T1D 1:1 Coaching.

A 60-minute session with a coach who has T1D to help you manage your child's diabetes with more confidence.

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who this is for

For parents of T1D children under 18 who want to...

Talk through the challenges you are facing with a coach who lives with T1D and can hold space for you in a way others can't.

Feel encouraged, knowledgeable, and confident as a T1D caretaker.

Gain a better understanding of your child’s blood sugar patterns and an action plan to move you forward.

Have more support to fill the gaps between endo appointments.

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I was stuck in a place where I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting it.

My sleep would constantly be interrupted to treat lows. It got to the point where I had to turn off the high alarm so I could get some sleep to be able to function the next day. I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and guilty for letting her numbers run high. Now after working with the Risely coaching team, I am getting so much more sleep and have more confidence instead of fear and overwhelm.

Mom of of T1D daughter Ava, age 9
Founder of Risely Health

Lauren Bongiorno

“Collectively, our team has lived with type one diabetes for 100+ years. So we know firsthand how much it impacts the entire family and how important it is to you, as a parent, to provide your child with everything they need today to feel good, while also setting them up for a healthy future. And since this is a marathon and not a sprint, your peace of mind is imperative throughout this journey. Which is why we can't wait to support your child and your entire family in partnership with CT Children’s.”

LCSW, Connecticut Children's Hospital

Stacey Reicher

“Our entire CT Children’s team feels that Risely Health is creating something truly transformative for the diabetes community. The Risely team’s lived experience, passion, and investment in their work is palatable. We are very excited to partner with them to expand support opportunities for our patients and families across Connecticut.”

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sound like you?

This is for you if...

You feel like managing your child's diabetes is taking up all of your energy and mental focus.

You've heard that you should be identifying patterns in your child's blood sugars but feel like that is impossible to do with all of the variables.

You want to have better strategies for your child's favorite foods and activities so that you don't always feel like you're either avoiding situations or winging it.

You and your partner struggle to present a united front when it comes to diabetes.

You can’t keep up with your child’s changing routine and growing body and the way it all affects their diabetes.

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What to expect when you book your personalized session today.

1. Identify.

Pinpoint the aspects of your every day experience with T1D that are causing the biggest disruption in your child's life.

2. Understand.

Get to the root of the challenges you and your child are experiencing around food, activity, overnight numbers, and beyond.

3. Strategize.

Walk away with an action plan curated for your child’s unique body and blood sugar patterns.

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Over 350+ client data proving that Risely Health really works.*


lower A1C and increased time in range


would recommend to another T1D


reported increased quality of life

Risely STories

Hear from parents we've worked with.

The family program met and exceeded my expectations. I connected with other parents and felt so much less alone. I took my diabetes health knowledge to the next level and feel empowered that I can navigate the challenges with T1D that will undoubtedly continue to arise for my son. From the program, Henry's A1c lowered from 7.1% to 6.7% and increased time in range from 70 to 78%. My own mental health has also greatly improved just having all these new tools, knowledge and even new mom friends who "get it.”

Kristin t

In the family program for parents of T1D kids, it was deeply reassuring to be led by exceptional coaches who have lived with T1D for decades. We all say we’d give anything to help our child with T1D. This is hands down the best time and money I’ve spent on supporting our son...and it’s had a positive impact on our whole family. Now with 76% time in range, we have expanded the choice of food George eats, have hours of in range numbers during sports, and we are more willing to try new things with less fear.

Erin E

Before going through the family coaching program, we experienced feelings of guilt around my teenage daughter's type 1 diabetes diagnosis 3 years ago. This led to the development of short and long term fears as well. After coaching, we all feel more at peace with her diagnosis and feel that there’s help for her and us. The high level of support of coaching continues to help us gain more knowledge, confidence & an overall peacefulness that we can share with our daughter. 

Monica B
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