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Lessons Learned from an Ex-Pat Year in Europe with T1D Mom Lacey Weisbaum

September 5, 2023

We have a great guest on the show today, Lacey Weisbaum. 

Lacey is an ex-pat, an English teacher, and a mom to three boys under 10. Her son Ethan was diagnosed with T1D before his second birthday. Her family was one of the earliest families that I coached back in 2016, so they'll always have a super special place in my heart. 

One year ago, Lacey and her family moved to Italy from Chicago for her husband, Brian's job. Together, they’re learning how to live a slower and more intentional life, how to navigate T1D in a foreign country, and how to appreciate the cultural shifts and differences from life in the US. 

We also talk about…

  • The diabetes-related logistics that Lacey and her husband had to consider before moving internationally
  • The differences in health and wellness in Europe vs. America
  • The implications of testing family members to see if they have markers for T1D
  • … and so much more! 

This episode is not just for parents with T1D kids, this is a conversation truly anyone will find fascinating.

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