trial-studying-beta-cell-stimulation-type-1-diabetes