Why does the hot tub make my blood sugar rise?

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February 2, 2024

Reader question: "How do I work with the highs that always come from hot tub use? I live in a resort community & love the hot tub (good support for muscles and stress) AND my BG spikes..."

Risely Coaches' response:

The impact of hot tubs, hot showers, or saunas on blood sugars is one of those "it's different for everyone" parts of T1D.

For some, they will notice a drop in blood sugar after a hot shower or sauna due to the blood vessels dilating with the heat, which makes insulin absorb more quickly.

Others experience the opposite. As body temperature rises, so does adrenaline, glucagon, and cortisol. Studies done on non T1D healthy individuals have shown a slightly elevated insulin level during hot tub use.

Other factors that can lead to elevated blood sugars during hot tub use?

  • Hydration: Lack of fluids in the body can easily result in high blood sugar, as the amount of sugar in the body becomes more concentrated the more dehydrated we are.
  • Taking pump off: If you have a pump that you remove to go into the hot tub, the duration of time without background insulin


  • Hydrate well before getting in the hot tub or sauna!
  • Play with giving yourself a proactive correction bolus before detaching your pump