The group coaching program to help you reclaim the life you deserve.

The DCB Program has helped thousands of women stop struggling alone and finally experience freedom & confidence with T1D.

Enrollment is open for July 2024!

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Does type 1 diabetes feel like you're lost or stuck in a cycle of frustration?

Tired from up and down blood sugar numbers

Discouraged because diabetes interferes with your life

Struggling to figure this out on your own

Overwhelmed because you don't know where to start

Our board-certified coaches who live with T1D will help you:

Find the root of what's holding you back

Learn your patterns & discover strategies that work

Create sustainable behavior change

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We built a health coaching model that's helped thousands of people reclaim the life they deserve.

Sometimes seeing the endo can be intimidating, but now I can’t wait to go back and see her in 3 months to show off even more improvements!


I am no longer exhausted from being on a rollercoaster and losing sleep from constant alarms. I have never felt so empowered, confident and in control of my body & how I’m feeling.


I was so lost and confused trying to accept the fact that I have diabetes and understanding my body. I found a community of people like me who helped me make the change. It’s worth it!


Most of my days felt like I was battling with my diabetes. Now, it doesn’t feel like such a battle. These 3 months were filled with support, encouragement and incredible coaching that gave me tools I will use for the rest of my life.


This program is truly life-changing. The community accountability, the group calls, and the responsive coaches… I only wish I had found it sooner!


In such a short period of time, I have never felt more in control of my diabetes than I do now—and I’m still learning each day. It has been such a healing experience, and I truly can’t thank you enough for making this program.


Meet your coaches.

Lauren Bongiorno

CEO, Founder
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Stacy Morse

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Jehan Arafa Tappe

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Emily Petersen

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Megan Baumley

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Elisabeth DiDonato

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Lindsey Payne

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Katarina Harmon

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So you can stop struggling alone and finally experience freedom and confidence with T1D.

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Questions we often get.

When and where do you meet?

All coaching calls are on Zoom and we use Slack for communication, coaching, and support in between calls. Traditionally, our Group Calls are on Tuesdays, and we have other times to connect with coaches and the community throughout the program on varying days and times to give you plenty of opportunities to get live support. All calls are recorded, so you can replay a session if you were unable to attend or want to look back on a certain topic. We’ve had clients join the DCB in all different time zones from Australia, Europe, and all across the U.S.

Can you use HSA for the coaching program?

Yes, with a diagnosis of diabetes, you can use HSA dollars to pay for our coaching programs.

How is coaching different from traditional clinical care?

All coaches on our team are Nationally Board Certified Health Coaches (NBHWC), trained and credited through a program that collaborates with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME).

Risely services are not a substitute for licensed healthcare providers and do not replace medical care.

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