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74. Reflecting on Resentment, Vulnerability, and Lessons Learned 1 Year After Her T1D Diagnosis with Soph Mosca

July 25, 2023

I am so excited about today's episode for two reasons! 

First, we have a special guest on the pod, Content Creator Extraordinaire Soph Mosca. 

The second reason is that this is the official kickoff episode for the Reclaim Your Rise Podcast on YouTube. So that means that you can not only listen, but you can also watch HERE

Soph was diagnosed with T1D a little over a year ago, in April of 2022, the day before she graduated from college. As a content creator with a social media following of over 1 million people, Soph was already used to sharing the highs and lows of her life. After her diagnosis, Soph didn’t hold back on sharing her journey with type one. She had to learn how to navigate a new type of online noise: people's misjudgments about T1D and unsolicited advice on how to manage it.

In this episode, we discuss how she handles the online noise along with…  

  • Her diagnosis story and near-death experience
  • Her journey with accepting her diagnosis
  • Her experience with diabetes burnout 
  • Her vision that she has for her life with diabetes 

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