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Supporting Young Adult T1D Transitions with Christina Roth from the Diabetes Link

January 31, 2023

Today, we have Christina Roth on the show! Christina is the CEO of the Diabetes Link, formally known as the College Diabetes Network. The Diabetes Link is a national nonprofit organization that specializes in helping teens and young adults navigate their diabetes. They have served an estimated 12,000 young adults nationwide with peer support, expert resources, scholarships, and more!

Christina has been living with type one diabetes for over 20 years. The isolation she felt as a college student with T1D inspired her to create The Diabetes Link in 2009 as a way to address the unique challenges that specifically college students face. 

In this episode we discuss… 

  • Christina’s personal experience as a teenager growing up with diabetes
  • Shifting dynamics between parents of and young adults with T1Ds during transitory periods like moving out or going to college 
  • Boundaries with numbers, and the importance of independence
  • … and so much more! 

This episode is a fantastic listen for parents of teens and young adults to listen to, or really anyone in their late teens or early 20s living with type one diabetes. 

Learn more about The Diabetese Link HERE.

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