How I skied for 6 hours with 96% TIR

Featured Podcast Episode
June 8, 2023

You know those days when your blood sugars are a bit rocky and you feel like you’re just hyper focused on your diabetes?

I recently went skiing in Utah and, the first day there, I felt pretty distracted trying to stay in range.

Of course, we all know that there are a lot of variables to work with on a trip like this…

  • change in elevation
  • the weather
  • increased activity
  • different TYPE of activity
  • eating out

In the past, I would have thrown my hands up, and just felt like my blood sugar outcomes were not in my control.

But this time, I  got curious about what I COULD do.

If you want to see how I navigated this trip, I filmed a play-by-play of the 1st and 2nd days to share the process that led me to ski for 6 hours on the 2nd day and maintain 96% time in range.

Day 1: overall, not bad, but definitely some ups and downs.

Day 2: applied what I learned from day 1 and BOOM. 96% TIR.

The biggest thing I want you to take away from this is not what I ate or how I dosed my insulin… I want you to see that the key to my success was looking at what didn’t work and making changes to achieve the outcome I want for myself.

This is something that after years and years of struggling, I now do with ease.

If you want to get to this place with your diabetes, then know this:

At the root, coaching helps you build habits to change what isn’t working and move towards what IS going to work for you. Coaching puts YOU in the driver’s seat, which is what gives you the ability to adapt no matter where life takes you. It’s all about sustainable changes for long-term results.

Here are some other examples of what that can look like:

  • Making adjustments to your own insulin settings as needed in between endo appointments
  • Learning how much insulin YOUR body needs for certain foods, even when the nutrition label suggests otherwise.
  • Getting confident treating your lows without over-treating them because you were told to always eat X amount of carbs for every low.

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