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3. The Insulin Crisis in America with Pay or Die Filmmaker Scott Ruderman

April 12, 2022

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Scott Ruderman to discuss the insulin crisis in America. 

Scott was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2009. He is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked on documentary film projects for Netflix, BBC, Hulu, Discovery +, A&E, and HBO.

Scott’s current film, PAY OR DIE, is a documentary that examines how the lives of type 1 diabetics in America are being threatened and lost due to insulin cost. This is a crucial conversation for us to be having as a community and raising awareness on. We also get into how actress and comedian Sarah Silverman recently came on as executive producer.

For anyone that wants to support PAY OR DIE, here is their GoFundMe page where you can donate and share their story.

Visit the PAY OR DIE website to learn more about the team, watch the most recent teaser, and find resources.

Follow PAY OR DIE on Instagram.
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Visit Insulin for Life and the Embrace Foundation to get involved with insulin accessibility advocacy and for support getting supplies.

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