Reclaim your rise podcast with host lauren bongiorno

Reclaim your Rise

Engaging guest interviews, implementable takeaways, and candid conversations about the lessons Lauren is currently learning… all tied together by our belief that when our health transforms, so does everything else- our relationships, time, career, families, and, most importantly, ourselves.


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So what does it mean to “reclaim your rise?”

Usually “rise” has a bad reputation with diabetes - a high A1c, a spike in blood sugars, a CGM arrow up.

At Risely, we believe it’s time to rewrite that narrative. 

We’re here to… 

Rise above rise above your diagnosis.Rise beyond your limitations.Rise beyond the past outcomes to look to future possibilities for yourself.

Latest Episodes

Lauren Bongiorno, CEO and founder of risely health wearing an omnipod

Meet your Host

“When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 7, my parents taught me that it wasn’t going to stop me from doing anything. The biggest lesson I’ve learned through my own experience is that there’s a difference between letting diabetes slow you down and slowing down to nurture your diabetes and health. By doing the latter, I was able to find a freedom and happiness in my life that I’d never had before. I’ve lived the transformation. It’s what brought me here.”