A T1D's Guide: How to stay in range with exercise

February 23, 2024

Ask yourself these 5 questions before your next workout to prevent your blood sugar from dropping and/or spiking.

1️) What type of workout am I going to do? (aerobic or anaerobic)


Aerobic = Continuous movement, uses large muscle groups, fueled by breath.

  • Endurance running, swimming, biking
  • Hiking
  • Walking

Anaerobic = Quick bursts of energy, fast twitch muscles, lack of oxygen to the cells.

  • Sprinting
  • HITT
  • Power lifting

2️) Where are my insulin sensitivity levels at?

  • time of day (cortisol levels)
  • point in hormonal cycle (progesterone levels)
  • sleep
  • stress
  • hydration

3️) Do I have any IOB? (insulin on board)

  • Basal rate counts as IOB!

4️) What blood sugar number am I starting at?

Based on your starting BG, do you need to:

  • have a snack
  • set a temp basal
  • put your pump into activity mode
  • or do nothing!

5️) How has my blood sugar responded to this activity in the past?

Not sure? Start tracking it today! Note your responses to the above 4 questions to help you identify your body's pattern.