Reclaim your Rise Podcast

Why I’m making space to slow down, how to come back to center when you’re stressed out, and what happens when you don’t listen to your body.

May 13, 2022

Coming to you today with a special BONUS episode! I followed my intuition one morning and recorded this very raw, unplanned episode because this topic is something I am personally facing right now, which made me think others might be going through something similar. 

In today’s show, I open up about my past experiences with stress, including…
👉 the times that my body has been completely out of balance
👉 the consequences I faced after ignoring my body’s signals
👉 and what it took for me to shift from pushing through to slowing down

I also share ways to recognize the signs of stress in your body and strategies to recenter yourself. And we wrap it all up with a grounding exercise with the hope that you’ll finish this episode feeling even just the slightest bit more at ease.

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