What is Diabetes Health Coaching?

Lauren Rapaport
Featured Podcast Episode
June 8, 2023

What exactly does a diabetes health coach DO? And how can Risely help me?

Today, we’re going to break that down!

What does a diabetes health coach do? 

  • Coaches follow a client-centered process to empower you to develop a personalized plan AND support you in executing that plan.
  • Coaching is future-focused and personalized, helping you understand where your unique blocks have been in the past and giving you the tools to overcome them in the future.
  • At Risely, we take a holistic approach to consider all parts of you, what you specifically need as an individual or family, and how you can best understand your unique body’s patterns.
  • Coaches can collaborate with doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals as part of a holistic care team. 
  • Risely’s coaching team is guided by a medical advisory board that allows us to stay on top of crucial diabetes research and news, creating the most up to date experiences for our clients and community.

What does a diabetes health coach NOT do?

  • We don’t prescribe a specific diet for you to follow. Instead, we help you determine sustainable habits around food that make you healthier and happier, because: your body, your rules.
  • We don’t settle for blanket responses or generalized action plans. Instead, we help you challenge what you’ve been told so that together we can look deeper at what’s not working and what is.

How can coaching help me?

  • Our mission is to help fill the education, accountability, mindset, and relatability gaps that most T1Ds experience outside their endo’s office, and empower you to reach your limitless potential with diabetes. 
  • We hold intentional space for you to make diabetes a priority. Our coaches guide you with tools and resources to transform your relationship with T1D - numbers and beyond. 

Coaching might be a great fit for you, if:

  • You recognize it is a strength, not a weakness, to ask for help in pursuing where you want to be
  • You have consumed all of the free information available to you on the internet and through your doctor, but struggle to implement it in a sustainable way that works for your lifestyle and your own needs. 

Risley has a proud team of national board certified coaches to support T1D’s and parents of T1D kids at every level. We invite you to learn more about the Risely Coaching Team and the programs we offer!