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The Shocking News of Getting Discharged from the Airforce because of T1D and What Came Next with Neil Greathouse

May 16, 2023

I cannot wait for you to listen to today’s episode with special guest, Neil Greathouse! 

Neil is a board-certified diabetes educator, director of the Bike Beyond documentary, filmmaker, and educator who provides daily videos about T1D through his Instagram @thebetes. He has also led seven mission trips to remote cities in Peru to provide diabetes supplies and education to the people there. 

He wasn’t always so active in the diabetes realm, though. In 1992, after spending four years, seven months, and 11 days in training for the United States Air Force, Neil was diagnosed with type one diabetes and discharged from the military. 

In this episode, we discuss...

  • How Neil’s denial that something was wrong with his body during Air Force training led him to go blind for a week and have a dangerously high blood sugar reading of 1800. 
  • How his rock bottom moment led to him reclaiming ownership of his diabetes.
  • How he manages his diabetes while going on trips to remote places in the world 
  • How important it is to feel seen and heard as a type one 
  • How Neil works to spread positivity online in the diabetes space 

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