Diabetes tips

5 things to help make site changes easier for you & your T1D child

June 8, 2023

Does your child struggle with site changes? Here are what other parents in the community do to help their kiddo feel less stressed about this.

  1. Give them choice
    "We give our daughter options when changing the pump, such as pump location, and what she wants to distract her.”
  2. No surprises
    "We ALWAYS let him know when the canula will be inserted. He hates not knowing the steps.”
  3. Distractions
    "For the canula insertation, I gently scratch him an inch away from the pod. Our brains cant feel two things at once, so it does the job.”Other parents say music or a show help give their child something else to focus on.
  4. Rewards
    "We have tons of small fake tattoos with different animals, objects, characters. And we let him pick which one we wants to wear. After the pod is placed, we stick the chosen tattoo on top of the pod.”
  5. Helpful Products:
    Unisolve adhesive remover wipes “They are the best. They really make it easy to take off the old pod. Painless!”
    Buzzy Vibrating Ice Pack “Through a combination of vibration and ice pain-blocking methods, this FDA cleared topical product is the most proven way to control pain associated with sharp pain from needles.”